British Council Reaccreditation ISA 2016-19

Curriculum Activity 1: A Day in my life through Painting
Interview with Mr. Kesar :
Jodhamal Public School ISA Activity 2015-2016 workshop with Mr. Kesar Part-2
Jodhamal Public School ISA Activity 2015-2016 workshop with Mr. Kesar Part-3
Jodhamal Public School ISA Activity 2015-2016 workshop with Mr. Kesar Part-4
Jodhamal Public School ISA Activity 2015-2016 workshop with Mr. Kesar Part-5

Curriculum Activity 2: Water- The Blue Lifeline




Curriculum Activity 3: e-waste – Result of Haste
YouTube link of a Play on E-Waste prepared by students.  

Youtube link of a Song on E-Waste prepared by students.


Curriculum Activity 4: Iconic Legends
ISA British Council Activity (2015-16), Fancy Dress competition, Rohan Gupta dressed as Raj Kapoor (famous Indian actor).  

ISA British Council Activity (2015-16), Fancy Dress competition, Mihika Sapolia dressed as Chandrika Kumaratunga (ex-Prime Minister of Sri Lanka)  

ISA British Council Activity (2015-16), Fancy Dress, Aarav Vivek as Ranil Wickremesinghe (Prime Minister of Sri Lanka)   

ISA British Council Activity (2015-16), Fancy Dress competition, Judge, Rebekah Jerram, speaking for the fancy Dress competition.  




Curriculum Activity 5: Services – A Spirit of joy and Happiness

ISA Activity British Council 2015-16, JMPS, Vision toward to community service Part – 1  
ISA Activity British Council 2015-16, JMPS, Vision toward to community service Part – 2  
ISA Activity British Council 2015-16, JMPS, Vision toward to community service Part – 3

 Link of the Blog for community Service: by.html  

Curriculum Activity 7: Services – Panorama- Fusion in Diversity

Link to Panorama fusion of Diversity  



PriyaSethi launched Class Libraries donated by Jodhamal School

Jodhamal Public School under the Public Private Partnership adopted three government schools namely Govt. High School, Deeli, Govt. Primary School, Sainik Colony, Govt. Primary School, Prithvipur. Since April 2016, Jodhamal Public School adopted these three schools for the development of these schools and carrying out extra co-curricular activities among the students of the Govt. schools.
Jodhamal School has also launched a R. B. KuthialaJodhamal Education Foundation Scholarship for girls studying in Govt. schools in the border area of Jammu Province. The modalities of the scholarship are still being worked out and would be open for girls of classes 9th to 11th.
Teachers from Jodhamal had been going every week to these schools to carry out activities and to develop spoken skills among these children together with providing notebooks, pens, pencils, black boards, fans etc. for the school as and when needed.
Jodhamal made Govt. High School, Deeli students participate in National level competitions like VoxPopuli and Polifest. Two students of Govt. High school Delli were sponsored for the National Level Tech Summit at Vasant Valley School in New Delhi and both the boys Lekhraj and Pawan gave a very good presentation and won accolades from one and all.
Today, in a special event, Jodhamal organized a Public Private Partnership initiative to set up Libraries in all three Govt. Schools and Minister of State Education Honourable Mrs. Priyasethi presided over as the Chief Guest. Mr. NandanKuthiala and MrsAratiKuthiala had been generous enough to think of these children who otherwise are deprived of the basic facilities. Govt. School Students presented NukkadNatak on Destiny and the junior kids of Jodhamal presented NukkadNatak on BetiBachaoBetiPadao.
Jodhamal is not only honing up the skills of the students but also developing their overall personality by making them participate in different activities and NukkadNataks.PrincipalJodhamalTrilok Singh Bist gave the report on how after meeting the Honourable Governor he was made to meet the then Education Minister JanabNaeem Akhtar who in turn made the then Director Education SmithaSethi to visit the schools and allot the schools to Jodhamal under the PPP.
Present on the occasion were S. Ravinder Singh, Director Education, Mr. J K Sudan, Chief Education Officer Jammu and the Head Masters of all three govt. school, teachers and students of all schools including Jodhamal.
Programme was anchored by PrakharBist of Jodhamal and Leena Chandra of Govt. High School, Deeli.
Mrs. PoojaPanthri, Vice Principal of Jodhamal presented the vote of thanks. Ms. Sunita Gupta Incharge Head Master of Govt. High School, Deeli thanked Jodhamal Public School for the unconditional support provided under the Public Private Partnership. The IAYP InchargeShallu Sharma, Junior Coordinator Sonia Mahajan and the eight teachers who have contributed to this noble cause were also there to share their experiences and the sense of contentment and satisfaction by being the part of this Community Service for last two years.


Humanity has entered the era of sustainability with a global commitment to fulfil the great promise of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. –Gandhi Global Family (GGF), J&K and Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) Jammu Chapter have joined hands in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) New Delhi, to promote 17 UN Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) On 27th December UN-collaboration Jammu meeting was held in Jodhamal Public School. Each school representative presented power point presentation and video clips of allotted goal like‘Good Health & Well-Being’ by Tiny Tots Senior Secondary School ‘Sustainable Cities & Communities by Oriental Academy ‘Quality Education’ by Shangri-La Public School, `No Poverty’ by Alexander Memorial School, ‘Life Below Water’ by Model Academy, ‘Clean Water & Sanitation’ by Jodhamal Public School, ‘Life on Land’ by Heritage School, ‘Partnership for the Goals’ by K C International School, ‘Zero Hunger’ by G D Goenka School, ‘Reduce inequality by Doon international School, ‘Decent Work & Economic Growth ‘by Lawrence Public School . The best power point presentation award was received by Jodhamal public school. Padamshree S.P Verma, Vice Pesident of GandhiGlobal Family and Dr Seema Rohmetra, Coordinator of Gandhi Peace FoundationJammuChapter,appreciated school efforts to promote goal No.6- clean water and sanitation not only in school but also in Govt schools,which have been adopted by Jodhamal fraternity. Jammu Sanskriti School won 2nd prize and Model Academy bagged third prize for their presentation. On the occasion of this meeting, Padamshree S.P Verma, Vice President of Gandhi global family J&K and Dr Seema Rohmetra, Coordinator GPF, Jammu Chapter, threw light on the millennium developmental goals and also focused upon the strategies and the mechanisms to take these goals forward. They informed that they will take Jodhamal public school presentation to Delhi for such a noble cause.The various Principals and the core members of the organizations, who attended the meeting, included, Dr Sapna Sangra (Co coordinator GPF), Dr Monica Narang, Dr C.M seith, Mr subhash shastri president of National Maj doorconference Jammu ,Prof Ashiq Malik, Principal of Model Academy Mr Srivastava, Principal of G.D Goinka school Mr Rajesh Rathore. Mr Trilok singh Bist, Principal of Jodhamal publicschool presented vote of thanks and applauded the efforts for different school coordinators .He also congratulated his team Mrs Ritu Jhinkwan and Mr.Vikas Bakshi for their efforts to conducting regular activates and power point presentation on goal no 6 clean water and sanitation. Dr CM Seth in his address asked all partner schools to religiously look into all the 17 Goals to bring Jammu on an International Platform. Present on the occasion was also the Vice Principal of Jodhamal Public School, Mrs Monika Sethi and Administrative Officer, Mr Bharat Bhushan Sharma.


Jodhamal Public School has been successful in being the only school in Jammu and Kashmir to get reaccredited with the British Council International School Award 2016-19.The first ISA Award was also won by Jodhamal for 2013-2016 in the state. The school has received the International School Award for the Second term for 2016 -2019 with the support and motivation of the Management of Jodhamal Public School under the able leadership of the Principal Trilok Singh Bist who initiated the process to instill a global dimension into the learning experience and registered for the Re-Accreditation for the British Council International School Award (ISA) 2016-19. This award recognizes schools which have excelled in the area of international learning. The Award is an internationally recognized accreditation, awarded to schools which forge links with partners overseas and add an international dimension to the curriculum. Through working on joint projects and adding international elements to lessons, pupils (and teachers) are given a fresh perspective on the world and their place in it. At Jodhamal the focus of our links has been with our partner schools in South Africa, Germany, Jordan, U K and Sri Lanka. The award was received by the ISA Coordinators Ms. Monika Sethi&Ms.BhawnaMadaan by Ms.Ella head of the Macmillan Education at The Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel New Delhi where more than 300 schools were represented by their respective Principals, Vice-Principals, Coordinators and Teachers. The ISA Assessment Ranked School for Well Documenting All Portfolios and Perfect Implementation Of The Action Plan. The Assessors At British Council Complemented The School For Portraying All Activities Effectively, Specially Focusing On InternationalCollaboration Activities and for submitting an e dossier. The British Council offers the International School Award (ISA) as an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos. As part of the ISA action plan, the school planned and executed seven different projects for students of different age groups which were titled: - A day in my life through paintings, Water – The Blue Lifeline, e-Waste: Result of Haste, The Iconic Legends, Service – A spirit of joy and happiness. World of Symmetry, Panorama – The fusion of diversity. To meet the goal of the ISA project the seven project leaders namely, Ms. Nivedita Sharma, Mr. Sanjay Pandey, Ms. Deepmala Sharma, Ms. PratibhaSopori, Ms. Vandana Jain, Ms. Almas Ahmer and Mr.K.K Bali conducted various activities throughout the year 2015-16 by bringing internationalism in the school curriculum. The ISA project was supported by Ms. Kiran Kaur, Mr. VikasBakshi, Ms. Ankita, Ms. Pawandeep, for their technical help in the compilation of the seven projects in the e- dossier format. The evidence based 250-page dossier was submitted to the British Council for accreditation and the school has been successfully awarded with the British Council International School Award for the period 2016-19. The students within the school were involved in the international framework, collaborative curriculum-based work and year-round international activities. The volume of work and the students-teacher involvement was truly commendable. We are very much proud of this achievement as during the process of accreditation, students have explored their creativity and innovation to the fullest and have learned a lot to become global citizens.

Jodhamal Bids a Farewell to British Teaching Assistants Ben & William

Jodhamal Bid a Farewell to Benjamin Gander and William Tuohy the British Teaching Assistants who worked at Jodhamal for two months under the UK Generation Programme of British Council for 2016... Jodhamal will really miss both of them as they became more of a member of Jodhamal Family.. Both William & Benjamin had taken the regular classes as per their time table and did percolate down the differences in the teaching styles of the two countries under this Exchange Programme initiated by Jodhamal Public School in 2011. Ben took class VI to VIII the long reading Text in English wherein he was glad to read and make the students understand the Mystery of Yellow Roses and Mystery of Red Cross both written by Gouri Banerji. Ben had a skype interaction with the author to make the kids understand the classic English which is used by Gouri Banerji in her books which make the text sound like a video running in front of the reader’s eyes. William took Political Science for XI Humanities Section wherein he not only taught British Political System but also learnt a lot more about the Indian Political Scenario from the students through the constant interactive sessions guided by PGT Political Science Mubeen Butt. He also took Long Reading Text for IX to XII and specially the Silas Marner by George Elliot to grade XII. In sports Benjamin took Basketnball classes & Williams took the Football classes. Both the British Teaching Assistants had put in a lot of hard work and proved their worth and were both very happy to be a part of The Jodhamal Family and in his parting words Ben said that he was struggling to express his gratitude towards the Principal, Students, Teachers & Management since he would never be able to forget these 9 weeks at this amazing school. He said that he was very lucky to be a part of this successful and caring family called Jodhamal. Whereas William in his parting words said that the words are not enough to thank Jodhamal Family for the unconditional love and affection showered on them. He said that during the two months spent at Jodhamal he was very happy being mentored at Jodhamal by Principal Trilok Singh Bist and he said thatJodhamal is a wonderful school which beautifully binds together academic and emotional spheres, something the UK can certainly learn from. Principal Trilok Singh Bist, Vice Principal Monika Sethi and all teachers and students bid them a Farewell in a special assembly and appreciated their contribution at this short stint they spent here as Teaching Assistants. The cultural exchange the kids could witness through this interaction was a part of the experiential learning module for the students where there were amazing conversations taking place comparing cultures & traditions of the two countries INDIA & UK. NandanKuthiala and AratiKuthiala, the Trustees of JMPS honoured them by presenting typical Kashmiri Shawls as token of love , appreciation and remembrance.

Jodhamal Welcomes the British Teaching Assistants Once Again

It’s once again Jodhamal students exposed to the British Teaching Assistants. Last year Rebecca and Lourine came for three months and now Benjamin Gander & Williams Tuohyhave joined Jodhamal at a very positive note that they will contribute to the academic upliftment of the school. Both Masters in Political Science and Architechture respectively are all set to percolate down their knowledge to the students of Jodhamal. BhawnaMadaan and Monika Sethi the ISA Coordintors together with LellaBist received the teaching assistants at the air port and rushed them to the home stay at Gandhinagar at Gulati’s. Jodhamalstrted this Exchange Programme way back in 2011 and ever since t6his trend is carrying on at Jodhamal / Jodhamal got the ISA Award and accreditation by British Council in 2013 and created a benchmark for all schools to follow. Benjamin being a graduate in English Literature and a Masters in Political Science has started taking Pol Science Period for class XI and English classes for Juniors. Both Williams & Benjamin are also taking up the long reading texts for all classes starting from VI to XII. In a special assembly all the staff & students welcomed both the teaching assistants under the UK Generation Programme of British Council and Principal Trilok Singh Bist offered a token of love and appreciation to both of them and asked them to give their best to the students and learn the best practices of our rich culture. Trustee NandanKuthiala&AratiKuthiala were very happy to see the teaching assistants for the fifth year in a row although earlier they were from Uganda and Africa etc besides being from Great Britain.William has started teachinmg mathematics to Grade XI & XII besides the English Literature in which he is proficient. Such exchanges help in rising the horizon of the students of a school and this is an integral part of the Best Practices at Jodhamal where either the people are invited from outside or the students and staff is sent out to get the exposure of a kind for all good.

Jodhamal Bids Farewell to British Council Teaching Assitant Laurene

Exactly two months and six days back Laurene entered the threshholds of Jodhamal Public School as a British Council Teaching Assistant together with Rebekka Jerrum from England. Rebekka Jerram is going to stay for three months but Laurene Bridgeman has come to the end of her work visa with Jodhamal Public School today and to bid her a farewell there was a special assembly organized in which all students gave her a heartfelt adieu. Snober conducted the special assembly under the guidance of Nandini Ma’am the CCA Coordinator at Jodhamal. Children sang songs, recited the poems in her honour and shared their experience with Laurene in her dance classes and spoken English classes which she took religiously during her short tenure at Jodhamal. Trustee Nandan Kuthiala wished her good luck and best wishes for her future endeavours and told her that JMPS will look forward to maintain these professional relations with all teaching assistant via British Council. Vice Principal Monika Sethi explained how in spite of cultural differences the two teaching assistants have become a part and parcel of Jodhamal in such a short stint. Principal Trilok Singh Bist said that in spite of the weather condition variations both the Teaching Assistants were taken care of by all the Staff & Students of Jodhamal specially Bhawna Madaan , Santosh Dogra , Radhika Sharma, Vandana Jain & Mubeen Butt, and today at this moment of parting the whole school feels like losing a family member. Bist said the way the two teachers were incorporated in the school curriculum had made the children create a lifelong bonding with both of them. Laurene was taking the dance classes for Junior as well as Senior students and has prepared two contemporary dances both for Junior and Senior students which all parents will get to see in the school’s Annual Day in the second week of December. Principal Bist said that learning is a lifelong process. We learn from our surroundings in a natural way. It is an inborn attitude but since the world today has become a Global Village we need to learn from the international surroundings and atmosphere and such Exchange Programmes make learning environment conducive and at the same time learning is an innate process and always originates from within. All teachers are first a good learner and then a teacher. Hence even for the teachers also this exchange programme was a learning experience. Laurene Bridgemean felt that she learnt a lot more about India and Jammu & Kashmir state. Everyday was a learning experience for her too at Jodhamal and this is that what she is going to miss. She said that she felt so at home at Jodhamal that she did not realize that her contract came to the close so early. She also said that the school authorities have been incredibly kind and generous to her and she felt very grateful for all that the staff and students did for her during her short tenure and she has made memories that will last a lifetime..


The young buddy of Jodhamal Public School carried a nature walk to the Green Belt Park, Channi Himmat under the aegis of British Council Activity. A total of ____ students of Class V participated in this walk. The aim of this nature walk was to collate information and explore various symmetrical things in the nature like flowers, buds, butterflies and honeybee etc. The children had a fun filled and learning experience. The cool breeze and the fresh air not only rejoiced the children, but also imparted them with the knowledge about the flora and fauna along with symmetrical patterns around them. This nature walk enriched the jodhamal students with positive vibes and love towards nature.


Communities are the heart of countries, states and nations. We may not be able to change the choices people make, but can increase the choice they have.
To give a different edge to learning and provide the children a new field, Jodhamal students took an initiative to serve different sections of societies through their services under the aegis of British Council Activity, students of Jodhamal Public School visited Balran – A Charitable Home for Destitute children at Channi Rama Jammu. The students interacted with the children and exchange their ideas and experiences. They also had a fruitful discussion with Balgran children on how to save water, protection from Dengue and the various initiatives taken by Mr Modi, the Prime Minister of India, to eradicate poverty from the nation.
The aim of this visit was to create awareness among the children about the social services, which we can provide to these un-privileged children.
The photographs and videos of the entire activity were taken and uploaded on the community service blog and also shared with the partner schools like State Medical Uniersity Ukraine, Liendriya Vidhalaya, Moscow, Mt. Pleasant School, New Jersy and International School Stockholm, Sweden.
The students were accompanied by Ms Pratibha Sopori and Ms Deepta Khushoo
. The School Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist appreciated this initiative of the students and said that the students of Jodhamal School are future ready to provide such kind of services in future also.


Jodhamal Public School organized bunch of informative activities under the aegis of the British Council, International School Award 2015-16. Jodhamal Public School organized bunch of informative activities under the aegis of the British Council, International School Award 2015-16. The Hon’ble Minister Mr Sat Sharma lauded the efforts of Jammu Municipal Corporation as well as the Jodhamal School for collaborating and conducting such quiz competition to strengthenthe SwacchhAbhiyan Mission. He shared that he loved being with children after a long time and the students of Jodhamal School proved their mettle. The entire class 10th students were divided into groups, who enthusiastically made collage that covered basic information on water. The second activity was Article Writing in which students of Class 9th participated on the topic Degradation of underground Water Resources and its Conservation. The students came up with eye opening thoughts through their articles. In another activity called the Nukkad Natak or street play, a thought provoking message was conveyed by the students of classes 9th and 10th on the conservation of water. This Nukkad Natak was performed at three different places like Royal Nest Channi Himmat, hub of the city Wave Mall and the other at the adopted village Ismailpur Kothe, Bishnah. The play not only mesmerized the audience, but also invoked a feeling of importance of water. The audience which comprises of Urban as well as Rural folk pledged to save water and use it judiciously. Many more activities like pH of underground water was found by the students of Class 10th from various sources of water like well, tap water and Swimming Pool to determine the acidic and basic level of water, which is being used by the people of the locality. The students also took some pH strips to home, to measure the pH of drinking water. Lastly, PowerPoint Presentation was presented by Class 10th students, Aabhas Verma & Arya Abrol on the pattern of annual precipitation in USA, Germany and India. All these activities performed and conducted by Jodhamal Public School are internationally collaborated with the school in Germany GYNASIUM SCHLOSS WITTGENSTGIN under the able guidance of Katja Bink who with her management and students shared information on water with the team here at Jodhamal Public School making this activity an exchange of ideas and opinion on one of the most precious resources water.


To carry forward the torch of Swacchh Bharat Mission, JMC under the aegis of Central Government organized an Inter-House Quiz Competition at Jodhamal School as a part of cleanliness campaign, under the aegis of Sawcch Bharat SwacchVidyalayaAbhiyan.The Hon’ble MLA of Jammu West, Mr Sat Sharma was the Chief Guest, whereas MrSoujanya Sharma, Commissioner Jammu Municipal Corporation was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. A total of 1000 children from Challenge, Discovery, Enterprises and Invention houses witnessed this Quiz Competition based on the Sawcch Bharat Abhiyan. Three students per house took part in this competition.It was a neck to neck competition and Jodhamalkids’whole heartedly participated in this event. It was an eye opening event for the students and no doubt this quiz has inspired the students and provided a unique platform to showcase their talent. The Hon’ble Minister Mr Sat Sharma lauded the efforts of Jammu Municipal Corporation as well as the Jodhamal School for collaborating and conducting such quiz competition to strengthenthe SwacchhAbhiyan Mission. He shared that he loved being with children after a long time and the students of Jodhamal School proved their mettle. The winning House Participants Enterprise House kids namely Arnab, Amna and Sunarve were awarded with the Trophy and a cash award of Rs. 3000/- whereas the second team of Challenge House participants won Trophy and a cash award of Rs. 2000/- and the third team won a trophy with a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- which was bagged by Invention House and the fourth House was Discovery House winning a Consolation Prize of Rs. 500/- plus a trophy. Teacher Mubeen Butt prepared the students for this quiz and the Principal appreciated her efforts. The Programme was conducted by CCA Coordinator NandiniBakshi of Jodhamal and the Quiz Master Dr. Zafar Iqbal had to take extra questions for the tie breaker between Invention House and Discovery House for the third and fourth position. Programme culminated by a NukkadNatak Presentation by the senior kids of Jodhamal on the SwacchAbhiyan. Children who presented theNukkadNatak just in a half an hour’s preparation were Sheoli, Manik, Chirayu,Milind,Manaswani, Ananya,Ullas,Dhruv,Nakul,Nikki,ShreyaHeera,Suvansh,AshishPandita, DeepikaBahu,Hardik , Vishesh and Aniket together with their teacher Sonia Mahajan, Poonam Mahajan, Sahil&Nivedita Sharma.. The dignitaries appreciated the NukkadNatak and the whole hearted participation of the school in this Abhiyan of the Jammu Municipal Corporation. The Commissioner JMC Shri Soujanya Sharma in his address talked about involving the young generation in this Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and he said a lot can be done if we all get aware right from this age as to how to keep our surroundings clean. Principal Trilok Singh and Vice Principal Monika Sethi appreciated the patience of the students to sit through an hour and a half session and thanked the JMC for conducting the Quiz and also thanked the MLA Jammu West Shri Sat Sharma and Municipal Commissioner SoujanyaSharma for sparing their valuable time to be with the students of Jodhamal Public School


Jodhamal Public School has dedicated 2015-2016 to Women Empowerment and to begin this initiative the school chose the Nukkad Natak as a medium to spread awareness among the common folk towards Women Empowerment. The Nukkad Natak which was prepared by the faculty members Reema Mahajan , Sonia Mahajan & Rimjhim Ma’am was so beautifully staged by the students right from the birth of a baby girl to her school to her professional life to her married life at each stage how discrimination is being faced by girls and how the girls refuse to take this discrimination touched the onlookers and everyone appreciated the effort put in by the students of Jodhamal. The Street Play prepared will be performed at each nook and corner of Jammu in the next Thirty days. It will also be staged near Jammu University Canteen to make it reach the students community who needs to understand the importance of Equality of Gender. School also plans to take this in a rigorous way to the adopted village Ismailpur Kothe which had been a Karm Bhoomi for Jodhamal Kids for the last three years for the Community Service.The students who are performing this Nukkad Natak are Manaswini Oswal, Gunjan Koul, Kshitiz Sethi, Ravtej Singh,Ullas Mahajan, Cheerayu Surana, Vaishnavi Mahajan,Ishwin Kaur,Arnav Malhotra, Prerak Bist, Viraj Sharma,Jatin Kaul,Anushka and Sarthal Malhotra under the able guidance of their teachers. The Programme culminated with the blessings of Dr. C.M. Seth the chairman WWF,who appreciated not only the Earth Hour Celebration by Jodhamal but also appreciated the staff & students for taking up Women Empowerment as the main agenda by Jodhamal students during 2015-2016. Principal Trilok Singh Bist & Vice Principal Monika Sethi also accompanied the students for the Street Play and played their role as motivators to the staff & students. Next Nukkad Natak will be performed by the kids of Jodhamal now at Monika Stores and the Last Moorh together with Jammu University and Ismailpur Kothe. The encouragement from all parents was overwhelming and will go a long way in the holistic development of the students of the school.


The students of Jodhamal Public School organized street plays as a collaborative activity with the British Council. The street plays were staged in Gole Market, Monika Stores, Pahalwan Sweets, Jammu University, Gandhinagar Last Morh and Police Auditorium near Gulshan Ground and at many more places over the last one month.

The play is based on the topic ‘Destiny’ and depicts that hard work is the key to success and we should not depend on destiny only. In a very impressive manner, this Nukkad Natak conveys the importance of hard work in our life and also showcases the vicious circle of Babas and Tantriks and the T.V shows which forecast the day for the viewers and how we get into the clutches of these Babas. Each child was full of confidence and this month long celebration culminated at the Police Auditorium in the presence of Jammu DC, Mr Ajeet Kumar Sahu as the Chief Guest on the occasion of the Red Cross Founders Day celebration. This activity is a part of British Council’s Common Wealth Programme in collaboration with BBC.

The ensembles comprised of 15 students from classes VII to IX. All the students acted beautifully and captivated the audience present everywhere. The street plays were directed by Ms Priyanka Singh of JMPS. The students were Ananya Sharma, Manasvini Oswal, Anushka Singh, Aakash Pandita, Medhavi Bhatti, Saharsh Mahajan, Ayush Mahajan, Shrija, Kshitij Sethi, Gunjan Singh, Ravtej Singh, Harsimar Kour, Milind Pandita, Jasmine Kour and Sanath Chouhan.

Principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist lauded the efforts put in by the students and the teacher incharge and ISA Coordinator Bhawna Madaan, and encouraged the students to continue with such social awareness programmes round the year.


Jodhamal Public School by virtue of being the first YES Centre for IAYP (Duke of Edengurh’s Awards) and also being the first school to receive the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD accredited by the British Council in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has access to many International Workshops, to enhance the skills and outlook of its staff. Recently the teachers were sent for different International workshops to make the teachers understand the ethos and the idea of the modern day education system and change their perceptions.

Ms Shallu Sharma went to Sagar International School, Alwar in Rajasthan for All Asia Paciffic Training for the Trainer ( T4T) for the IAYP Programme. She has become one of the few IAYP trainers in North India.

Ms. Deepmala of Jodhamal was selected for the Global Teacher Accreditation Project, an initiative of British Council to select the Teachers for International Exchange Programme. She has been now invited to the British Council Headquarters on an exchange programme to UK School. Ms Ranju Malhotra attended the British Council workshop on skill enhancement padeology at New Delhi.
Ms Bhawna Madaan & Ms Sonia Mahajan participated in British Council National Workshop on “Enriching Education” at Noida.
Ms Nandini Bakshi and Mr Avinash Mahajan attended an Edu- Leadership International Workshop at the World Peace Centre, Lucknow.
Mr. Avinash Mahajan and Mr Narender Singh went to Chandigarh as a delegate at Regional Summit on Quality in Education. Avinash Mahajan being the Sr. Coordinator at JMPS brought in a lot of information on quality in education and in turn conducted an in house workshop for all teachers.


Dated: 18th Feb., 2014:- The enriching workshop at Greater Noida organized under the aegis of British Council for the British Council Accredited schools proved to be an enriching and a real learning experience. The three days residential workshop saw almost 80 schools across the country with a team of Indian resource persons as well as the UK experts who mentored the teachers during the three days residential workshop. This workshop lead to the three different aspects of learning. The first session was taken by Ms. Jaspal Gill & Ms. Rajni Gopal who talked on the Global Citizenship and discussed the best practices of learning & teaching techniques which support the global citizenship through international practices incorporated in the education system. It also highlighted the importance and relevance of global citizenship for young people in schools to be compared with their peer group round the globe.

The second session was on Rivers of the World by Mr. Alison Wilmott and this is the project for the Mayors Themes Festival. This session focused on the range of curriculum areas including Arts, Science, Geography and English. All teachers from across India had an interactive session and a lot more was added due to the resource person’s way of delivering the content.

The third session on the third day was a Big Dance by Ms. Lorraine Jamieson & Dave who taught the participants the Scottish Ballet. It was the biggest celebration of all types of dance forms for all ages and all levels of ability. It was for the big dance pledge 2014 which will mark as the biggest celebration to be held on 16 May 2014 all over the world. British Council ISA Awarded schools will celebrate the UK’s biggest dance festival and have a groove on the Scottish Ballet.

The workshop saw the better ways of teaching the young minds by reducing the stress to the lowest level and also enriched the teachers on the different ways of teaching the same topic keeping in mind the caliber of the children individually.

Mrs. Bhawna Madaan & Ms. Sonia Mahajan of Jodhamal Public School attended this workshop at Greater Noida at World School and Raddison Hotel, Greater Noida. The teachers from Jodhamal Public School excelled in their presentations and brought laurels to Jammu by marking the presence amongst such august gathering. Management and Principal JMPS are very happy with these Staff Development Programmes which are helping the school to impart a better education to one and all.


Dated: 28th Jan., 2014:- Jodhamal Public School, Jammu in its endeavour to get involved in the Commonwealth Class Project produced by BBC, the British Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat leading up to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, UK (2014), participated in International online debate on the topic “Homelessness” held recently.
The students namely Sarthak Malhotra, Naman Chandok, Dhvani Gupta, Sanand Madaan, Mnaswini Oswal, Gunjan Sharma, Paramjot Singh and Kartik Choudhary from classes 7th – 9th participated by emailing their opinion and comments online to the Commonwealth Secretariat. This participation aimed to develop knowledge and understandings alongside important skills such as critical thinking, communication and creativity that is essential for young people growing up as Commonwealth and Global Citizens.
It has been a wonderful experience for the students of JMPS under the aegis of ISA, British Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat conducted by BBC. Ananya from Jodhamal Public School in Jammu, India writes: "In my opinion homelessness is a crisis for each and everyone facing it. People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure, and adequate housing, or lack 'fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence.'"
The comments of Jodhamal Students were appreciated by other International online debaters and special mention was made on the inputs given by Ananya, Sanand andParamjot. Their analyses were put-up on the Commonwealth-British Council website. Students of Jodhamal have been invited by British Council to participate in their other activities as well.



Dated: 23rd Dec,. 2013:- At a special assembly at Jodhamal Public School Jammu,the project leaders of the British Council’s Action Plan were awarded the "British Council Certificates by Inspector General of Police Mr. SJM Gillani". Teachers who received the awards were Ranju Malhotra,Neetu Johri, Prerna Suri, Ritu Jhinkwan, Roopinder Kour, Radhika Sharma,Sonia Mahajan, Poonam Dalia, Arshia Malik and the ISA Coordinator Bhawna Madaan. Mr. SJM Gillani also felicitated the students who passed the "Silver Level at the IAYP, (Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards)". The students who were awarded Silver Medal for IAYP were Sparsh Kotwal, Subrat Sharma, Anandita Kuthiala, Sahil Pandita, Jessica Bal, Mahima Chopra, Meetika, Urvashi Gupta and Sana Fatima Siddiqui. These students had worked for the award in 2012-13.



Dated: 2nd December, 2013:- The Intach Club of Jodhamal Public School, which is working enthusiastically for the conservation of Jammu Culture went on a visit to the Dogra Museum, Mubarak Mandi recently to celebrate “WORLD HERITAGE WEEK”. The students accompanied with their teachers Ms Anjali Gupta and Ms Bhawna Madaan collected detailed information from Mr Kirpal Singh, the Head of the Museum on Textile, Art, Architecture, Armoury and Coinage.

Jodhamal students which recently had gone on a study trip to Agra, Jaipur and Amritsar were impressed by the progress of the ASI (Archaeology Survey of India) work in these cities and hoped that ASI will restore the Mubarak Mandi Complex to its past glory.

Intach Jammu Chapter Convener Mr. S Sahni was also present to enlighten the students on the conservation and restoration of project of the prestigious architecture of Jammu, the Mubarak Mandi Complex.


Dated: 26th Nov., 2013:- Jodhamal Public School, Jammu has added a new international dimension to its curriculum by participating & getting accredited with the British Council International School Award (ISA) 2013-16. This award programme is spread in all the countries of the British Commonwealth and JODHAMAL is the first School in J&K to get this award in the past few decades. The British Council School Awards Ceremony was held at Kolkata on 16th November 2013 at Taj Bengal, where the School ISA Coordinator Ms. Bhawna Madaan received this prestigious award from Mr. Rob Lynes, Director British Council India. International School Award (ISA) is a global benchmarking project that recognizes the outstanding work done by schools that are committed to develop international dimension in the curriculum to help young learners to become effective global citizens.

To meet the goal of the programme that is to develop better global citizenship and enrich education in school, seven project leaders (Ms Nandini Bakshi, Ms Ranju Malhotra, Ms Neetu Johri, Ms Poonam Dalia, Ms Radhika Sharma, Ms Ritu Jhinkwan & Ms Prerna Suri) worked on their respective action plans supported by other teachers of Jodhamal, to channelize it effectively as per the pre-requisites of the British Council.

Under ISA, various programmes were incorporated that were designed to create sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and school systems in UK and many other regions of the world like Hong Kong, Oman and US. The programme enabled the students to collaborate with their peers around the world and work with school leaders, teachers to inculcate the global dimensions and global citizenship in educational practice and policy.

ISA Journey of Jodhamal Public School started under the leadership of Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, Principal Jodhamal School. Jodhamal will be mentoring other schools in J&K with the award experience to ensure that international dimensions are added in letter and spirit in J&K.


Dated: 08/11/2013 :- Jodhamal School’s INTACH Club under the aegis of INTACH India an organization centered towards preservation and promotion of local art, culture and heritage, had organized a programme on “Saving Feminity” as a bold and much needed initiative for creating awareness regarding the deplorable plight of women in India and growing injustice and violence towards them. Jodhamal Intach Club showcased how a girl child, the living heritage can be given her lost status all over again.

The highlights of the programme were the impressive and enlightening mime show, poem, narratives and documentary presentation that showed the journey of womanhood and the complexities in them way.

The show touched the heart of the viewers thereby creating sensitivity of the people about the dire need to “Save Feminity” and the fatal consequences of harming it students portrait the message of “Save Women, Save Life, Save a Daughter, Save a Wife,” through this programme.

Programme was attented by Sh. S. Sahni KAS (Ret.), former Director Tourism and Convenor INTACH Jammu Chapter was the Chief Guest who was accompanied by Prof. Poonam Choudhary Director Centre for Studies in Museology, Jammu University, Mr. Himant Sharma KAS, Director Command Area Development Agriculture, Member Executive Committee INTACH Jammu Chapter, Mr. Simant Sharma Director Agriculture and Mr. Sishu Pal Executive INTACH Jammu Chapter.

The programme was appreciated by the Management and Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and he congratulated Ms. Bhawana Madaan, students and the music teachers which was need of the hour for presenting such a spectacular programme.

Jodhamal Public School Celebrated Earth Day on April 30, 2012

The Green Warriors of Jodhamal Eco Club joined hands together to be the seeds of spring to this great nation and conducted a special assembly commemorating the preservation of the environment. Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist was also presented a green badge by the green warriors with the Eco Club Incharges Ms. Rupinder & Mrs. Aima . The Head Boy Abhayjeet Singh administered the Green Oath for the whole school and the event included self composed poems by the Green Warriors. Speaking on the occasion Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist said that the Eco Buddies named as Green Warriors of JMPS are the seeds of Spring and have a lot in store to work for a greener Planet Earth. Finally two saplings were planted by the Principal & Vice Principal to mark the occasion. Jodhamal Public School is committed to keep the Planet Earth Clean & Green and in their endeavor school has plans to clean river Tavi from all trash including polythene in the phased manner for which the Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist has appealed to the Green Warriors to take lead. As a part of the NDTV’s initiative for a better environment, “Greenathon’ was organized by the students of Jodhamal Public School. On 14th May’2012 under the stewardship of their Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist.


Dated: 22/12/2012:- An activity of International School Award (ISA) was held at Jodhamal Public School on recently various chosen projects given by the British Council* helped the students in their intellectual growth through understanding international problems and seeking solutions for them.
The British Counci International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum based international work in schools. The scheme provides ecognition for teachers and their schools working to instill a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people.
The ISA supports schools to develop an international ethos embedded throughout the school. It also helps form a collaborative curriculum–based work with a number of partner schools. It encourages curriculum-based work across a range of subjects.
One such project “Eradicating Gender Discrimination through Education” was undertaken by the Project Leader Ms. Ranju Malhotra along with the team leaders – Ms. Swati Harjai, Ms. Sonia Mahajan, Ms. Jagmeet and Ms. Deepali Puri and with various students who prepared extensive reports and collected information for various projects assigned to them.
Through various presentations and exhibitions they displayed the information collected on the projects. These activities created awareness on eradication of gender discrimination and women empowerment and helped the students to develop their capabilities to meet the global challenges.


Dated: 01/12/2012:- Jodhamal Public School celebrated a month long French festival “Le Jour de la France” as a part of their British Council Activity for the International School Award. Cooking, Poetry and the Dress sense of the French were at the crux of the Festival.

The students of French Club under the Guidance of the French teacher Ms. Poonam Dalia and the ISA Coordinator Ms. Arshia Malik. A variety of French cuisines like Chocolate soufflés, Choco truffles with gem cake, Veggie pie with Mocha chino, Boche de Noel with café were prepared by the students. The French club of the school organized a French Fashion show cum French Poem Recitation Competition where the inter-cultural ethos was brought to surface. Poems like Le Weekend, Frere Jacques and Mademoiselle were the ones appreciated by the judges and the spectators. The judges were Mr. Jatinder Raina (Chairman, French club, Jammu University.), Ms. Tandeep Handa and Ms. Neetu Sharma. Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist gave away the prizes and appreciated the efforts of the French Club for their hard work and commitment.

Also students participated in the GLOBAL “One Nation Read Together” activity. This was done in collaboration with Scholastic India. As part of literary activities in the school, the students are made to do book reviews, movie reviews, fiction writing and presenting advertisement role plays, seminars and debate etc to bring in the all round development.



Jammu, May, 15:- As a part of the NDTV’s initiative for a better environment, “Greenathon’ was organized by the students of Jodhamal Public School. On 14th May’2012 under the stewardship of their Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist.

The students were administered oath by the head boy Mr. Abhayjeet for Greener and cleaner tomorrow. Head girl Ms. Sankasha explained the concept of rain water harnessing and how the school reuses the water discharged from school swimming pool filter, into underground dry tanks which is subsequently used in play grounds, paint etc to the NDTV representatives.

Banners bearing messages to save the environment were also part of today’s ‘Greenathon drive’ green warrior of Jodhamal School under their Eco-club in charge Ms. Rohini Aima and Ms. Rupinder Kour took a group of 53 students to the bank of Tawi River as a part of the anti-polythene drive. Principal, A.O. T.O., and Mr. Bunty Sharma also accompanied them with the NDTV team.

The student’s message of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle was appreciated by the people of Jammu.

The drive for a greener tomorrow was initiated by NDTV team headed by Mr. Sheikh Zaffar Iqbal under the guidance of Jodhamal School’s Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, assisted by Mr. Darshan Kumar Khajuria and S. Ravinder Singh from NDTV.