Jodhamal holds Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony of the Junior School Prefect Council was held at Jodhamal Public school. The pupil were formally invested withauthority, power, right, dignity within the school context. The Junior Kids conducted a Street " BetiBachaoBetiPadao" as a part of the Prime Minister NarendraModi’s initiative and then the Chief Guest on the occasion Brigadier Atul Kumar, SM Commander, 26 Artillery Brigade inducted the Prefect Council members to the office in a very formal ceremony. The Student Pupil Leaders the Junior School Head Boy and Head Girl respectively.Arhan Mahajan & Samaira Jamwal took the oath to lead by example without pride or prejudice. The other newly elected Prefect Council are as follows: ASPLs –Navaj Kunal Anand & Uttara Bhushan; Sports Captains --Ayesha Hayaat & Ayam Sharma ; CCA Incharges–Krishika Koul& Moksha Sharma; Eco Leaders –Anmol Kotwal & Vidhi Dhallam: Discipline Incharges -Saksham Mahajan & Rebecca Verma; Challenge House Captains –ArunDev Singh & Adalia Narang; Discovery House Captains --Harmanjot Singh & Iqra Batool Jahangir; Enterprise House Captains --Sachdeep Singh & Ambika Singh ; Invention House Captains Aditya Singh & Smaira Goel were adorned with their badges by the Chief Guest in the Presence of the staff , students and their parents. House Vice Captains of the four houses Mudakkir Latifi, Yana Rai, Shiven Agarwal, Ahmed Ayan, Swasti Gupta, Devansh Sharma, Vadanya Salathia, Sanidhya Gupta, Punish Manhas, Gunjot Kour were also inducted to the office of the Prefect Council of Jodhamal Juniors,a defining moment in a student’s life.
After the office bearers holding a loft knowledge, courage and confidence, a day when these little bearers were inducted with 'responsibility' took the Oath in the MPH and the Head Boy of Senior School Aabhas Verma Administered the Oath. Former Head Girl Junior School Dania Butt & Former Head Boy Junior School Palmer Singh conducted the complete programme and the Head Girl Manasvini Oswal offered the vote of thanks.
Lt. Col. Anuj Kasta, Mr Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee, Ms Arati Kuthiala, Director and Ms Pooja Panthri, Vice Principal of Jodhamal Public School were also present on the occasion. A special kudos was given to the CCA Coordinators Ms Sonia Majahan and Coordinator Ms. Ranju Malhotra for the overall mentoring and meticulous planning of the complete show.
Inspite of the bright sun, the children's enthusiasm was not dimmed and their eyes shone bright with the anticipation of receiving their prefectorial badges, the chief guest did the honors of pinning the badges and then the newly elected prefect took the formal pledge.
All the parents added the glory to the small function where in his address Brigadier Atul Kumar said that the parents have a big responsibility in honing up the next generation and also parents need to take the onus for the distraction of the students these days in different unpleasant areas and every parent needs to keep a vigilant eye on their child’s activities and friend circle. The SPL s and ASPLs also gave the speeches to live upto the expectation of their teachers, parents and their fellow friends in the school. Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the students for being chosen as the little leaders and wished them success at all walks of life. The ones who were not in the Prefect Council list, Principal said that they have even a bigger goal set for them and should work from now only to aim for being the members of Senior School Council once they grow up and till then a self-disciplined life style can make them all keep achieving the impossible.


Jodhamal Studenrs Shine at Welham MUN at Dehradun

Jodhamal Students won accolades at the WELMUN at the Welham Boys School, Dehradun. A total of 13 students from Jodhamal made their presence felt as delegates of different committees and all of them were recognized during the MUN Session. The WELMUN 2017 which was held between 28th - 30th July concluded today. A total of 26 schools participated in this mega event. It was a great platform where schools like The Doon School Dehradun , Modern School Barakhama Road, Indian high School Dubai, Mayo Girls, Jodhamal Jammu, Bhuvans Chandigarh put up a great competition for all other schools. The Doon School Dehradun got the best delegation. Vidur Kumar and Arsh Mir from Jodhamal public school got honourary mention and Nimisha Shukla and Vaibhav got verbal mention in their respective committees.
Nimisha and Vaibhav were in United Nations Security Council Vidur and Arsh Mir were in UNGA 4 - Special Political and Decolonisation Committee. Vidur Kumar & Arsh Mir of Jodhamal were selected for a special crisis committee... Teachers Pratibha Sapori and Neetika Rai escorted the Delegates as Faculty Advisors. The children who comprised the delegation from Jodhamal are Zitin Kaul, Vaibhav , Animisha Shukla, Nimisha Shukla, Vihan Kapoor, Sheikh Sakib, Kritneya Sharma, Arnav Gupta Vatsala Mahajan ,Abhijot Singh,Arsh Mir,Harman Kaur, Jasleen Kaur and Vidur Kumar...
Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the delegates for making their presence felt and ensuring the laurels for Jammu and Kashmir. He also appreciated the teachers Bhawna Madaan, Pratibha Sapori and Neetika Shukla for preparing the students so well.


Class 4th experiment on inhaling and exhaling process of the lungs

A science experiment conducted by the students of class 4 showing the expansion and contraction of the lungs while inhaling ad exhaling air. The teachers namely Ms Bhupinder Kour, Ms Poonam Sarmal and Shweta Bakshi sensitized the students with the simple process by making the students practise their hands on the experiment which was a part of their holidays' homework.


Univariety Launched at Jodhamal

Univariety is an online Career Council portal which is Singapore Based and was launched today at Jodhamal Public School. Ms. Stuti and Ms. DivyaAbrol from Hyderabad & New Delhi came to launch the Univariety portal at Jodhamal today. Anjali Mahajan the Jodhamal Coordinator for this Online Portal called Univariety told here today that the Portal is launched with the Profile Creation of all students from Grade IX to XII. DivyaAbroal from Univariety worked with class IX & X today on the profile creation and created the profile of each student online so that the students can chat with the Univariety Counsellors online and get the information on all careers and colleges and universities . On the other hand in the OAT Stuti from Hyderabad took the Orientation Programme for the student of Grade IX to XII in four different slots. After Orientation the Profile Creation was going on simultaneously for all classes. Univariety guides the students in Research i.e. searching of the top colleges and information of the Universities and then making of Ideal College List. After this the counsellors from Univariety help the students in bringing clarity to their selections via webinars, career workshops. Psychometric Tests and Stream Selector Tests. This way the students are helped in shortlisting the Country Preference for higher studies, Course Preference, Competitive Tests, shortlist review and recommendations. Univariety also helps the students in Profile building University Connects and Interactions. It also helps in supporting the students in getting the key dates, application support, scholarships and outplacement Analysis.

Principal Trilok Singh Bist told that the Univariety Portal is only available at the moment in India with very few elite schools and Jodhamal Joins hands in providing the students the information just with a click of a mouse in this digital age. Univariety is a Singapore based Online Career Guidance Portal which is going to help Jodhamal students bountifully to make a better choice in life. Principal thanked NandanKuthiala the Trustee of the school for being a support in all his endeavours to give the students the benefits which are at par with the best schools of the country. “Very soon we would be happy to see other schools also join this online Career Guidance portal” said the Principal of Jodhamal .He also informed that tomorrow the Orientation for the parents of Grade IX to XII is planned in four different slots, so that they also know as to what is the Univariety Online Portal and how can it help their kids make better choice in life to be successful.



Jodhamal Public School got accredited with another International dimension in its curriculum. The school has been able to provide yet another opportunity to its students at International level. Schools likeDoon, Mayoboys and Mayo girls, Shri Ram, Genesis Global, Pathways etc are few school in North India accredited with Trinity College London examination.To bring its students at an International level, Jodhamal Public School is working hand in hand with the Trinity College London to provide ample opportunities to the school for the holistic development of its students.

Continues sessions with the trainers of Trinity College Londonhave been held in the school campus to train the teachers of Jodhamal for the Exam. One such interactive session with the parents and students enrolled for Trinity examination was held at the school campus on 13th May. On a request from parents, a session was planned to meet the queries regarding the Trinity College London Examination to be held in the school in the month of October.

Trinity College London is a leading International Examination board since 1877, with centers over 60 countries. The certificates are recognized internationally. Jodhamal Public School is the only school in the state to conduct this exam, which will be conducted by a Trinity College London appointed International Examiner.

Ms Ritika Ratna, a senior member of Trinity College London’s Teacher Support Group was the resource person for the day.Her curriculum is in English language,conversation,reading,recitation and acting besides spoken English and Creative writing who came all the way from Gurgaon to meet the expectations of the parents. A highly interactive session with the parents left them meet the standards and expectations that are stimulating, challenging and educative. The parents were assured of their children preparing for this International Exam to gain a lot of confidence, presentation and communication skills-which will enhance their overall personality. The parents were also rest assured of the well trained teachers of Jodhamal Public School by the trainers of Trinity College London to train the students for the upcoming Examination. However, the trainers will continue to work closely with the teachers and students over next few months to make them take this exam very successfully in the month of October.

After the session with the parents ,yet another workshop was held with the trained teachers of JMPS further training them with the upcoming syllabus. keeping in mind the future perspectiveof the child, the trustee Mr NandanKuthialaaddressed the audience focusing on the importance of the exam worldwide.

The principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist, stressed upon the Life Skills that a child will develop after appearing for Trinity Exam which the students require to face the challenges of the 21st century and also assured the parents about the equipped and trained teachers of JMPS who would successfully hold their hands to train the students for the Trinity exam. The Trinity College London co ordinator, Ms Ranju Malhotra,thanked Ms Ritika for giving a clearer and a brighter picture of the exam thus meeting the queries of the parents. She also appealed to let the trio of parent-student and teacher be strong enough to guide them throughout, as this exam could prove to be a passport to their brighter future.



Jodhamal Public School & Vox Populi Jammu and Kashmir Chapter saw the two days celebration of opinions at Jodhamal Public School. More than 10 Schools of Jammu & Kashmir came together to be part of Vox Populi-The Debating Phenomenon. A debate with a difference, a debate where important speeches were given by the delegates with around 15 topics on which the opinions were given by the students of different schools.

Vox-Populi means people’s voice or common man’s voice and it saw the festival of opinions for all participants. 28th and 29th April will be remembered by Jammu for the Vox-Populi. The first day at the opening ceremony we had Director Education, Ms. Bablia Rakwal as the Chief Guest, Mrs VijyaPuri, an eminent educationist and founder secretary of Jammu Sahodaya as presiding Officer, Mrs Nirmal Mahna and Mr Pramod Srivastava, the Principal from DPS, Rajbagh and Model Academy respectively as the Guest of Honour.

Inaugural ceremony witnessed a wonderfully choreographed Kathak Dance by Jodhamal kids. Director Education in her speech appreciated the effect of the school to bring all students of J&K at one platform to voice their opinion. She wished the Vox-Populi a great success.

Mrs. VijyaPuri in her key note address inspired all present to do the best efforts and leave rest to God. She also focussed on communication skills as the most important skill which one needs to excel in life. Niraml Mahna the General Secretary of Jammu Sahodaya and Pramod Srivastava the Former Treasurer of Jammu Sahodaya also inspired the kids.

There were fifteen rooms allotted to different delegates to speak on the topics given and debate on the same along with Youth Parliament.First day the the two key note speakers were Vijay Puri and Vickrant Mahajan of Super Positivity Movement who had been very instrumental in making the sessions so very interesting that the kids were fully engrossed in the speech. Trilok Singh Bist also was a Key Note Speaker on the first day who took the topic Social Media and the advantages and the disadvantages of the same and asked the students to be extra careful while communicating on the social media and also asked them to be using the social media for constructive purpose and not to use it as a cyber bullying tool or for spreading the rumours.

The second day saw Naveen Chopra as the first keynote speaker who really mesmerised each one present and all got glued to their seats and he made it very clear that a speaker who has to ask people to get quite needs to bring intonations and the modulations in the voice to catch the attention of the audience. Second keynote speaker of the day Rajesh Rathore the Principal of G D Goenka who also lured the students by his pep talk with the students on how to make a better leader. He said that one needs to be voracious in whatever one does to be a Leader par excellence and for that reading is the most important ingredient. The cherry on the cake was the presence and interaction of Pushpa Chawla the renowned Principal of Jammu City who is considered as a stalwart in the education circles of Jammu. She also loved the concept of Vox Populi and encouraged the students to be more expressive. On the Closing ceremony the Chief Guest IG Rajesh Kumar graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and was happy to see this unconventional debate where no child had to write and hen mug up the debate and then deliver. In this Vox Populi format each child was spontaneous and can rise above the others by being original. Rajesh Rathore, Vivek Arora and Naveen Chopra were the Guest of Honour at the Closing ceremony with Nandan Kuthiala as the Presiding Officer. IG Rajesh Kumar Gave away the Prizes and blessed the students with his words of wisdom and Jodhamal won the Best Delegation Award and G D Goenka won the Best Small Delegation Award. Manasvini Oswal and Kshitij Sethi were the Overall Best Debators of Vox Populi 2017-18. The programme came to a close with the closing speech of Shreyansh Bhalotia the President and Founder of Vox Populi. Principal Trilok Singh Bist thanked all the Principals of different schools for sending their teams for honing up the talents of the budding speakers and making it sure that the future generation can voice their opinion with confidence whenever there is a need. The best part of the Vox Populi was this was conducted by Head Boy Aabhas Verma and Head Girl Manasvini Oswal in sync with the Overall Prefect Council of Jodhamal Public School and the kids proved that they could make a difference by organising this event under the able supervision of the Organising Secretary Radhika Sharma the HOD English of Jodhamal.


Jodhamal Awarded the Best Team - Youth Conference at Welham Boys

Jodhamal Public School Team brought laurels for the School and State in the 5th International Youth Conference at Welham Boys School, Dehradun. Under the aegis of TAP every year the International Youth Conference is Organised on the Earth Day either at The Doon School or the Welham Boys on alternate years. It is a privilege that Jodhamal always gets the invitation for this Conference. Last year also Jodhamal won the Best Presentation and this Year they won the Best Team Work Award for their presentation on Electrostatic Precipitator to filter the smoke coming out of the chimneys of the Brick Kilns. Welham Boys witnessed the Fifth Youth Conference - " Man and Earth" on the occasion of Earth Day and there were almost 55 Elite Schools from all over India who participated and Team Jodhamalmesmerised everyone with the Team Work on saving the Environment and they worked closely over the last two years with the brick Kilns in the neighborhood area and had been making them aware of the harmful effects of the Smoke that comes out of the chimneys and how hazardous it is to not to use the precipitators to purify the smoke emitting out of these kilns.. ManaswiniOsawal, Arya Abrol and AabhasVerma all had prepared the model of a Precipitator and had been using it with the brick kilns and they could feel the impact of it as it also worked on the pattern of plants where they take the carbon dioxide and emit out the oxygen to purify the air.... They had shown the presentation and spoke on their project in front of the audience and they were highly appreciated for the Confidence, Oratory skills and of course for the wonderful work done by them to safe guard our Planet earth on the occasion of this Earth Day... They were helped by their teachers Ms. Roopinder Kaur and Ms. Mubeen Butt who are the Mentors in true sense...During the course of two years these students have been doing the survey and working on the Electrostatic Precipitator started by ShababAlam and VinamalinVerma of Grade IX who are now in grade XI and under the guidance of RoopinderKour these kids have been bringing out innovative ideas on the floor and working on it. Principal Jodhamal appreciated the Participants AabhasVerma, ManaswiniOswal and Arya Abrol for the wonderful presentation and team work and also appreciated the contribution of their teachers and ShababAlam&VinamalinVerma’s in making this Project a project worth putting at the IPSC Stage and getting accolades.NandanKuthiala the Trustee of the school congratulated the Team for clinching the coved trophy and said that it will definitely pave way for the other schools to travel an extra mile and cross the boundaries of the city and unfurl the flag of success far and wide and bring the Laurrels for the State.


Jodhamal Kids Shine at the UNIC National Level Essay Competition

All India Essay Writing Competition was organized by United National Information Centre for India & Bhutan and VartikaGhai of Jodhamal won the First Prize and a Gold Medal in this National Level Essay Competition. Many kids from Jodhamal participated in this Competition and four students came in the merit list where their essays were appreciated by the UNIC. Vanshika Singh Andotra, Divya Bhardwaj, Panini Sharma and Akriti were awarded the certificates of appreciation for the beautiful essays they had written. VartikaGhai was adjudged first in the State and also in the Zonal Level. Students were free to write in English or Hindi or Urdu or any regional language and Vanshika choose to write in Hindi and had written what all will she contribute to keep the environment pollution free. Divya had written in English as to what would be her contribution to make the Country better. Kamlesh D. Patel the President Shri Ram Mission appreciated the creativity of the students and Rajiv Chandran the Officer –In-Charge UN Information Centre said that each child is important and the kids if given a chance to bring their creativity on surface they have immense potential.

All the students were appreciated by the school Principal Trilok Singh Bist and the CCA Coordinator NandaniBakshi in a special assembly and were awarded the Gold Medal and the certificates. Bist said that all students must participate in the activities of their interest to bring out the best from within. He appreciated the efforts of Shri Ram Mission in collaboration with UNIC for conducting such essay competition and this is the third year in a row Jodhamal has been a part of this initiative and has done well.


Jodhamal Emerges Champions at the Inter School Theatre

In the Inter School Shakespearean Theatre Competition Jodhamal School made a clean sweep by winning the first prize. There were around 14 schools from the town pitched against each other for the creative literary skills and each team had to showcase a theatre by Shakespear. Jodhamal Public School already known for the theatrical skills in the educational corridors had chosen to take up Julius Caeser and that too the assassination scene. Milind Pandita acting as Julius Caesar was awarded the Best Actor at K C International. Bhavdeep Singh was awarded the Best Supporting Actor. Vatsala Mahajan had been the narrator in the play and had impressed the audience by her fantabulous confidence and the delivery of each and every word in the Classical English. Milind Pandita, Bhavdeep, Dristhant Mahajan, Parth Jain, Zitin Koul, Manav Gupta & Adhyan all played their character as if they were in the era.

Jodhamal students mesmerized all present in the audience with their impeccable acting skills and coordination and the pronunciation and diction in their dialogue delivery. When the Julius Caesar was assassinated by his friends the whole hall was shocked the see the Blood pouring out of Caesar’s Body. Milind Pandita of Jodhamal was awarded the Best Actor among all schools and Bhavdeep Singh was awarded the Best Supporting Actor. Naveen Chopra the Visiting Faculty at Jodhamal was the inspiration behind the acting skills of these students who is always there to guide the kids on living their passion.

Principal Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the theatre students for their victory and encouraged them for being the wonderful actors and advised each one to live the dream they have in their life and eyes for themselves. He also told kids to try and recognize their own potential and then work for the realistic dreams they have for their life…In the Declaimation Contest Kartikeya Singh did a wonderful joib by speaking Swami Viveka Nanda’s speech with full throw of voice and clarity of words and was appreciated by one and all. The teachers who prepared the kids were Vandana Jain,Radhika Sharma, Deepika Ibekule and Naveen Chopra.


Jodhamal Kick Started Teaching at Adopted Govt. Schools

Jodhamal Public School has adopted three Govt Schools for the Development of the Teaching standard and also for developing the soft skills among the Govt School kids who otherwise are full of talents but untapped. Jodhamal Public School Principal Trilok Singh Bist told that they have adopted three Govt Schools namely Govt Primary School Prithvipur, Govt Primary School Sainik Colony and Govt High School Deeli and have taken a resolution to give the very best to these students as far as the environment is concerned and within a year’s time these kids will be able to speak in English and Hindi fluently to take part in any competition. In April Trilok Singh Bist conducted a Workshop for all the Three Govt School Teachers at Jodhamal Public School to give them an exposure and feel that how good one feels when performs to the best of his/her ability. Bist said that all teachers of the three schools are well qualified and just needed a push to take the work as challenge and together they all can do wonders. Every Saturday Bist has deputed two teachers in each of the Govt School from Jodhamal who can impart the anglicised education to the kids besides the rich Indian Education. Ms. Bhupinder& Ms. DeepaliPuri went to GovtPrimary SchoolPrithvipurBishna and did a wonderful job by making the kids open up whereas Ms. RakhiJasrotia and Ms.PoonamSarmal of JMPS went to Govt High School, Deeli and could ignite the kids to urge for more when it comes to education and both of them felt that there is a lot of potential in these kids, only a little work needs to be done on them with love and affection and for that both teachers have volunteered for a three months teaching in the same school on every Saturday. Ms. Rimjhim Mahajan & Ms. Neha Sharma went to Govt Primary School Sainik Colony and they too made the kids comfortable with them and started with the teaching of the Parts of a plant with the Visual Aids. All the students from Govt School gave a very good response and even all teachers were happy to be associated with each other since it is always a mutual learning which takes place by such collaborations. Spoken English being the highlight of this collaboration one teacher out of the two will focus on how to make the students speak the basic English to begin with.TrusteeNandanKuthiala was generous enough to gift two Ceiling Fans to Primary School PrithvipurBishna as the teachers who visited them in April and May felt that the kids were feeling very hot. Since the Three schools are also a part of the Jodhamal Fraternity the school is all set to bring them at par with the rest of the country for the educational needs of the under privileged section of the society. Director Education Mrs. SmithaSethi had been instrumental in making this collaboration happen and had directed CEO Jammu Mr. J K Sudan to minutely observe this association of the Private Public Partnership move.


India is a fast growing nation with multitude of education opportunities including under-graduate programs featuring multiple streams. Guidance and Counselling in the schools plays a decisive role in achieving the goal of helping young students to have a smooth and successful transition from school to the College. Keeping all these factors in mind, Jodhamal School provides a unique opportunity to their students, to know more about the top Indian Universities and colleges.

Hence, Jodhamal School, in association with ASHOKA University, also known as Harvard of India, hold an interactive worship-cum-career conclave for students of Classes XI and XII so as to make aware of the students on the liberal education and undergraduate programs being offered at Ashoka University.

A vey renowned Educationist, Mr Sandeep Saraswat and Ms Aditi Padiyar from Ashoka University were the Guest Speaker at this counselling session.

More than 350 students from Sainik school Nagrota, APS BD Bari, JP World’s, School, KC International School, Jammu Sanskriti School, SOS Herman and Jodhamal School participated in this session, so as to understand the unconventional career options awaiting them.

Ashoka University is a pioneer in providing a liberal education at par with the best in the world. The University help students become well-rounded individuals, who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and become leaders with a commitment to public service.  The University prepare students to be ethical leaders in a diverse and complex world. No doubt, the University’s innovative curriculum, outstanding faculty and the promise of a fulfilling learning experience has attracted the many students to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

The session was very formative and appreciated by one and all. The Trustee, Mr Nandan Kuthiala and School Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist thanked the two Educationist from Ashoka University for coming to Jammu, to guide and counsel the students.


Sa Ma Pa Aalap Festival -2016 Held at Jodhamal Public School

The Inaugural Session of the premier music festival of J&K, the Sa Ma Pa Aalap 2016, being presented by SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music and Performing Arts) in collaboration with Department of Information and Public Relations J&K and Department of Tourism Jammu, was held on Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016 at 11.00am at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu. The ceremony began with the traditional lamp lighting by Music Maestro AbhayRustumSopori, UstadAkram Khan Ji, MrNandanKuthiala, Trustee Jodhamal Public School and MrTrilok Singh Bist, Principal of the School. Theprogramme was witnessed by more than 2000 students, staff and music listeners. AbhayRustumSoporiwas accompanied by one of the India’s finest Tabla players UstadAkram Khan.In a very motivational speech, the Music Maestro AbhayRustumSoporishared the importance of art and culture for the coming generation and asked the students to take the mission forward and contribute to the rich heritage of the State.
Abhay Sopori Ji mesmerized the students with his enthralling performance and made the students sing along. He said that the students need to be learn classical music to connect to their culture and to connect to the roots of Jammu. He also had a question answer session with the students where the kids showcased their inquisitiveness and were well received and answered by Music Maestro Abhay Ji.
The other dignitaries present on this auspicious occasion were Dr Aziz Hafizi, Secretary of J&K Art, Culture & Language, Sh. Nagindera Singh Jamwal, Diretor Dept of Information and Public Relations, Smt. Anjali Sharma, Station Director Doordarshan Jammu, Sh. Susheel Attri, Deputy Director J&K Tourism Department.
This festival will be held at more than 20 different venues of the Jammu and border areas like Samba, Akhnoor, Rajouri, Poonch and RS Pura. The second part of the festival will later be held in Kashmir region in March this year.
To honour this Great Maestro, the JMPians presented a Dogri Group Song and performed on violin. On this auspicious occasion, MrTrilok Singh Bist, Principal Jodhamal Public School thanks the Great Maestro and his team for Blessing the Jodhamal Public School with his sufiana music. A beautiful memento was presented to the King of Strings by the students and School Management.

Guinness World Record Created at Jodhamal School

Today at Jodhamal Public School Vickrant Mahajan created the Guinness Book World Record by signing more than 7000 books at the global book release function of his book “Yes Thank You Universe” .
More than 7000 Students, Teachers, Parents and the Jummuites at large participated in this mega event. It is for the first time such a massive gathering was experienced in Jammu history at one place for one event . Trilok Singh Bist Principal Jodhamal Public School complimented Vickrant Mahajan on achieving this great feet of being a World Record holder for the fourth time.
Mr. Vickrant Mahajan is a resident of Jammu and has made Jammu take pride many a times .He is the proverbial gypsy, driven by an inexhaustible zest for life. He studied publishing at the University of Denver and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, was an editor with HarperCollins India for two years, and was the first runner-up at Grasim Mr India 2003. Vickrant made his Bollywood debut with the film Challo Driver released in 2012. He has written five self-help books and a collection of short stories. His fifth book, Stretch Yourself was a bestseller in India and has been translated into several languages. His latest book, “Yes Thank You Universe”, was released in May 2014. Besides, he has authored ten photographic coffee-table books and has exhibited his art in India and Dubai. He now runs a consciousness organisation called Super positivity Movement. Recently he travelled across the country with 29 states in his Car travelling more than 20,000 km and addressed more than 100 schools across the country and motivated more than 1 lakh students.students across the country .
For this event, he choose Jodhamal Public School since he received the positive vibrations from the school management, and on this day 30th January 2016 he created this World Record by breaking the Previous record of 6786 books being signed at Ohio USA by American author Orrin Woodward.
As a token of heartfelt appreciation, every individual participant was given a Certificate of Participation which clearly mentions that it is a Guinness World Record event. Besides, the participants also got a personally autographed copy of Vickrant’s bestselling book “ Yes Thank You Universe”.
Staff, Students and management of Jodhamal Public School was appreciated by Vickrant Mahajan at this achievement of the World Record and he showcased is gratitude to the school from the core of his heart. He said “let’s make Jammu and India proud and inspire Jammuites to think global”. He thanked Jammu for the support to the local son of the soil and for giving him their support to achieve this Great Feet today, the 30th of January, at Jodhamal Public School. Trilok Singh Bist and Nandan Kuthiala appreciated the support Vickrant’s Father Sham Gupta and Mother Veena Gupta has been giving to him in all his entreprenueral endeavours.


To inspire the students and people of Jammu to think global, Jodhamal Public School is hosting an unprecedented event i.e. CREATION OF A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by Mr Vickrant Mahajan of Super Positivity Movement, wherein Mr Vickrant will release the latest edition of his bestselling motivational book Yes Thank You Universe to create a new world record for THE LARGEST BOOK SIGNING IN HISTORY.
This event will take place on Saturday, 30th January 2016 between 8.00 am and 3.00 pm at the Jodhamal Public School MPH. All citizens of Jammu are welcome to participate in this event at Jodhamal School. Mr Vickrant Mahajan has written a bestseller Super Positivity and already holds three Guinness World Records.
While speaking to the media persons, Mr Vickrant Mahajan said that a total of 12000 students and teachers around the Jammu City, Udhamapur, Akhnoor and Samba are wholeheartedly participating in this event.
As a token of heartfelt appreciation, every individual participant will be given a Certificate of Participation which clearly mentions that it is a Guinness World Record event. In addition, the participating schools will be given a beautiful commemorative citation which clearly mentions that it is a Guinness World Record event. Besides, the students will get a personally autographed copy of Vickrant’s bestselling book at a heavily discounted price of Rs 100 instead of the online and retail price of Rs 300.

Jodhamal Kids Excel at National Level Pearson Quiz at Bangalore

Jodhamal Team which was selected at the City Level to represent J & K at Bangalore for the National Pearson Quiz at Bangalore came out with flying colours and with a lot of exposure. Team comprising of Alabh Raj and Anmol Gupta made their way to the National Round to be held at Bangalore. Team Jodhamal did very well at Bangalore and out of a total of 1024 schools from all over India they made their place in the best 12 teams which reached Semi Finals. In the semi finals they did very well but just due to buzzer round they could not make their way to final but they were awarded the Trophy for being the Semi Finalists, Both the students Alabh and Anmol were presented with the sparkling trophies and Alabh Raj was also awarded a Bat specially signed by the chief guest VVS Laxman and cash prize from famous cricketer VVS Laxman for answering questions based on cricket correctly. Teacher escort Manvinder Kaur also felt that this exposure will go a long way with the students and getting the recognition in the galaxy of schools was an achievement in itself. Principal Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the Team for their wonderful performance in a special assembly and also complimented the mentor teachers Mubeen Butt and Sanjay Pandey for their support and guidance in creating an interest in every child for Quizzing at Jodhamal. This year had been a year of achievements for Jodhamal where at each and every Quiz Competition be it inter school, inter district, inter-state or at National Level they have really excelled at each level and the principal gave the credit to the teachers and parents together with the students of the school for a collaborative teaching learning process at Jodhamal.

Jodhamal Brings Home Best Delegation Trophy from The Doon School Dehradun

In its ninth annual session, the Doon School Model United Nations Conference2015 began, from 21stAugust 2015 -23rd August 2015 at The DoonSchool,Chandbagh,Dehradun. It was a simulation of the world’s diplomatic realities; this conference hosted 472 delegates from 48 schools across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. JMPS also participated with one delegation comprised of 8 delegates .In commemoration of the 70th Year of the United Nations, The Doon School hosted one of the India’s premier diplomats- former Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh as the Chief Guest. In her well received speech, she described India’s diplomatic policies in context of current global developments, as well as elaborated on future paths the country may take to further its interests. After the ceremony the committee sessions commenced. In addition to the Security Council and General Assembly Committees, this year’s DSMUN included several unique committees such as the Special Convention on Religion and terror, the 16th Lok Sabha, and three futuristic State Cabinet meetings of Russia, India and China. Though lying outside the ambit of the UN, these novel committees tested delegates on their general knowledge, quick thinking abilities and skills at parliamentary procedure. Topics of discussion ranged across the spectrum of international issues, such as the Islamic State, LGBTQ Rights, the Land Acquisition Ordinance, the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and the tussle for supremacy in Asia; a high level of debate being witnessed in all committees. Here the delegates from JMPS showed off their expertise at handling repeated crises-finding a solution with students from the most reputed schools of India like DhirubaiAmbaniInternationalSchool,Mumbai,Mayo College Girls’School,Ajmer, Maharani Gayatri DeviGirls’ School, Jaipur, Modern School VasantVihar, Delhi, Sacred Heart School,Moga,Sanskriti School,Delhi,Selaqui International School,Dehradun, Strawberry Fields High School,Chandigarh,Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun and from across India, schools like Sunbeams Dhaka,The Indian High School, Dubai, RatoBangala School, Nepal and many more .Though the level of competition was quite high but the delegates with their ability to retain and recall information, deep understanding of International relations and innovation to explore challenging and stimulating Jodhamalcommittees brought homethe Best Delegation Trophy that comprised of eight delegates namely, Ananya Sharma, GunjanSharma,Dhvani Gupta, HarsimarKour, HasitSachdev, ManasviniOswal, KshitijSethi and ShrijaJhinkwan and Faculty Advisor Ms.BhawnaMadaan and Escort Teacher, Mr.Narendra Singh. Ananya Sharma and Harsimar Kaur were also awarded as the most outstanding delegate of their respective committees. This delegation of Jodhamal Public School came back home victorious with not only the rewards but also with the learning experiences and consider themselves fortunate of becoming an active part of the peace building machine that the United Nation intends to be. All parents and students feel highly privileged that Jodhamal is providing such platforms to the students for the holistic development and for the well rounded personality grooming of the staff & students.Jodhamal Delegates Manaswini for representing Meneka Gandhi from 16thLokSabha and Gunjan Sharma representing MalalaYusuafzai were appreciated by one and all for their attire and the way they carried themselves through out. The Best Delegate Trophy was bagged with the earnest efforts made by each member of the Delegation and the Faculty Advisor Bhawna Madaan.



Jodhamal Public School hosted the Jammu round of India’s largest ever quiz contest – the INTACH India Quiz 2015organized by INTACH and Xpress Minds Edutainment. 14 leading schools from Jammu/Udhampur sent 67 teams of 2 students each from classes 7 to 10 who battled it out in a written round consisting of 20 questions. The top 4 performing teams from the written round progressed to the Jammu Final round which was an oral quiz. The top teams are Jodhamal Public School 1st Runner Up with 30 Points, Army Public School Udhampur, KC Public School & Army Public School Miran Sahib.They will now compete with other qualifiers from Mandi, Kangra, Srinagar, Ambala, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Srinagar and Chandigarh in Zonal Final which will be conducted at Chandigarh on the 21st of August 2015. The Quiz Series is an initiative by INTACH- the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, which aims to interact with students and teachers across India through a direct awareness building activity. This mega event is being conducted by over 45 quiz masters. The Quizzes are being conducted at Port Blair, Dibrugarh, Rajkot, Aizawl and Srinagar among others. The educational partner for the quiz isCollins India. The Zonal Final at Chandigarh will feature various rounds that use progressive clues and visual stills to excite and tease the students and will be hosted by nationally known quiz master Mr. KunalSavarkar. The team that wins the zonal final will travel to Delhi to participate in the National Rounds which will be televised on National Television. Last year this program saw a direct participation of 10,000 students from 1245 schools across 100 cities across all states and union territories.



Jodhamal Public School hosted the Jammu round of India’s largest ever quiz contest – the INTACH India Quiz 2015organized by INTACH and Xpress Minds Edutainment. 14 leading schools from Jammu/Udhampur sent 67 teams of 2 students each from classes 7 to 10 who battled it out in a written round consisting of 20 questions. The top 4 performing teams from the written round progressed to the Jammu Final round which was an oral quiz. The top teams are Jodhamal Public School 1st Runner Up with 30 Points, Army Public School Udhampur, KC Public School & Army Public School Miran Sahib.They will now compete with other qualifiers from Mandi, Kangra, Srinagar, Ambala, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Srinagar and Chandigarh in Zonal Final which will be conducted at Chandigarh on the 21st of August 2015. The Quiz Series is an initiative by INTACH- the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, which aims to interact with students and teachers across India through a direct awareness building activity. This mega event is being conducted by over 45 quiz masters. The Quizzes are being conducted at Port Blair, Dibrugarh, Rajkot, Aizawl and Srinagar among others. The educational partner for the quiz isCollins India. The Zonal Final at Chandigarh will feature various rounds that use progressive clues and visual stills to excite and tease the students and will be hosted by nationally known quiz master Mr. KunalSavarkar. The team that wins the zonal final will travel to Delhi to participate in the National Rounds which will be televised on National Television. Last year this program saw a direct participation of 10,000 students from 1245 schools across 100 cities across all states and union territories.



Jodhamal Public School holds mystical Bharatanatyam performance by Padamshree Geeta Chandran in collaboration with SPIC MACAY. Padamshree Geeta Chandran, who has been trained by Bharatanatyam gurus namely Swarna Saraswathy, Guru K.N Dakshinamurthi Pillai, gave a scintillating performance enthralling one and all. Other artists accompanying includes Guru S Shankar on Mirdangam, S Venkateshwaran on Vocals, Rohit Prasanna on Flute and Radhika, her disciple on Natluvangam. Ms Sapna Sangra and Ms Seema Rohmetra, State Coordinator of Spic Macy were also present. The musical and dancing bonanza began with auspicious lighting of lamp, where school’s Trustee Mr Nandan Kuthialaand Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist escorted the dances on stage. Padamshree Geeta Chandran performed many enthralling performances on Mirabhai’s rhyms and explained the symbolism of Natraja to the students. The Tandava performance was the most breathtaking. While concluding some Jodhamal students were called on stage to receive tips of dancing which was much appreciated. The entire event was a mystical journey which acted as a relief and boosted the morale of the students.



Jodhamal School organized taking traditions to schools, a project under SangeetNatakAkademi’s Scheme for safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Diverse Cultural Traditions of India funded by UNESCO. The aim of this programme was to sensitize children about the rich cultural heritage of Jammu through performance-cum-demonstration, of some of the selected folk songs [karkaan by Girdhari Lal & Group]. India’s precious heritage of music, drama and dance was cherished and developed as contribution to cultural heritage of mankind. The Chief Guest and Expert, to honour the occasion, was Prof. Lalit Magotra, Sahitya Academy Awardee and a Prominent Dogri Writer. He cherished and applauded the efforts of one and all. Padam Shree Balwant Thakur known as the Magic Man of Theatre was the resource person. The Traditional Lighting of Lamp was done by the dignitaries along with the principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist as the entire event was a contribution to cultural heritage of mankind.


Jodhamal Junior Investiture Ceremony held

Jodhamal Public School witnessed the Junior School Investiture Ceremony today in the school open air theatre (OAT). Brigadier Prem Mandotra inducted the students to the office in a grand ceremony witnessed by the staff, students and the Parents of the Prefect Council. The Student People Leader the Junior Head Boy Karmanya Wahi of 5 B was the first one to get inducted by the chief Guest amidst loud cheers, due to urgent work outstation the SPL the Junior Head Girl Aanya Anand could not attend the function. The ASPLs Man Mohit Singh & Rutkar Pandita were the next ones to be inducted. The prefect council comprising of Neutral Prefects Samarth Mahajan, Hafsa Rafi, Parthi Gupta, Samridh Sharma, Devkaran Singh, Ojassi Gulati, Sarthak Gupta & Bavneet Kaur were the next who were inducted as Sports Captains, CCA Incharges, Eco Leaders & Discipline Incharges respectively. Challenge House Captains Samik J Singh & Alhana Babar, Discovery House Captains Shinerjeet Singh & Samragee Mahajan. Enterprise House Captains Suhani Sharma, Prashnu Singh & Rumaisa Chaudhary , Invention House Captains Medansh Thusoo & Matangi Sharma were conferred with the badges. Among the House Vice Captains were Tejomay Singh, Kanampreet Kour& Sheikh Sabran of Challenge House, Anandita Handa , Avni Verma & Tushar Gupta of Discovery House, Yuvraj Singh & Maahira Sharma of Enterprise House and Arya Mahajan & Rushida Fatima of Invention House. The program started with a patriotic song and then the Investiture Ceremony took place and the compares for the day were the senior School Head Boy Abhijit Arora and the Senior School Head Girl Akanksha Sharma. Brigadier Mandotra said that he was overwhelmed to see the confidence level of the Young Leaders and asked the children to start dreaming of what they want to do in life, Army being a good option he appealed that students right from young age should focus on what they wish to do and work for it. He appreciated the short and crisp programme of inducting the Young Leaders in front of their peers and parents. At the end the school Principal Trilok Singh Bist thanked the Parents for sparing their valuable time to be there to encourage these budding leaders who can do wonders to this country in the field of socio economic development. Students of classes 6th to 8th performed a Dance on a Dogri Song sung by the Ex Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad’s wife which showcased the cultural richness of Jammu and Jammuites.


Team Jodhamal Shines at SMS Quiz Jaipur

Team Jodhamal comprising of Akshit Gupta, Ning Nung Jakoina and Arnav Talwar clinched the Runners up trophy at the Maha Rani Gayatri Devi Memorial National Level Quiz held at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh School at Jaipur, brought laurels by clinching the runner up Trophy at the highly prestigious Quiz held on 6th August. Teacher escort Mubeen Butt and school Quiz Master Sanjay Pandey grilled the student so well that in the selection round Team Jodhamal scored the highest points among 29 elite schools of India. Among the other participants were the top brass schools of India like the Mayo Girls, Mayo Boys, Scindia Boys, ScindiaKanya, DPS ,Welhams , St. Xavier’s , Sun Beam Varanasi etc.In the finals Team Jodhamal was at par with Sun beam Varanasi and the host school till the end and the final round made Jodhamal lose it by 5 points and they were declared the Runner Up. It was a neck to neck trail and Jodhamal Students really proved their mettle at the National Level by making their presence not only felt but by emerging victorious among the best three teams. Chief Guest on the occasion General Som Nath Jha was very appreciative of the Jodhamalians and appreciated the efforts of the school for giving this kind of exposure to the students at the formative years. Quiz Master Mr. KunalSavarkar an accomplished Quiz Master with Hertage India Quizes telecasted on the Television was wonderful with his quizzing style and had grilled the students thoroughly and he had all praises for the students of Jodhamal Public School who were the only team which could answer all 30 questions correctly in the Selection round. Principal SMS Jaipur Krishna Bhati was very happy to see the sapling started by her grow so well and she said that the JodhamalQizzing team has made heads turn. Principal JodhamalTrilok Singh Bist appreciated the students and their teachers for their hard work and complimented them for the achievement.



In its Endeavour to make students excel at National and International Forum, Jodhamal Public School made their Team participate in the 3rd International Youth Conference at The Welham Boys School Dehradun and gave a presentation on the topic‘Earth and Man! – Water For Health’ on 21st & 22nd April,2015. MAYO COLLEGE, WELHAM GIRLS , Unison World School, Selaqui International, D P S R K Puram, SCHOOLS FROM CANADA, DUBAI, KUWAIT, USA, SOUTH AFRICA, DELHI AND SINGAPORE PARTICIPATED IN THE INTERNATIONL YOUTH CONFERENCE CUM CELEBRATION, Jodhamal School had the distinction of being the sole participant from J&K and HP. This, Water and Health conference is a call to our young people to understand environmental problems that plague our world and take action for making a positive impact, they are encouraged to assume their roles as youth leaders in the area of Earth Sciences and find appropriate solutions to some of the problems that persist.. StutiKuthiala and Kshitij from Classes 11th and 10th respectively participated in the event along with Teacher I//C Mrs. RoopinderKour. The students not only won a trophy but also won immense appreciation from the audience regarding their work experience and knowledge in the subjective field. The Students also interacted with other dignitaries and participants and shared the work done by JMPS with respect to environment & Water Conservation. Jodhamal School has an integrated Rain Water Harvesting system which is perhaps the largest in J &K.PrincipalWelham Boys Mrs. GunmeetBindra awarded Team Jodhamal with the Trophy and appreciated the efforts put in by the students for such a wonderful presentation.



Under the aegis of SPIC MACAY the students of Jodhamal Public School witnessed a wonderful Kathak Dance rendition by Rani Khanam ji a renowned exponent of Kathak, who has been honoured for her courageous and pioneering work . She is the only Indian Muslim Kathak Classical Dancer of distinction who has braved to dance on Islamic verses of mystic Sufi poets. Coordinator Ranju Malhotra welcomed the Artistes and introduced the Artiste of the Day Vidushi Rani Khanam Sahiba along with the accompanists.

Rani Khanam Sahiba was accompanied by Sh. Vishwanath Misraji on tabla, Sh. Pradeep Mishra ji on Sarangi and Sayyora ji as the vocalist, she mesmerized the audience with her lec-dem. She commenced the recital with an invocation to the ‘Ardhanaarishwar and went on to demonstrate ‘Tatkar’, ‘Jugalbandi’ with tabla, a small episode of Krishna and Radha, ‘Chakkar’, ‘Sawal jawab’ with tabla and ended the performance with a stupendous ‘Thumari’ - ‘mohe chodon na’ based on ‘Raag Kalawati’.

The fascinating performance left the students spell bond. Vidushi Rani Khanam ji an astute interpreter of Lucknow displayed a breath taking technique in both pure dance and in the art of Abhinaya. The young dancers of JMPS, interacted with Khanam Sahiba Ji and took her advice seriously. This session turned out to be a Kathak Workshop for the students and staff of Jodhamal Public School.

This workshop was a SPIC MACAY’s Mission, with a vision to reach out to every child of the country by 2020 and have him experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in the rich and composite heritage of our country. The School Principal, Mr. Trilok singh Bist said that the kids and staff were transcended to a different world with the mesmerising performance of Rani Khnam Ji and appreciated the efforts made by Dr. Sapna Sangra the J & K Coordinator for SPIC MACAY, for making this event happen at Jodhamal.



The General Body Meeting of the Sahodaya School Complex Jammu Chapter was held on Saturday, 18th April 2015 at Jodhamal Public School Jammu, wherein all the Principals of CBSE School in the Jammu Region gathered under the banner of Sahodaya to discuss Staff Development Programme , implementation of various polices/ guidelines issued by the CBSE and to make future plans for strengthening Jammu Sahodaya in coming  years.


President Trilok Singh Bist mentioned that the Sahodaya School Complex is an idea promoted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi, to facilitate creative and effective collaboration and cooperation among schools affiliated to the CBSE Board. The objective of this meet was to provide an effective platform so as to ensure collective growth and benefit among member schools and to organize various programmes/ activities for the benefit of the Principals, teachers and students of the associated schools.

Mr Trilok Singh Bist, Principal Jodhamal Public School, being President of Jammu Sahodaya, presided over this meeting. The confederation deliberated on several key issues and formulated a conceptual plan of action for the future schools. The confederation also witnessed a colourful presentation and talks by him on SOP and SQAA which has become mandatory for all schools to go in for as per CBSE rules now. The quick highlight of the seven domains of the SQAA were touched by Bist in the interest of all member schools with the sub domains and sub sub domains. The meeting saw the Induction of Dr. Renu Gupta, Principal APS Damana as General Secretary, Mrs. Vijay Puri , Academic Director of K C Gurukul as Treasurer, Mrs. Rohini Aima, Principal Jammu Sanskriti as Public Relation Officer ( PRO ) and Dr. S.K. Singh, Principal J K Public School as the Technical Support Officer.

The member Principals present were Ms Renu Gupta Principal APS Domana, Ms Vijay Puri Acad. Director KC Gurukul, Dr. S.K Singh Principal JKPublic School, Ms Maninder Kaur Kakkar Principal APS Nagrota, Mr Avinash Mahajan,Vice Principal APS Nagrota, Mr Kuldeep Kumar, Vice Principal APS Jammu Cantt, Mr KCS Mehta, Principal APS Akhnoor, Mrs Neeta Rawal Principal APS BD Bari, Mr Alok Betab, Principal MHAC Nagbani, Dr Gautam Guha, Vice Principal, Heritage School, Mrs. Monika Sethi Vice Principal Jodhamal Public School, Mr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma Administrative Officer of JMPS, Mrs. Maya Mishra  Principal KC Intl School, Mr Raj Kumar Verma Principal DPS Katra, Mrs Nirmal Mahna, Principal DCM Public School, Mr Manish Suri Chairman Calliope School Akhnoor,  Mr Ashok Raina Sr. Coordinator  SOS Herman School, Dr. RP Singh Principal G.D Goenka School, Ms Chitra Principal Model Academy, Ms Rama Jamwal Vice Principal Stephen Intl School, Mr. Chander Shekhar from BSF represented Dr. S.S.Khokker the Principal BSF who was felicitated in the Previous Meeting at G.D. Goenka for winning the National Award this year together with Dr. Renu Gupta the Principal APS Damana for winning the Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Card. Everyone formally congratulated the new executive committee and took an oath to rise together in a collaborative and coorperative manner for the betterment of the student’s community  irrespective of the schools.

In the Open House, Principals had their suggestions for the strengthening and branding of Sahodaya School Complex, Jammu and the outgoing President KCS Mehta shared his experiences and wished the very best to the new Executive Committee inducted under the Presidentship of Mr. Trilok Singh Bist  and at the end PRO Ms Rohini Aima Principal Jammu Sanskriti School presented the vote of thanks. Principals were content and satisfied with the deleberations and suggestions brought in the house and with a positive note of meeting at MHAC Nagbani in October the meeting was called off.



A parental orientation session was held at Jodhamal Public School to sensitize the parents and the students regarding the exams conducted by Trinity College London, which was established in 1877, has been the leading International Board established in 60 countries. Resource Person Ms Ritika Ratna from Trinity College London took the session to make the parents understand as to how these exams help in building the confidence of the students. It is again a global benchmark for Jodhamal Public School that it is able to introduce Trinity College London Examinations in Drama, Speech and Communication Skills at Jodhamal. The Jodhamal students can now be assessed by an examiner from Trinity College London, United Kingdom and grade certificates will be awarded to successful candidates, showing their level of achievement as Pass, Merit or Distinction. Biggest benefits of this programme will be Eased Shyness and Stage Fright, Fluent Public Speaking in English, Stronger self belief, Smarter Inter-personal Skills, Sharper Cognitive Skills and with these certificates, the entry to the prestigious Universities all over the globe also becomes easier, since it adds on to scores.

Ms Ritika Ratna took two hours session with the parents to clear all the queries from parents.

Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist made it very clear to the parents that this is a voluntary activity and will be treated as part of Extra-Curriculum activities. The next level of association with Trinty College, London will see three training sessions for the teachers of Jodhamal School to train them, to percolate down the same to the students. However, the exam will be conducted, only by an Examiner from U.K, who will come to Jodhamal Public School, every three months to examine the staff and students.

It is indeed another feather in the Hat of Jammu in general and Jodhamal in particular.


In a recently held Press Conference, the Management informed that Jodhamal Public School has been selected to host the Conference of School Principals (CSP) for the Year 2015 on 17th January. The CSP is organized under the aegis of PrincipalsForum and TeacherSity Delhi, both these organizations are Pan India & have International presence.

The Trustee Jodhamal Public School, Mr Nandan Kuthiala informed the press that around 200 Trustees, Directors, Principals and Vice Principals are expected to attend this prestigious conference. Delegates from Delhi, UP, HP, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Chattishgarh, Maharashtra, M.P, Orissa and J&K are expected to attend the CSP.

The Panel of the Conference includes Internationally Acclaimed Educationist Dr. Robin Attfield from London, UK, Mr. Om Pathak from TeacherSity, Delhi and Ms Dimple Anil and Col B.S Braria from New Delhi.

TeacherSity and PrincipalsForum are a well known name in the field of Education and have been organizing International Conference for School Leaders and Heads for a long time. The Theme for the discussion will be “Principals as Assessment Mentors in Schools – A Compelling Priority”.

Principal Jodhamal Public School, Mr Trilok Singh Bist intimated the press that such Conferences are very helpful in reinforcing the new age developments and innovations in Education Sector and being the Stakeholders in the Education for the Future Generation, Jodhamal Public School took the initiative of getting this highly subsidized conference to the benefit of all school Principals of Jammu irrespective of the Boards they follow since ultimate aim of all Educational Institutes is to prepare a future ready individual and for that latest techniques are to be known by the navigators of all institutions to percolate down the same to their teachers and students. This is a best example of Private Public Partnership, wherein 40 Principals of Government schools are also deputed by the Commissioner Secretary, School Education J&K, Ms Nirmal Sharma and the Director School Education, Mr R.A Inqulabi, who will be chairing the opening and the closing ceremony of the Conference, respectively.

CSP Jammu assures to offer pragmatic, progressive and meaningful “Take away” which are school, class & learner specific. It includes (1) Differentiate between Testing, Measuring, Assessment & Evaluation (2) Whom are we assessing? The learner…. (3) Why are we assessing? For feedback… (4) What are we assessing? Scholastic… (5) How are we assessing? Tools… (6) How often should we assess ? (7) Were erstwhile term end examinations a true indicator of the Teaching-Learning process? (8) Is CCE a more comprehensive indicator of leaner’s holistic development? (9) Should items, questions and task match learning objectives? (10) Is there reciprocity between curriculum and assessment? (11) How do the undergraduate colleges rate our schools assessments? (12) What is the best way forward? Have your say…..


Jammu: 92.7 BIG FM came up with the second season of BIG Junior RJ - the largest platform to identify kids with a talent for Radio Jockeying. After series of auditions and screening of talented children between the age group of 5 - 12 years on the basis of parameters sucha as speech, spontaneity.



Jodhamal Public school had represented J & K state in the Inter State Science Model Making Exhibition and Competition. There were about 94 schools and 6 Universities which took part in this Exhibition from all over India.

This Exhibition took place at Rishikesh Public school Uttrakhand . Various renowned school of Dehradun , Rishikesh ,Haldwani, Uttarpradesh , Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab were also the part of this exhibition, Jodhamal Public School being the only school from J & K. All the concepts had been a new innovation by the young scientist of different school. The delegation of Jodhamal public school had been lead by Aditya Amba, Harkirat Kaur, Shrija Jhinkwan and Sanath Chauhan of class 8th under the guidance of their science teacher Mrs. Ritu Jhinkwan. They exhibited the concept of generation of electricity from urine, soil and speed breaker and won the best exhibit award. These models were the main attraction of the exhibition as it was based on future need i.e. Alternative sources of energy. This new concept of alternative sources was highly appreciated by I.S.R.O scientists who were the judges of this exhibition. Students also interacted with I.S.R.O scientist, gained knowledge and motivation. The teachers who helped the students in these exhibits were Nirmaljeet Singh, Sandeep Pandey,Gagandeep Singh Roopinder Kaur and Ritu Jhinkwan.

Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the staff & students for the team work and for achieving and grabbing the most coveted trophy of the BEST EXHIBITand appreciation from not only the ISRO Scientists but also from the Governor Uttarrakhand Dr. Aziz Qureshi .Students of J & k going out of state with these type of innovative ideas in such types of exhibitions is surely going to bring out the scientist within. Innovative ideas of jampians have brought Jodhamal Public School at the National Platform since recently only Jodhamal had been a part of National Science Exhibition by C.B.S.E. at New Delhi wherein again the Model of Bio Diesel by Waste Tyres was first selected in the Regional level at Chandigarh among 194 schools and then at the National level also it won a lot of commendation for being the innovative idea for the alternative sources of energy.



Jodhamal Public School outshines at the most prestigious 10th MODEL  UNITED NATIONS session, hosted by JK Public School, Kunjwani, on 28th October 2014.  Most of the Top CBSE schools of Jammu participated in this session. 

Jodhamal Public School had already a deep interest in this field, hence participated actively in the competition by sending 15 delegations of Mexico, USA, China, Somalia and Honduras, comprising 15 delegates starting with Akansha Sharma, Ananya Sharma, Shivang Puri, Kshitij Sethi, Chaitely Sharma, Gunjan Singh, Harsimar Kaur, Manasvini Oswal, Sheikh Snober, Manav Kaul, Naitik Pahuja, Ambreen Qureshi, Aaryan Jandyal, Aditya Mahajan and Muskan Gupta.

The Competition was fierce, but Harsimar Kaur, Manav Kaul and Manasvini Oswal of Jodhamal School captured the show by winning Best Country trophy for Mexico.  

The Best Delegates were also awarded to the Jampians viz Shivang Puri from INTERPOL and Ananya Sharma from UNHRC.

In addition, Akanksha Sharma from UNODC and Manav Kaul from UNHRC received the commendations from the Committee chairs and  Ambreen Qureshi, Gunjan Singh, Shivang Puri, received appreciation from their respective committees. Ambreen Kaur was awarded the Best Accent.

The MUN conferences are highly respected and attract students who have an interest in international affairs, peace, sustainability, justice and other matters of global significance.

The Team Jodhamal was guided by the Faculty Incharge (MUN) Ms Bhawna Madaan the HOD of Social Sciences.

The Principal of the School, Mr Trilok Singh Bist said that it is a great honour for Jodhamal School as our students have won over their opponents by performing in a competition like JKMUN with best students of highly decorated CBSE School of J&K State. It brings lots of pride to JMPS and no doubt the future definitely looks bright for all participants irrespective of the schools. 



On 10th Oct 2014, Jodhamal Public School organized a Nukkad Natak Áam Ke Aam Ghutlion Ke Daam” at Bahu Plaza, Gole Market & Monika General Store Gandhinagar, under the banner of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. The motto of this Nukkad Natak was to focus on the main purpose of this Abhiyan and to assist our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr Narinder Modi in his ‘Clean India Mission’.

The squad of children called WASTE WARRIORS conveyed the message of Waste Segregation that “just taking one step could lead to our destination of Clean India”.

A total of 15 well decorated students of Jodhamal School participated in this Natika. All the Jammuiest, who witnessed this Natika, not only appreciated the efforts put in by the students, but also took pledge and assured their contribution in this noble cause. The Event was organized & directed by the teacher in-charge Ms Priyanka Singh of JMPS.

To drive this ‘Carvan’ of ‘Swachh Bharat’ along Jammu City, Jodhamal students have been involved in cleaning their classrooms and surrounding areas since 7th Oct 2014.

On 9th Oct, our students cleaned Sabzi Mandi area of Narwal, Jammu, where the rotton fruits rotton vegetables, broken crates and cow dung were scattered here and there and it was not only causing foul smell / air pollution, but also causing damage to the human life. The resident of Narwal had highly praised this dignified action of Management of Jodhamal School.



On 9th Oct 2014, students of Jodhamal Public School, Jammu joined in the National Movement of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, initiated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narinder Modi.

The young students of JMPS with enthusiasm and a wish to keep their city, their India clean, took a pledge to spread the awareness amongst the masses. For this, they went to clean Sabzi Mandi Narwal along with their teachers incharge Ms Shallu Sharma & Sonia Mahajan. They picked up poly bags wrappers, rotten fruits, broken crates & vegetables etc that was polluting the area and causing damage to the human life. They also cleaned the area by sweeping with brooms. Students also spoke to people living in those areas about the importance of cleanliness and what role as a citizen, they can play in making their area neat and clean and free from pollution? The students displayed Banners, Placards and Charts that had information on keeping the area clean.

Their efforts were appreciated as people applauded once they completed their task of cleaning the area around Sabzi Mandi Narwal, Jammu.

The students of JMPS have been regularly pitching in for cleanliness drives in Jammu City. They have undertaken the River Tawi cleanliness campaign wherein they have been visiting the banks of the rivers to pick up garbage. Regular street plays have been performed by students of Jodhamal School, around Jammu City to make the people aware of the necessity of keeping the city free from pollution dump and rubbish. Jodhamal school has also adopted Village Ismailpur Kothe in Bishnah Tehsil and students visit it often to do community service and educating the people for keeping their surrounding clean.

Jodhamal Celebrates Grandparents Day

Jodhamal Public School celebrated “Grandparents Day” -  a day to reflect on the incredible value grandparents bring to the lives of children and communities and to strengthen the bond between grandparents and their  grand-children.

Mrs Anu Jandyal, Principal Army Public School Jammu Cantt was the Chief Guest and Mrs Rohini Aim, principal Jammu Sanskriti School, Ismailpur was the Guest of Honour on the occasion.

All the students and staff of Jodhamal School felicitated the ‘Grandparents’.  The function started with prayers and special performances by the tiny-tots.  The function was packed with songs and performances by the kids. The toddlers entertained their ‘Grand Paas’  with sufi performance, classical Peacock, Rajasthani and Arabian Dance, and left them amazed.   The rainbow of cultural programme was prepared under the stewardship of the pre-primary teachers.  All the Dadas & Dadis, Nanas & Nanis, enjoyed the function and blessed their loved ones.

The Chief Guest addressed the august gathering and appreciated the school's efforts in revering the grandparents and teaching the little ones to cherish their presence. Ms Rohini Aima, the Guest of Honour, brought out the contribution of grandparents in the cognitive development of children.

The Principal, Mr trilok Singh Bist emphasized on the significant place of grandparents in the lives of children by inculcating basic human values, giving them their true and unconditional love and a rich culture to their progeny. He emphasized the ethos of Jodhamal School aimed at strengthening the bond of compassion and care between grandchildren and their parents - a humble attempt to keep families together and strengthen their bonds.


Jodhamal Students,Staff & Management Donate Three Lakh For Flood Victims Via Cm Relief Fund

Today the students , staff & management contributed a sum of 3 Lakh for the Flood Victims and handed over a cheque of Rupees Three Lakh in favour of Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to the Divisional Commissioner Mr. Shantmanu in his office. The delegation comprising of the Head Boy Anmol Mahajan, Head Girl Raggad Rafiq, Deputy Head Boy Mayank Mahajan, Deputy Head Girl Khushboo Khorana along with Trustee Mr. Nandan Kuthiala, Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, Vice Principal Mrs. Monika Sethi and Administrative Officer Mr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma and Mr. M.L. Nigam reached the Div Com office to hand over the cheque to ensure Jodhamal’s contribution in igniting the students towards such noble cause. An old adage “A friend in need is a friend indeed” was appropriately proved by the Jodhamal Kids by contributing for their fellow men and the staff took the initiative of contributing as well . The staff and students contributed a sum of Rupees 1,47,800/- and by adding on almost a little more than the same school management made it to Rupees 3 Lakh and the same is donoated for a very good cause. Principal and Trustee had a detailed discussion with the Div Com as to how can we help the people in need by giving the donation in kind.
Principal Trilok Singh Bist appealed to all to come together for our fellow-countrymen at this hour of need when they need us the most. Trustee Nandan Kuthiala had been too generous to add on the same amount which the staff & students contributed and such noble acts pave way for the future generation to learn through example and not just preaching.
The funds Jodhamal Public School has raised will go towards providing those affected by the floods with medicine, food and shelter until they are able to pick their lives back up and move on from the catastrophe. The funds raised is sent to Chief Minster’s Relief Fund which will be utlilized in dispursing survival kits to the affected families and individuals in J&K.
Div Com Mr. Shanyamanu appreciated the efforts of the staff & students and lauded the management of the school for the kind gesture.

Jodhamal Launches Save River Tawi Campaign through Street Plays

Jodhamal Public School is all set to ignite and sensitize the young and old of Jammu towards their Save River Tawi Campaign. It has been a humble endeavor from Jodhamal School to bring forth the awareness that is so urgently required to keep our rivers flowing. Children from JMPS school have enthusiastically prepared couple of street plays to enlighten our society of the importance of rivers. They proudly staged 'Destiny' and 'River Tawi' on Wednesday (27.08.14) .at Wave Mall and other destinations of Jammu
Two groups of Jodhamal Kids under the guidance of their teachers Priyanka Singh, Nandini Bakshi and Vandana Jain performed street plays at a number of places this evening… It started from Wave Mall where the Senior kids brought insight to the Destiny and by giving a message to the general public that there is no need to have blind faith on any baba or tantric or any TV Channel which proclaims to forecast the Rashiphals…We need to come out of the clutches of these so called Babas.
The junior kids of Jodhamal brought out the importance of water in our life by transporting the audience to the 2050 & 2075 and anticipating the problems faced by our future generation due to our wasteful consumption of water… They gave a message of saving every drop of water and ensuring that River Tawi the life line of Jammu is taken care of since its water level is also going down each year and it has got so highly polluted that her very significance is at stake… Jodhamal School had been doing a lot to save Tawi by cleaning the trash in the river and also by starting a Save Tawi Campaign in the previous years.
The street plays were so captivating that anybody who passed by was forced to stop and have a look and appreciate the initiative of the Jodhamal School children. School is grateful to the Police Department for all the support and the entire press fraternity for giving the voice of the students of Jodhamal Public School a momentum for other school children to join this movement and for ensuring the awareness among the masses that rivers, since time immemorial have been a source of livelihood for Indians. Not to forget, a symbol of our great Indian culture. However, with the passage of time, our rivers have been depleting and getting polluted at an alarming rate.
Hence the Jodhamal Faculty thought that it is of utmost efficacy that we educate our children and general population of the importance of our revered rivers and their significance in our daily lives. We need to contribute to safeguard our dying rivers in whatever way we can.
It was a great pleasure indeed to see the crowd overwhelming to ensure that the cause these kids are championing reaches everyone.


In the recently held 8th DOON SCHOOL Model United Nations Conference, Jodhamal School was represented by a very young delegation comprising of Ananaya Sharma, Manasvini Oswal, Chaitley Sharma, Kshitij Sethi, Naitik Pahuja, Aditya Mahajan, Harsimar Kaur and Manav Koul. Ms Bhawna Madaan and Mr Narinder Singh were the faculty advisors of the delegation.
Team Jodhamal put up a very impressive performance. Ananaya Sharma had his name nominated for the Best Delegate Award and Manav Koul was given a verbal commendation by the chair of his committee.
This year the topic was related to Military, Economic and Psychological conflicts. The MUN attempts to simulate bloc realities as evident in the United Nations itself.
About 44 schools participated in the DOON School Model United Nations Conference from all over India and Abroad. Some of the participating Indian Schools were Mayo College, Scindia School, Welham Boys School, Sanskriti School, Dhirubhai Ambani School, Modern School. The school from neighbouring countries were Aitchison College Lahore, Raffles Institution Singapore, Indian School Dubai and Sunbeam School Dhaka.
Mr Shyam Saran, Padamshri Awardee for Civil Services was the Chief Guest and the Master of Ceremonies.


The Investiture Ceremony of Prefect Council 2014-15 of Jodhamal Public School was held in the Multi Purpose Hall. The school encourages leadership qualities, self reliance, mutual respect, cooperation and dedication in students, because Leadership qualities are developed as one of our core values and promoted at all levels in JMPS. Young leaders from grade XI & XII i.e. the Head Girl, Head Boy, House Captains each from Challenge House, Discovery House, Enterprise House, Invention House and the Academic Prefect, CCA, Discipline and Sports Prefects / Vice Prefects were formally inducted during the investiture ceremony.

Brigadier (Retd) RS Jamwal, Chief Guest & Trilok Singh Bist, Principal of the School did the honours of badging the new Head Boy Anmol Mahajan and the new Head Girl Raggaad Rafiq of Secondary Wing. The Deputy Head Boy Mayank Mahajan, Deputy Head Girl Khushboo Khorana, Neutral PrefectsVidushi Jamwal, Meenal Jain, Anmol Palak, Sarthak Sharma, Mehak Sharma, Samiksha Thusoo and Abhijeet Singh, the Vice Prefects and House Prefects / Vice Prefects were also inducted to the office by the chief guest who while addressing the gathering appreciated the smartness with which each member of the council came marching and received the badge from him.

The Principal administered the Oath to Prefect Council in presence of the Chief Guest Brigadier (Retd) RS Jamwal, wherein the newly appointed leaders pledged to uphold the dignity of the school through their untiring service, hard work and co-operation. They also took the oath that they will discharge their duties to the best of their ability without pride or prejudice and will always take pride of being at JMPS with great sense of belongingness. It was a defining moment for this team of 36 newly elected young leaders as they were entrusted with the responsibility to keep the school flag flying high. These Young Leaders are all set to create positive ethos in the school, to enable the school to have a productive disciplined learning environment and carry the name of JMPS to greater heights. The chief Guest also inducted Ms. Roopinder Kaur and Mr. Sukhomal Ganguli as Prefect Masters to take charge of the team Student Council at JMPS.


The students of Jodhamal Public School organized street plays as a collaborative activity with the British Council. The street plays were staged in Gole Market, Monika Stores, Pahalwan Sweets, Jammu University, Gandhinagar Last Morh and Police Auditorium near Gulshan Ground and at many more places over the last one month.

The play is based on the topic ‘Destiny’ and depicts that hard work is the key to success and we should not depend on destiny only. In a very impressive manner, this Nukkad Natak conveys the importance of hard work in our life and also showcases the vicious circle of Babas and Tantriks and the T.V shows which forecast the day for the viewers and how we get into the clutches of these Babas. Each child was full of confidence and this month long celebration culminated at the Police Auditorium in the presence of Jammu DC, Mr Ajeet Kumar Sahu as the Chief Guest on the occasion of the Red Cross Founders Day celebration. This activity is a part of British Council’s Common Wealth Programme in collaboration with BBC.

The ensembles comprised of 15 students from classes VII to IX. All the students acted beautifully and captivated the audience present everywhere. The street plays were directed by Ms Priyanka Singh of JMPS. The students were Ananya Sharma, Manasvini Oswal, Anushka Singh, Aakash Pandita, Medhavi Bhatti, Saharsh Mahajan, Ayush Mahajan, Shrija, Kshitij Sethi, Gunjan Singh, Ravtej Singh, Harsimar Kour, Milind Pandita, Jasmine Kour and Sanath Chouhan.

Principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist lauded the efforts put in by the students and the teacher incharge and ISA Coordinator Bhawna Madaan, and encouraged the students to continue with such social awareness programmes round the year.


The St. Mary’s Presentation Convent School Gandhi Nagar celebrated Diamond Jublee to commemorate the glory of completing 60 years wherein the school organized Nano Nagle Inter-School Debate Competition on the topic “ During Politically & Socially tumultuous times, a dictatorship is the only viable option”, 14 top notch CBSE schools of Jammu participated. Raggaad Rafiq of Jodhamal Public School had won the FIRST prize for the debate along with a special prize for her answer to the brain teaser question from the educationists who served as judges. The second speaker from JMPS Shivang Puri also spoke exceedingly well & together the team Jodhamal clinched the coveted Nano Nagle Trophy. The students were trained by Ms Radhika Sharma and Ms. Santosh Dogra the HOD English at JMPS. Anu Malhotra, Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Jammu Province was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The event was judged by Ginny Dogra, Assistant Director, Directorate of International Quality Assurance, Dr Kavita Suri, Assistant Director Life Long Learning, University of Jammu and Prof Neena Gupta, Department of English, Central University Jammu. Raggad had put her points across in the most convincing manner to grab the Prestigious trophy along with Shivang Puri who was equally good with his content and delivery. The Management and Principal of the School, Mr Trilok Singh Bist applauded the students for bringing laurels to the school and felicitated the winners and their teachers in a special assembly and called up the parents to congratulate them on their ward’s success.


Dated:- 1st May, 2014:- In its Endeavour to make students excel at national and international forum, students of Jodhamal Public School participated in the 2nd International Youth Conference at The Doon School Dehradun and gave a presentation on the topic ‘Earth and Man! -Changing Weather Patterns’ on 21st & 22nd April, 2014. MAYO COLLEGE, WELHAM GIRLS , SCHOOLS FROM CANADA, DUBAI, KUWAIT, USA, SOUTH AFRICA, DELHI AND SINGAPORE PARTICIPATED IN THE INTERNATIONL YOUTH CONFERENCE CUM CELEBRATION, Jodhamal School had the distinction of being the sole participant from J&K and HP. This, Changing Weather Patterns conference is a call to our young people to understand environmental problems that plague our world and take action for making a positive impact, they are encouraged to assume their roles as youth leaders in the area of Earth Sciences and find appropriate solutions to some of the problems that persist.. Stuti Kuthiala and Prerak Bist from Classes 10th and 11th respectively participated in the event along with Teacher I//C Mrs. Roopinder Kour. The students not only won a trophy but also immense appreciation from the audience regarding their work experience and knowledge in the subjective field. The Students also interacted with other dignitaries and participants and shared the work done by JMPS with respect to environment conservation.


Ronald from McDonald conducted a workshop on road safety and Healthy eating habits,  at Jodhamal Public School Jammu. Almost 500 students from Grade IV and Grade V of Jodhamal Public School attended the workshop.  The kids were fascinated with the various activities put up by Mr Ronald on Road Safety and Healthy Eating Habits.  It was a motivational and fun filled presentation wherein the students exercised various healthy eating habits and learnt various road safety rules/ measures.

Apart from various learning activities, Mr Ronald made the presentation lively and entertaining for the kids. All the students had a wonderful learning experience being with Ronald. Kids were happy to be a part of fun way of teaching the healthy eating habits and the road safety. Mr. Ronald came all the way from USA to be a part of this initiative of the MacDonalds store across the globe and the way he interacted with the students on the use of brain before any act was worth praising. He did activities to make the kids realize that how first the brain needs to understand the safety measures to make the rest of the body organs to react…..All the kids and teachers got a autograph of Ronald and also got the pics with Ronald to make it a happy memory at Jodhamal for years to cherish…


An ongoing 15 days long premier music festival of J&K, the Sa Ma Pa Aalap 2014, being presented by SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music and Performing Arts) in collaboration with Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Jammu & Kashmir Police and Department of Tourism Jammu, culminated on Monday, 24th February 2014 at 11.00am at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu. The culmination ceremony began with the traditional lamp lighting by Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Abhay Rustum Sopori, Ustad Akram Khan Ji, Mr Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee Jodhamal Public School and Mr Trilok Singh Bist, Principal of the School. The programme was witnessed by more than 1000 students, staff and music listeners. Pandit Sopori was accompanied by one of the India’s finest Table players Ustad Akram Khan. In a very motivational speech, the Music Maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori shared the importance of art and culture for the coming generation and asked the students to take the mission forward and contribute to the rich heritage of the State. During the Question Answer Session, The Great Legendary and Jewel of Jammu & Kashmir Santoor Maestro Pandit Bhajan Sopori interacted with the students and told the students to utilize the power of music in leading a more balanced life. To honour this Great Maestro, the JMPiians presented a Dogri Group Song which brought laurels to J&K State by winning the nationals of Bharat Vikas Parishad and also Samyak performed on violin. On this auspicious occasion, Mr Trilok Singh Bist, Principal Jodhamal Public School thanked the Great Maestro and his team for Blessing the Jodhamal Public School with his sufiana music. A beautiful memento was presented to the King of Strings by the students and School Management.
The ongoing fifteen days long premier music festival of J&K, the SaMaPa Aalap Festival (SAF) 2014 being presented by SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music And Performing Arts) in collaboration with Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Jammu & Kashmir Police and Department of Tourism, Jammu, witnessed the first ever concert by SaMaPa in Udampur on Day 12 of the festival at K.C. Gurukul Public School. The concert featured divine music of the great music legend and the jewel of Jammu and Kashmir culture, the King of Strings and Saint of Santoor, Pandit Bhajan Sopori. He was accompanied on Tabla by Ustad Akram Khan, one of the finest Tabla exponents of India.
In another concert in Jammu at the Central University Jammu, the SAF featured Salil Bhatt’s enthralling Satvik Veena recital accompanied by Shri Kaushik Konwar on Tabla from Assam. Sh. Bhatt, son of eminent musician Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, hails from Jaipur representing the famous Bhatt lineage. The concert was witnessed by a number of students and staff of the University including Dr. P.S. Pathania, Senior Consultant, Sh. Jit Singh, Registrar, Prof. Shyam Singh, Academic Coordinator, Prof. S.D. Sharma, Sh. V.K. Gupta and Prof. N.R. Sharma, who also coordinated the proceedings of the function. Dr. Pathania thanked SaMaPa and maestro Sopori for the great efforts in taking the music to the masses especially the students. He said the State has a huge talent and needs the right patronage and SaMaPa is contributing a lot in this direction. Music maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori also spoke on the occasion. In a very motivational speech, he shared the importance of art and culture for the coming generation. He asked the students to take the mission forward and contribute to the rich heritage of the State. Pt. Bhajan Sopori to perform at Mubarak Mandi on Saturday .
The Dept. of Tourism, Jammu and Mubarak Mandi Authority is hosting a special performance featuring the great music legend and the jewel of Jammu and Kashmir State, Pandit Bhajan Sopori at the Mubarak Mandi Heritage complex at 6:00 pm on Saturday, the 22nd of February 2014 in a duet with his son, the music maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori. The programme will also feature Sufi diva and daughter of the soil Ragini Rainu. The concert will be open to all and the entry is free of cost for the concert. The concert is in line of promotion of art and culture and also the heritage monuments of the Jammu region by the Tourism Department, Jammu. Pandit Bhajan Sopori has expressed his happiness to be part of this grand function.


Dated: 21-02-2014:- Jodhamal Public School felicitated its medal winners for excelling in the recently held 16th National Science Olympiad. The students of Jodhamal Public School of classes 1st to 10th brought laurels to the school by winning 31 medals in all age groups. Among those students felicitated by the School Management for their hard work & dedication were - Aarhaan Mahajan(Gold), Aadya Sambyal (Silver,) Arundev Singh (Bronze), Dhairya Arora (Gold), Naman Sharma (Silver) , Nitika Singh Langeh (Bronze), Esha Joshi (Gold) Abhya Sharma(Silver), Parthi Gupta (Bronze), Samyak (Gold), Vyom Kumar (Silver), Rohan K. Mohit ( Bronze) Uditi Verma (Gold), Dhananjay Singh (Silver), Ayushi Agarwal(Bronze), Rachit Hedge (Gold), Daksh Sharma (Silver), Aniran Saraf( Bronze), Prachi Jasrotia (Bronze), Prabnoor Singh (Gold), Harkirat Kaur Rainu(Silver), Kushagra (Bronze), Akshit Gupta (Gold) Arya Abrol (Silver), Shaan ul Haque (Bronze), Navdeep Singh (Gold), Ashutosh Shukla (Silver), Samridhi Sajotra( Bronze), Aakanksha Sharma( Gold) Kunal Gupta (Silver) and Abhijit Kumar Arora (Bronze)
The students were guided by Neetu Gupta Ma’am, the SOF Coordinator of JMPS.
All the winners were felicitated in a special assembly by the School Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist. Speaking on this auspicious occasion, Mr Bist said that the route of success lies in “hard work and complete dedication”. He applauded the efforts of the students for adding more feathers to the Jodhamal Family and encouraged them to strive continue in the future as well. Mr Bist said this day has been recorded as a day of honour and pride for every member of the Jodhamal Family and we are proud of JMPiians and their success in every endeavour.


Dated: 12th Feb. 2014:- The students of Jodhamal Public School continue to excel in various activities and bring laurel to the school. The latest being the Inter-School MatuShri Debate Competition held at Dogra Law College, Bari Brahmana. The topic was “Modern Scientific Technology has eroded the Childhood of today Generation”. The school clinched the overall trophy and the winners were Muskaan Puri got the 1st Runner Up and Ananya Sharma got 1st Consolation Prize for the second time.

The Doordarshan had organized ‘Aao Pehchan Banya” where again the students did wonders. Nandini Kapoor was adjudged the 2nd Runner Up in the Singing category. Besides this U4U Voice had conducted a programme ‘Stars of Jammu’ where again Nandini Kapoor was declared the 1st Runner Up and Sanat Kesar bagged the overall trophy for being the best dancer.

The management and the Principal congratulated the students for doing commendable well in these competitions and asked them to keep doing in the future as well as competing in such competition shall definitively help the students to enhance their worldly outlook/personality.


Dated: 5th Feb., 2014:- To advance the mission, to support and help the kids of the adopted village, various students of Jodhamal Public School went to the village Ismailpur Kothe, Bishnah.

Charity and the spirit of giving was inculcated amongst the students of Jodhamal when they visited various schools of Ismailpur Kothe with lots of. After witnessing the lack of aminites of the village children. The students of Jodhamal had dipped deep into their pockets and made generous donations. They overwhelmed the little ones by giving away their old clothes, games, toys, storybooks, stationary, chocolates, toffees, biscuits and many more such things.

A lot of other help in the form of funds and useful articles are provided from time to time is to the village and its people who have been adopted by the school. Apart from this, various other gifts were distributed by the students to the children of all the fourth class employees of the school, who were over whelmed to receive them and thereafter showered their blessings to the students.

This was an opportunity to help children learn about charity and the importance of reaching out to others in their time of need.

Community service is one thing which cannot be taught just by lectures, but by setting examples for the students to understand how it feels when an underprivileged gets happiness and smile on his face, by ones deeds and actions. In the Endeavour to reach out to the rural society, JMPS has adopted Ismailpur Kothe, a village in Bishnah and has been in constant touch with the villagers for taking care of their health and hygiene concerns. The school is also donating some computers to the village school to help the village students bridge the digital gap between city and village students


Dated: 31th Jan., 2014:- To generate enthusiasm and to give a first-hand adventurous experience of scouting, Jodhamal School organized a four days camp for the school Scouts & Guides. The Camp was organized to instill the basic qualities and moral values amongst the youngsters that would mould them into responsible citizens of our country. The Camp began on 28 Jan 2014 with almost 100 Scouts & Guides in the campus. After the inaugural prayer service, the Scouts & Guides learnt how to pitch their own tents. In the span of the next four days under the guidance of Scout Master, Mr SK Sachdeva from Dehradun, Guides Captains Ms Manwinder Kour and Ms Dolly Chandok along with their team of 5 teachers, the children learnt various aspects of scouting and guiding such as its history, law, knowledge about knots, pioneering projects, first aid, use of Compass, use of fire, signs, yells, tree climbing, rope climbing etc. Apart from this, they also went out for trekking and took part in adventurous activities, route march, map reading and cooking etc. Scouts & Guides pursued healthy activities for enhancing their personalities, in which apart from various life skill activities, they also put up camp fire daily in the evening in the campus and displayed their tremendous talent around the fire. Amongst the august gathering was Mr A. K. Sahu, DC Jammu as a parent, who appreciated such types of camping as an altogether new and rejuvenating experience for all the Scouts & Guides and which inbuilts the ethics and inculcate moral values, and makes a child more responsible towards his duties. Retd. Col Prem Singh (JAK RIFLES) was the Chief Guest on the inauguration of the Camp, who declared the camp open by presiding over the unfurling the Scouts & Guides Flag and also surveyed the beautiful tents pitched by the Scouts & Guides and applauded them for their skills. Ms. Nasreen Khan, Guides Commissioner of J&K was the Chief Guest on the last day and she congratulated the Scouts & Guides for completing their camp successfully and also added that the students after attending the camp are not only instilled with the basic values which is a necessity of today’s child but also are filled with sense of patriotism and responsibility towards their nation and she appreciated the Guide master Mr. S. K. Sachdeva for his commitment, dedication and energy.

Also present on the occasion of culmination ceremony with Ms. Nasreen Khan was Ms. Usha Chuni, State Organizing Commissioner Guide J&K.

Mr. Trilok Singh Bist Principal, Jodhamal School said such camps can be the best way of developing the team spirit and inculcating the values such a unity, integrity and discipline in the life of a child with a lot of fund and frolic and without actually imposing it all on them.


Dated: 28th Dec,. 2013:- The upcoming instrumentalists of Jodhamal Public School once again brought back laurels by fetching various prizes at Pandit Uma Dutt Sangeet Mahotsava held recently. It was organized by Nirvana Academy Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma was the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes to the winners. The students participated in various categories like Casio, Guitar, Singing (Light Singing and Group Folk Song and also Solo Singing) etc.

The first prize winners in their respective categories are: –

Pragati Sharma, Bhumika, Amishi Sarotia, Amvit Harshraj, Prateek Singh Bedi, Mian Mohammad Raza, Kartik, Aditya, Adhya Sambyal, Ishaan, Saksham, Bhavya Grover, Ayush, Vanshika, Aadit, Kusha, Naman, Prisha Chandok, Vanshika, Saquib, Sudhanshu and Gursimar.

The second prize winners are: –
Dhairya Choudhary, Kaustav Sharma, Gauri Sharma, Ananya Mahajan, Arya Abrol, Vanshika, Manya, Anahita Anand, Apoorv, Sarthak Malhotra, Navtej, Prisha Chandok, Akshit Gupta, Kshitij, Sankalp and Mehul.

The third prize winners are: –

Aditya Gautam, Vinamlin, Soham, Abhijot, Zitin Koul, Naman Chandok, Nandini Kapoor bagged first prize both in Light Singing and Folk Singing competition.

Arya Abrol, Shaan, Charu, Abhijot, Angad also bagged 1st prize in Group Folk Song competition.

These achievers were acknowledged by the Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist along with their mentors Mr. Subash Dey and Mr. Deepak Kumar.


Dated: 18th Dec., 2013:- The highly appreciated and acclaimed Science Expo conducted by students of Jodhamal Public School concluded today on 18.12.2013. This Science Exhibition was on since 13th Dec. 2013 wherein the dignitaries have also witnessed the innovative and creative skills of the students of Jodhamal Public School on 14th and 15th the Chief Guest Mr. Kuldeep Khoda (Chief Vigilance Commissioner, J&K) took 45 minutes and observed each and every model minutely and on 15th the same was witnessed by the Chief Guest Mr. Ajay Sadhotra (Cabinet Minister, J&K) and Guest of Honour Mr. Shiv M. Sahai (Additional Director General of Police) who also appreciated all working and non-working models.

The professor and HOD’s of Science department of Jammu University, Govt. Gandhi Memorial Science College, Jammu, Govt. Maulana Azad Memorial College, Jammu and other colleges were also highly appreciative of this Science Expo and were in all praises for the school in building up the scientific temperament among the students. This exhibition has also been witnessed by the Principals and senior faculty members of various schools of Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Akhnoor, Nagrota and Samba. Each one was very happy to see the confidence with which the students of Jodhamal explained each model. All the Principals congratulated the students for their innovative work. The highlight of the exhibition was the floating solar system and the ISRO Model which had shown Solar System, Space Research Centre and also the effect of global warming and melting of Glaciers and the outcome in the form of Uttarakhand devastation.

The Principal Jodhamal Trilok Singh Bist informed the guests the theme of the Expo by explaining why they have named their houses as Enterprise, Challenge, Invention and Discovery. The names of the houses also showcase the objective of making the students think out of the box. He thanked the Principals of BSF, APS, DPS Kathua, Jammu Sanskriti and Heritage to have been appreciative of all the work done by the students and for all the learning which is going to make a difference to each child of Jammu irrespective of the school they belong to. This Science Expo has actually broaden up the horizon of the students of JMPS and in true sense is the work by the students and for the students.


Dated: 7th Dec., 2013:- Jodhamal Public School showcased wonderful debating skill to prove their mettle at the 14th Jammu Adventure Sports Club (JASC) Annual debate Competition held at Army Public School, Nagrota.

The 16 debaters were pitched against each other in neck to neck competition. Students of JODHAMAL SCHOOL, Raggad Rafiq got the first prize and Shivang Puri clinched the second position. The overall trophy was also won by JODHAMAL.

Brigadier DS Tripathi chaired the debate competition with Ms. Prem Sahni as the Guest of Honour on the occasion. The debate is held in the memory of Late Sat Paul Sahni, the pioneer news reporter of the State.

JASC Debate is a very coveted debate which is an annual feature of the Club. The main aim is to bring the intellect of students from different schools at one platform to prepare the future leaders.

Both the students Raggad Rafiq and Shivang Puri were escorted by Ms. Radhika Sharma and the Ex Head Boy of JMPS, Mr. Abhayjeet Singh Kala. Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist lauded the efforts of the team and felicitated the winner in a special assembly.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Aparna Kuthiala, Vice Chairman of the Club gave a brief history of the Jammu Adventure Sports Club.

The Chief Guest and the Convener Ms. Sarla Kohli appreciated the efforts of all the teams and congratulated Raggad and Shivang Puri of Jodhamal for the perfection with which they delivered their content.


Dated: 5th December, 2013:- Jodhamal Public School added another feather to its cap by winning the All India National Group Song CompetitionOrganized by Bharat Vikas Parishad at Patiala (Punjab). More than 40 teams from 26 States and Union Territories participated in the National meet at Patiala. The winning choir group included Nandini Kapoor, Jasmine Kaur, Aditya Narain, Ayush Pandita, Muskan Kaur, Mahinder Kaur, Mohit Sharma, Vinamar Jamwal and Bhaavan Dubey. Jodhamal’s choir was trained by Ms. Poonam Mahajan for vocals and by Mr. Rakesh Anand and Mr. Drbari Lal for Flute and Tabla respectively. Mr. M. K. Sahil and Ms. Amanpreet Kaur also accompanied the team. The students with their soulful renditions bagged the 1st prize for the Dogri Folk songs. It is after a gap of nearly 2 decades that a team from J&K has won at the Bharat Vikas Parishad Nationals. The contestants won the appreciation of one and all. Bharat Vikas Parishad is a 40 year old organization with branches in nearly 200 cities of India.

Principal of Jodhamal Public School, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the winning team remarked that such competitions evoke a sense of patriotism and unity among people.


Dated: 2nd December, 2013:- The Intach Club of Jodhamal Public School, which is working enthusiastically for the conservation of Jammu Culture went on a visit to the Dogra Museum, Mubarak Mandi recently to celebrate “WORLD HERITAGE WEEK”. The students accompanied with their teachers Ms Anjali Gupta and Ms Bhawna Madaan collected detailed information from Mr Kirpal Singh, the Head of the Museum on Textile, Art, Architecture, Armoury and Coinage.

Jodhamal students which recently had gone on a study trip to Agra, Jaipur and Amritsar were impressed by the progress of the ASI (Archaeology Survey of India) work in these cities and hoped that ASI will restore the Mubarak Mandi Complex to its past glory.

Intach Jammu Chapter Convener Mr. S Sahni was also present to enlighten the students on the conservation and restoration of project of the prestigious architecture of Jammu, the Mubarak Mandi Complex.


Dated: 08/11/2013 :- Jodhamal School’s INTACH Club under the aegis of INTACH India an organization centered towards preservation and promotion of local art, culture and heritage, had organized a programme on “Saving Feminity” as a bold and much needed initiative for creating awareness regarding the deplorable plight of women in India and growing injustice and violence towards them. Jodhamal Intach Club showcased how a girl child, the living heritage can be given her lost status all over again.

The highlights of the programme were the impressive and enlightening mime show, poem, narratives and documentary presentation that showed the journey of womanhood and the complexities in them way.

The show touched the heart of the viewers thereby creating sensitivity of the people about the dire need to “Save Feminity” and the fatal consequences of harming it students portrait the message of “Save Women, Save Life, Save a Daughter, Save a Wife,” through this programme.

Programme was attented by Sh. S. Sahni KAS (Ret.), former Director Tourism and Convenor INTACH Jammu Chapter was the Chief Guest who was accompanied by Prof. Poonam Choudhary Director Centre for Studies in Museology, Jammu University, Mr. Himant Sharma KAS, Director Command Area Development Agriculture, Member Executive Committee INTACH Jammu Chapter, Mr. Simant Sharma Director Agriculture and Mr. Sishu Pal Executive INTACH Jammu Chapter.

The programme was appreciated by the Management and Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and he congratulated Ms. Bhawana Madaan, students and the music teachers which was need of the hour for presenting such a spectacular programme.


Dated: 01/11/2013 :- JK Public Kunjwani hosted J. K. MUN, 2013 on 31st October, 2013. The delegation of Jodhamal Public School comprising of 4 students namely Akanksha Sharma, Raggaad Rafiq, Sheikh Snober and Shivang Puri with France as a country Allotted to them participated in the session.

Many leading schools of Jammu province participated in this session.

Two students of Jodhamal Public School namely Akanksha Sharma and Raggad Rafiq won the “Best Delegate Award” in the committees United Nations Committee on Peaceful uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) respectively.

Earlier team Jodhamal had participated at The DOON SCHOOL MUN and had done exceptionally will there by getting one delegate nominated as the Best delegate amongst 16 countries. Principal Jodhamal School Mr. Trilok Singh Bist lauded the efforts of the students and the teacher incharge Mrs. Bhawana Maddan and thanked the parents for their cooperation and support.
The winners and participants were also appreciated by the school.


Dated:29th Oct., 2013:-The young budding singers of Jodhamal Public School won the State Competition of Sanskrit Group Song and were runners up in the State in Hindi Group Song Competition held under the Aegis of Bharat Vikas Parishad. The team members were Nandini Kapoor, Jasmine, Aditya Narain, Ayush Pandita, Muskan Kaur, Mahinder Kaur, Mohit Sharma, Vinamar Jamwal and Bhaavan Dubey. Children wearing colourful dresses from various schools presented patriotic songs in Sanskrit and Hindi.

Team Jodhamal would now participate at the Bharat Vikas Parishad National Competition which to be held at Patiala (Punjab) in December. Here 60 teams from 30 States and Union Territories are likely to participate.

The school management and Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the team who brought laurel under the guidance of Ms. Poonam Mahajan, Mr. M. K. Sahil and Mr. Deepak Kumar. He also thanked the parents and management for whole hearted support and cooperation.


Dated: 23rd Oct., 2013:-The team of Jodhamal Public School clinched the First Prize in the Sanskrit Group Song and First in the Hindi Group Song competition held under the Aegis of Bharat Vikas Parishad. The team members were Nandini Kapoor, Jasmine, Aditya Narain, Ayush Pandita, Muskan Kaur, Mahinder Kaur, Mohit Sharma, Vinamar Jamwal and Bhaavan Dubey. Children wearing colourful dresses of various school presented patriotic songs in Sanskrit and Hindi.

These young budding singers would now participate at the State Level which is to be held on 26th October, 2013.

The school management and Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the team who brought laurel under the guidance of Ms. Poonam Mahajan Mr. M. K. Sahil and Mr. Deepak Kumar, Principal congratulated the students and the staff for clinching both the trophies.


Dated: 3rd October, 2013:- An annual tradition at JMPS Grand Parents Day, is a day set aside to honour the grand parents of pre- primary wing. Grand Parents day was celebrated with an over whelming participation and enthusiasm of all the grand parents.

It was a day of pride for the children to see their grand parents share their experiences with all. The school provided a platform to celebrate the important bonds between grand parents and grand children through various activities.

The function began with the lighting of the traditional lamp followed by a rainbow of cultural programmes under the able stewardship of the teachers. The sprightly students of class pre- nursery to class 1 enthralled the audience and held them captive with a Kaleidoscope of vibrant colours of Indian music.

An aura and mirth filled the auditorium as the young dancers took the stage with the patriotic song. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and enjoyment when the Grand Parents enthusiastically participated in various fun filled activities.

The programme ended with a scintillating performance in the form of a Candle March by the little toddlers as a tribute to the unsung heroes of Uttrakhand and J and K who recently underwent tragedies and made happy endings possible.

Present on the occasion were the trustees Mr. Nandan Kuthiala and Ms. Arti Kuthiala, the chief guest sister Suzeet, Principal Carmel Convent who in her address mentioned that she was overwhelmed to see children performing with such confidence and grace. She complimented the Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist for his leadership and efforts taken by the staff members to ensure a good learning environment for the children. The welcome address and the vote of thanks was delivered by the pre-primary co-ordinator Ms. Neetu Johri.

Addressing the august gathering on the occasion, the principal emphasized on school’s learner-centric approach, ensuring its students maximum exposure to the various co- scholastic activities being done in the school.

Book Fair at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu

Scholastic India has organised a book fair for students, teachers and parents at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu from 3rd October to 5th October, 2013. 
Scholastic School Book Fairs serve to promote the habit of reading in school-going children. According to educators, exposure to books improves the concentration span and learning abilities of children. By offering children a wide selection of books and related material through the school system we wish to give them an opportunity to read by choice and not by compulsion. Also, our programmes are geared towards partnering with educators and parents in deciding what is best for children.

About Scholastic:

Scholastic Corporation is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books with operations all over the world. Internationally, theauthors published by Scholastic include Suzanne Collins, J.K. Rowling,R.L. Stine, Philip Pullman and Cornelia Funke.

Established in 1997, Scholastic India runs a dynamic publishing programmewhich aims to produce innovative titles from the best of Indian authors andillustrators, in a variety of genres. We publish well-known authors likeGulzar, Ruskin Bond, ParoAnand, SampurnaChattarji, AnushkaRavishankar, Rahul Srivastava and more.

Scholastic India’s mission is to provide children in India with reading andlearning opportunities that will cultivate their minds to the utmost capacityand enrich their lives. We aim to offer the best from the world of books andother reading and learning materials produced not only by Scholastic butalso by select local and international publishers at prices Indian familiescan afford.

What sets Scholastic apart from other companies is the care andcommitment we have to children. With this base and the incredible talent ofour teams around the world Scholastic can broaden its services to helpchildren everywhere learn through the new technologies as well as continueto be the strongest print supplier of children’s books and a major publisherof educational materials.

To encourage creativity Scholastic India introduced Scholastic WritingAwards for outstanding original works by students of classes 4 to 12.These Awards are inspired by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, thelongest-running and the most generous recognition programme for students in America. Schools from all over India are invited to participate in the Scholastic Writing Awards by selecting and submitting original creative work by students of their school. The winners are not only given attractive awards, but their award-winning stories are also published every year in an anthology titled, For Kids By Kids. By giving them a platform to publish their works, we encourage and motivate young talent.

For further information, please contact:
Mob: +91 8283883322


Dated: 29th of August, 2013:- In its CSR and regular endeavours on environment protection Jodhamal’s Eco-Buddies under the aegis of WWF and IAYP carried out an energy conservation drive by adopting the Ismailpur Kothe village in Bishnah Tehsil. Around 120 students and 10 teachers from the school participated. Giving people an easy way for energy saving, hundreds of CFLs were distributed among the villagers free of cost and the old neon bulbs were replaced under the awareness drive. The team managed to exchange polythene Bags with Jute bags. Around 200 saplings were planted in village schools and shamlat land. A Health camp was set up in which Dr. P. S. Salathia & Dr. Meenakshi from Rural Health Department visited and had an awareness talk with the villagers on General Health Programs.

Also, a step ahead towards awareness and gender respect, a PowerPoint presentation about women empowerment and gender discrimination was shown to a large number of villagers, which was an eye opener for them. This is one of the many endeavours which have been taken and initiated by JMPS for a greener tomorrow. One has to strive for sustainable development and JMPS would always be privileged to lead the change. School donated Black boards, Water bottles, Sweets & Stationary items Like books, Pencils and Erasers etc to almost all village kids.

Eco-Buddies have promised the villagers of regular visits to help them with General Health Awareness, Conservation of Education, Biodiversity, improve Sanitary Conditions and Awareness on women empowerment and the trip was coordinated by Mr. Tulsi Sharma village coordinator and Mr. Krishan Kumar and Mr. Mohan Kumar the village Panch.

Ms. Roopinder Kaur who is the coordinator of WWF at Jodhamal and Ms. Radhika, Harmeet, Singarika, Balvinder, Rakesh, Neerja, Nitu Johri, Leela Bist and Vishal were appreciated and felicitated by the Principal Trilok Singh Bist in a special assembly and he reaffirmed the adoption as a welcome move for the society in general.


Dated: 24th August, 2013:- The Aptitude and Potential lying dormant in children need to gently coaxed out and honed to perfection. The students of Jodhamal Public School excellently illustrated this point by
participating and proving their ability at the International Conference held at The Doon School, Dehradun. With 45 schools from 10 different countries including Aitchison College (Lahore), Raffles Institute (Singapore), Sunbeams (Dhaka), Kings Academy (Saudia Arabia), Indian School (UAE), Mayo College Girls & Boys, Scindia School, Welham Girls School, Wood Stock and many more schools.

The Doon School International Conference aims to inculcate not just diplomatic, negotiating or public speaking skills in the participating delegates but also sound international understanding and the ability to
empathize with different issues in the world.

This International Conference went on for three days and the team Jodhamal comprised of Muskan Gupta, Sheikh Snober, Shivang Puri, Raggaad Rafiq, Abhijit Arora and Falak Majid. The team was coached by Ms. Bhawana Madaan and Escorted by Mr. Bunty Sharma.

Shivang Puri was nominated among the five best delegates and the performance of team Jodhamal was highly appreciated. Mr. Salman Kurshid, Minister of External Affairs was the Chief Guest who appreciated the
efforts of the delegates who were presenting themselves at the International platform and Dr. Peter McLaughlin Headmaster The Doon School was the Guest of Honour.

Culmination of “Oasis-A Summer Camp with a Difference” at Jodhamal Public School

Dated: 15th June, 13:­ The Summer Camp – Oasis culminated today at Jodhamal Public School with grand fan fare. The 15 days Camp came to an end with the spectacular performance by the participants in all activities they took part in. All the parents were invited to be a part of this culmination ceremony. The program was conducted by the students who participated in the personality development under the able guidance of Roopali Baranwal. Classical dance by the students trained by Shruti Bakshi enthralled the audience with their apt moves and expressions in Kathak Dance. Nandini and Harbans sang a classical bandish and chaturang in Yaman Raga and Poonam Mahajan trained the kids in classical music in such a way that all amongst the audience were spell bound on their performance. Mr. Sahil accompanied on Tabla for classical renditions. CDD fame Peeyush Bhagat trained the little ones of Jodhamal in the Hip Hop dance with Locking and Poping.. Peeyush gave a small presentation with his students on the stage and everybody enjoyed the dance to ecstacy. The theatrical fest conducted by renowned Theatre Artist Sumit Sharma added a lot to the dialogue delivery of the Jodhamal Kids and they presented a beautiful skit on a miser Daulat Ram and in this Saba Jamwal and others were very impressive with their dialogue delivery and expressions leaving behind a lesson that greed and lusture is immaterial. Semi classical performance also added colours to the musical bonanza together with the Guitar performance by the participants under the guidance of Subhash Dey. Deepak Kumar trained the students for the Casio and they presented a vey synchronized rendition of Casio with atleast 15 students on the stage playing in unison. The folk dances depicting Dogri culture. Laddhaki Culture also made the audience spell bound with the vibrant movements and expressions of all the students. Folk Dancers were also trained by Shruti Bakshi. The best part of the program was that Ms. Roopali Baranwal involved only the students in the complete program and ensured the complete comparing by the students only . Besides the stage performances the Art and Craft teachers Swati Sood, Deepti Saini and Amandeep Kaur also made the students put up an Exhibition where in a lot of Oil Paintings were displayed with Glass Paintings and the Best out of Waste. The Art exhibition also impressed the parents with the uniqueness of the items prepared by the staff & students. Last but not the least the Culinary Classes also culminated in a grand exhibition of all the stuff the kids were taught by Nandani Bakshi & Harmeet Kukkal. The best part of the culinary classes was that the teachers ensured maximum preparations without fire and all states of India were included in the Cooking classes named as Buns & Beans. The program came to a close with the Football skills of the students showcased under able guidance of Balvinder Kumar and the Mastogi Do skills trained by Vishal Samrat. At the end all kids moved to the school swimming pool which is one of the best in the state and the swimming coach Pooja & her team made the audience enthralled with the different kinds of strokes they taught to the students during the Oasis and with a rain dance the program came to a close and the vote of thanks was presented by the Camp Coordinator Ms, Nandani Bakshi. Special Guest on the occasion was Prof. Praveen Sabarwal who herself is a big name in the field of Art & Music. In her address she praised the efoorts of the staff members in bringing the class in whatever was presented by the kids. Principal Trilok Singh Bist speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts of all the people involved directly or indirectly in this Camp together with the parents and felicitated all the Teachers including Piyush a Dancing sensation and Sumeet Sharma from Natrang to have added colours to this Oasis Summer Camp.


Dated: 4th June, 13:­ Fifteen day long summer camp ‘Oasis’ commenced today at Jodhamal Public School. The camp offers a host of activities conducted by talented people like Hip hop dance, craze of today’s world by young Piyush Bhagat of Chak-Doom-Dhoom. Theatrical Fest by renowned theatre artist Mr. Sumit Sharma. Beside these, swimming by Ms. Pooja, Ashi and Mr. Balwinder training young footballers. Personality Grooming by Ms. Rupali. Various forms of painting by Ms. Swati, Ms. Deepti and Ms. Amanpreet. Classical Dancing by Ms. Shruti and Taekwondo a form of martial arts by Mr. Vishal. Buns and Beans the culinary classes are conducted by Ms. Harmeet and Ms. Nandani Bakshi. ‘Oasis’ was inaugurated in the school OAT with a lot of fanfare and the camp was declared open by Principal of the school and the response and enthusiasm of the young students was overwhelming and little swimmers started with the tips on one side and on the other Piyush Bhagat’s tips on locking and popping enthralled the participants. The personality grooming classes by Ms. Rupali Baranwal receiwed special appreciation from all quarters. The ‘Buns and Beans’ the culinary classes given by Ms. Nandani and Ms. Harmeet brought a feast like atmosphere where kids got to taste the veg sandwiches and the coconut sweet balls (laddoos) and the chocolate cake made without oven or fire. This is a complete summer camp unique in its nature. The folk dance and classical dance gaining momentum and in our efforts to percolate the Indian culture among the young generation is being fulfilled.


Dated: 10/05/2013:- Under the International Award for school a quiz competition based on the title “Analogy of Ancient Civilizations of India & China” was held at Jodhamal Public School. It comprised of five teams with three students each. Students of all sections of class VI actively participated.
The Quiz competition was conducted in four rounds in all. The first round was warm up round followed by “Passing the question” while the final round was the buzzer round.
It was conducted jointly by Ms. Reejuta Mahajan and Ms. Arpita Salgotra of Class X-A.
Team Ravi was declared the winner by winning 25 points followed by team Indus with 20 points & Chenab bagged the third position with 15 points. The audience which included students of JMPS enjoyed and learnt new facts related to the subject with great interest and fervour.


Dated:- 4th May 2013:Jodhamal Public School participated in The International Youth Conference on Earth and Man organized by “The Achievers Program” held at The Doon School, Dehradun. 28 other leading schools from all over India including Mayo Colleges, Welham, Sanawar, The Doon School, The British School, Vasant Valley School, Shri Ram School participated in the conference.

Team Jodhamal comprised of teacher in charge Ms. Roopinder Kour and student representatives Divyansh Suri and Anandita Kuthiala. This International conference was over two days. All the teams put forward and elaborated upon, what Policies and Plans their respective schools were propagating for maintaining equilibrium between ‘Earth and Man’.

Team Jodhamal made a comprehensive presentation on rainwater harvesting practices on campus and its impacts on ground water table. Also detailed study was presented on The Ozone Layer and depletion of its cover area in a chronological manner. These presentation were appreciated by expert panel including the headmaster of the Doon School, Mr. Peter McLaughlin and Taranvir Singh, the main organizer of TAP-the Achievers’ Program. They mentioned that work and presentation prepared by Team Jodhamal had an impact and was appreciated by all present. They were awarded with mementoes and appreciation certificates for being the best messengers of this noble cause.



Dated: 24/04/2013:- With a focus on instilling environmental values and sensitizing the students, Jodhamal Public School realized the importance of inculcating among the students a sense of respect and responsibility towards the environment and building awareness among them.
Various activities under the theme ‘trash to Treasure’ were taken up by the students of Jodhamal Public School this week. The student’s enthusiastically prepared posters, banners and placards depicting various ways to conserve the environment and let it ‘Go Green’.
Handful of activities were organized to make treasure out of trash, in which the students of classes 1 to 5 underwent different tasks related to save environment and make use of waste products to make something creative like stone bugs, clay modeling, egg shell bugs, seeded paper book mark, cotton ball trees etc.
The little toddlers gave their bit of share by showing their concern for nature by going on a ‘Nature walk’. Assemblies throughout the week were conducted to inculcate among children a general awareness on the problems of environment degradation and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. An exhibition was conducted on ‘Trash to Treasure’ by the students of JMPS showing their own way of spreading the message.
A special assembly concluding the Environment sensitization week was held on 20th April to enhance the awareness inspired behavioral changes for combating damage and develop the skills needed to resolve environmental problem.
The Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist addressed and said that the enthusiasm and dedication of the students and staff at Jodhamal for being happy to spread the message of energy conservation is remarkable. He also appreciated the efforts of staff and students for the Green Rally when JMPians gifted one-one tulsi plant to all the people in the vicinity of Jodhamal as a token to fight out ozone depletion.

Team Jodhamal Comes back from YCEM Conference from The Doon School, Dehradun

The exchange program of two days 23-24th of April 2013 was set up by TAP- THE ACHIEVERS PROGRAM in The Doon School ,Dehradun to develop a hold and to gather information as to how the schools were working to uplift the green environment and save program. JMPS had been a part an active participant of this exchange program.

The Achievers' Programme believe in the saying that "A journey undertaken once, is better than going through a thousand maps". A plantation drive was organized whose aim was to develop in the students a spirit of environmental awareness. A display of works like paintings was done on environmental awareness to make an impact on one and all in order to invoke and inculcate the spirit of awareness to save the Mother earth. This simple exercise helped the children to broaden their awareness in the world they live in and better prepare them for the world they will be working in tomorrow.

JMPS’s team of one teacher ( Mrs. Roopinder Kour)and two students(Anandita Kuthiala & Divyansh Suri) proudly announces that work and presentation prepared by them was quite impactful and was appreciated by all present. So they were awarded with mementoes and appreciation certificates for being the best messengers of this noble cause. Special accolades were given to Team Jodhamal for being the best in the Presentation Category. Being with the legacy schools like Lawrence , Assam Valley, The Doon School, The Mayo College Boys & Girls, Welham Boys & Girls , Vidhya Devi Jindal and many more has in letter and spirit enriched the team with lot more that is happening around the globe in its true sense…..


Dated: 14/03/2013:- In yet another Endeavour to enhance the competitive and educational skill and spirit in the students, Jodhamal School participated in the 12th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) and 15th National Science Olympiad (NSO), in which as many as 60 students won accolades.

a) Gold Medal winner in NSO are Vanayak Gupta, Samragee Mahajan, Sneha Majumdar, Uditi Verma, Daksh Sharma, Prabhnoor Singh, Arya Abrol, Shaan Ul Haque, Navdeep Singh, Akanksha Sharma, Aarushi Rajput, Vishal Sharma and Mridul.

Silver Medal winner in NSO are Aahan Vohra, Bhumi Sharma, Suhani Sharma, Samyak, Harman Preet Kour, Abhavya Bhushan, Saharsh Mahajan, Kushagra, Ananya Sharma, Samridhi Sajotra, Naman Chouhan, Romir Patney, Shubham Suri, Anandita Kuthiala, Navneet Kour, Zain Zulfiqar and Eras Sumreen.

Bronze Medal winner in NSO are Yashasvee Rathore, Ciya Gupta, Mantek Singh Burn, Tanvi Singh, Suryansh Dev S Pathania, Jasleen Kour, Gaurav Verma, Akshit Gupta, Hasit Singh, Reejuta Mahajan, Titika Balgotra, Ayushi Thakur, Owais Ahmed Rishoo and Sonakshi Thusoo.

b) Gold Medal winner in NCO are Vaibhav Singh, Uditi Verma, Daksh Sharma, Manav Kampani, Abhay Singh Kotwal, Navdeep Singh, Anurag Thakur, Manik Sharma and Mridul.

Silver Medal winner in NCO are Samyak, Pravar Dalal and Sankalp Verma.

Bronze Medal winner in NCO are Shivanshu Tripathy, Amreen Kour, S. Satvik,

Jodhamal Fraternity extends heartfelt congratulations to all its medal winner for their remarkable performance in this Olympiad who have upheld the flag of their Alma mater high and will keep strewing for excellence against all odds.


Dated: 28/02/2013:- The young budding artist of Jodhamal Public School were declared winners in various categories of Design a Card Contest 2012-13 that was held in collobration with Kala Niketan – a centre for creative art under the aegis of J&K Fine Arts Society a group of contemporary Artists. More than 1600 Children from various reputed schools of Jammu city took active part in this card making competition.

In Group ‘A’ Jodhamal students took a clean sweep by winning first, second and third prize. Man Mohit Singh was adjudged first, Devanshi Dhar second and Suhani Gupta received the third prize. In Group ‘B’ Triambak Kapoor stood second and Tanishag Gupta bagged third position.

In Group ‘C’ again all the three prizes went to Jodhamal kids.Prableen Singh stood first; Kirti Gaur second and Siya Sharma stood third. In Group ‘D’ First position was bagged by Anjali Jain and in Group ‘F’ third position by Pankhuri Sharma of Jodhamal only.

The management and the school Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the students and teachers Ms. Deepti, Ms. Amanpreet and Ms. Swati for their guidance and support to the students in their pursuit to excellence.


(JMPS makes a clean sweep at Dogra Law College Debate)
Dated: 01/02/2013:- Jodhamal students once again prove their mettle by winning the over all trophy in the 2nd Matushri Inter School Dogra Law College Debating Contest. JMPS emerged winner among the 29 participants from 15 elite schools of Jammu. Shivang Puri a student of grade VIII at Jodhamal clinched the first position and was awarded a cash prize of Rs.1000/- along with a beautiful individual trophy. It was a matter of pride for JMPS that Mayank Mahajan of grade X won the second position in this debate and won a cash prize of Rs.700/- besides an individual trophy. The Over All Running Trophy also was bagged by Jodhamal Public School and was adjudged the best debating team for the debating skills. Everyone appreciated the confidence poised, diction and content of the Jodhamal students who portrayed the correct picture ‘for’ as well as ‘against’ the Motion - “Prevailing Education Policy in the Schools- Is it Adequate Enough in Personality and Potential Development of the Students?” Recently Jodhamal Public School made a mark by participating in the Debating Matters online under the aegis of British Council and special certificate has been awarded to the school for excellence. In another competition a symposium contest conducted by Model Academy on the topic-“Can Exuberance of Youth Provide an answer to India’s Political Woes?” Akansha Sharma of Jodhamal Public School won accolades by winning a third position and her confidence and content was also appreciated by one and all in spite of being the youngest participant of the contest.

Principal Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts of the students, teachers and parents for this collaborative teaching wherein all feedback of the parents help the school to grow from strength to strength. In a special assembly Shivang Puri, Mayank Mahajan and Akansha Sharma were felicitated and appreciated by the Principal.


Dated: 17th Sept, 12:- Art is the gateway to express what we see in the world and communities in which we live. To involve the children in creative projects and to recognize their talent in young age, the Ministry of Power/Bureau of Energy Efficiency, government of India (NHPC) launched the National Awareness Campaign in order to promote “Energy Conservation” for classes 4th, 5th and 6th on 17th Sept., 2012.
The young artists were inspired to pick up their brush and pencils and create things out of their imagination. The students enthusiastically submitted their impressions on various themes like:-
- Do the Nation of favour : Be an Energy Saver
- Wind, Water, Sun : Energy for the long run
- Bijli Bachao : Unnati Laao.
The young buzzing artists showed their immense talent in drawing their views for energy conservation.

Jodhamal Public School Celebrates Teachers Day with a lot of Fan Fare

Jammu, 5th Sept. 12:- The students of Jodhamal Public School celebrated the teacher’s day with a lot of enthusiasm and respect for their teachers. The head boy Abhayjeet and Head girl Sankasha with Iras and Kunal took the lead and organised a cultural show for their teachers with the help of the Prefect Council of the school. The children also organised the games for the teachers and each teacher enjoyed it all to ecstasy and the complete environment was of being grateful to the teaching community and towards the end of the day they organised a sumptous lunch for their teachers . Principal Trilok Singh thanked the students on behalf of the teaching fraternity of Jodhamal and said these are also ways of teaching the kids to take up responsibility and be responsible citizens in the times to come. The best part of the program here was the prefect council did not take the help of the teachers at all and organised each and everything all by themselves.


Dated: 8th Sept, 12:- In a quest for city’s best quizzing talent, the Limca Book of Records Quiz-2012 in association with Derek O’ Brien & associates was held at Jodhamal Public School today, in which more than 20 schools participated. Limca Book of Records Quiz an Endeavour to provide the students of the country an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and aptitude and discover the quizzing talents of the country.
The event witnessed the zest and enthusiasm amongst the students to showcase their competitiveness and great learning.
Army Public School, Kaluchak School won the first prize and Army Public School, Jammu Cantt. was the runner up students of Springdeals stood third.
The winning team was facilitated by Principal & Vice Principal of Jodhamal School also present at the event were Mr. V. Ravi (Factory Manager) for Hindustan Coca Cole Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
The winning team will be competing with the North Zone schools in the semifinals next, which will be followed by the national-finals where top 10 teams will be battling out for a trophy.
Team Limca Quiz very happy with the hospitability shown by Jodhamal Public School.


Jodhamal Student Bags Runners Up at Chak Dhoom Dhoom a reality show at National Channel Colours

Piyush Bhagat of Jodhamal excelled in Dance and was the lone contestant from Jammu & Kashmir to Chak Dhoom Dhoom a Dance reality show at Colours Channel. He exhibited some beautiful dances in his journey of CDD and reached the Grand Finale where he got the Runners Up... We are proud of the talents at Jodhamal and congratulate him for his success story!!! There is still a long way to go but we can see a star of tomorrow in him.



The 2012 North India audition of the popular ZEE TV’s Reality Show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” were held in Jodhamal School on Sunday the 5th August. Nearly 500 candidates from J&K, HP and Punjab took part in the audition. ZEE TV’s team from Mumbai Co-ordinated the activity, the Judges were Mr. Sachin Narshana (Sr. Judge), Mr. Dhanajay Bhatt (Judge) & Mr. Saroj Kumar (Judge). The Co-ordinating team was Neeraj Sangvi (Associate Producer Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), Ashish Gurvankar (Vice President ZEE), Hitesh Pawar (Producer-Fusion Events) & Abilasha Chilam (Season 2011 Singing Champion).
The auditions were in two Stages and the Candidates Selected in the Second Stage would participate in the “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” National Show in Mumbai.
The Parents of all the participants were highly impressed by the infrastructure of Jodhamal and were appreciative of the initiative taken by the school to organize such a National Level Audition to benefit the children of Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh & Pubjab.


As many as 50 students of Jodhamal Public School Jammu show cased their talents in the field of music and were adjudged winners in their categories. Students participated in Solo Instrumental (Casio), Casio Group, Guitar Light music (Vocal), Solo Singing, Group Singing and Rock Band.
The Young Musicians who Rocked at the Pt. Uma Dutt Sangeet Mahotsav at Nirvana Academy in Casio Solo were Mian Mohammad Raza - Ist, Gauri Sharma - 2nd, Kartik - 1st, Prisha Chandok - 2nd, Prakhar Bist - 3rd, Satwik Sharma, Aadhya Sambyal - 2nd, Koustav - 3rd, Janeesh Pal - 1st, Prateek Singh - 2nd, Zitin Koul – Consolation, Ananya Mahajan – 1st, Amrit – 3rd, Fiza – Consolation, Mansha – Consolation, Dhairya Chowdhary – 1st, Soham Ranjan – 2nd and Aditya Bakshi - Consolation.
In Group Singing- Saquib, Shaan, Arya, Vinamr, Naitik and Aditya won 1st Prize. Nandini Kapoor, Arya Abrol and Aditya Narayan won in Solo Singing Both Light and Folk.
In Solo Golden Guitar – Bhavya Grover, Sankalap Verma and Gursimer Singh won 1st prize. Mehul Yadav, Kshitij Sethi and Naman Chandok won 2nd prize. Sudhanshu, Arnav Malhotra and Bipasa won 3rd prize. The Rock Band Stampede of Jodhamal also won 1st prize, Vanshika and Shivangi, Arjun and Sudhanshu won 1st prize in Duet Guitar Competition.
In Classical Singing too, the young musician excelled. Ayush Pandita, Mahender, Charanjeiv, Manasdeep, Arshpreet, Sherish, Kirti and Harbans won prizes in their respective catagories.
Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and athe school Management Congratulated the music teachers Mr. Deepak, Mr. Sahil and Mr. Subash Day and the students for their grand achievement and wished them for more successes in the future.


Jammu, July 23, 2012:- In keeping with its policy of developing environmentally aware students The Eco Buddies Club of Jodhamal School held a three day workshop on Architectural structures (domes) to be made from recycled and waste materials.

The Eco Buddies proved to be receptive and creative and came up with aesthetically beautiful structures all from waste materials. It was a valuable lesson the impact that we all have on the environment and how in our own small way we can help in stopping the destruction of our beautiful planet. Assistant Professor Mr. V. K. Dogra from Shri Mata Vaishnodevi University presided over the workshop under the supervision of the Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist. The event was managed by Ms. Rupinder with the help of Mr. Vishal and Mr. Sourav.

Mr. Dogra in his concluding speech said that it had been a privilege for him to work with such an attentive and responsive group and that it gave him pleasure to see such Jhampions who were going to be a part of the development of this country's future.

The workshop ended with a round of felicitations on part of the Principal and the Trustee Mr. Nandan Kuthiala. It was hoped that such workshop should continue in the future so as to contribute to the overall development of the children in understanding the ecology, diversity, sustainability and preservation of our planet.


Jammu, July 18, 2012:- Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Dehradun has selected Akshat Sharma of class-VIII of Jodhamal School as its 2012 candidates from J&K. RIMC is the Pre-Eminent and most Prestigious Armed Forces School in the country and is more than 80 years old. Only one candidate per state is selected every year in RIMC.

Mr. Trilok Singh Bist Principal Jodhamal School felicitated Akshat Sharma in Special Assembly and wished him the very best for future. He also appreciated the teachers for the hard work they have put in all these years to make Jodhamal Public School shine like a star not only in J & K but in the National platform.


Jammu, May, 23:- Bringing a warm glow that brought forth a solemn promise for the student populace of Jodhamal School. The sun rose through the cool firmament of dawn.

23 May 2012 was the day of the school's Investiture Ceremony. The day was inaugurated by a promise of a brighter future as the new prefects got ready to be invested. The ceremony commenced in the school premises. 

The bugle call announced the arrival of the Chief Guest IG Farooq Khan, and Guest of Honour DIG Mr. J.P. Singh. The school contingent, assembled majestically at the centre of the OAT and gave the chief guest a general salute. It was feast for the senses of The members of the new Prefect Council assembled in a contingent. The school choir sang the school song and the school prayer song. The most anxiously-awaited moment, the oath-taking ceremony, was performed by the prefects who were administered their oath of office by the Principal Mr. T. S. Bist in which they were asked to promise that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. After the oath – taking ceremony the prefects were given their sashes and badges by our chief guest and the guest of honour. At the end of the ceremony respected Principal of the school Mr. Trilok Singh Bist address the staff and the students followed by an inspiring speech by our chief guest who praised Jodhamal School for such high standards of discipline and said that he is happy to see the school committed to give better citizens to the world. His speech aroused inspiration and motivation in the hearts of the newly-invested prefects and fired in them an enthusiasm to take up their responsibilities. Along with that he highlighted the facts about the current political and economic situation of India. Guest of Honour DIG inspired the atheriny by his enlightening speech and he too appreciated the discipline and aura of the school.

The chief guest and guest of honour unveiled the Annual school magazine "ENDEAVOUR", which brings forth the creativity of the students. In the end, the vote of thanks was proposed by the Ms. Nandani Bakshi and then the graceful occasion came to a close. Present on the occasion were school trustee Mr. Nandan Kuthiala, Mrs. Rohini Aima, coordinators, teachers and students of Jodhamal School.

Jodhamal Public School Celebrated Earth Day on April 30, 2012

The Green Warriors of Jodhamal Eco Club joined hands together to be the seeds of spring to this great nation and conducted a special assembly commemorating the preservation of the environment. Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist was also presented a green badge by the green warriors with the Eco Club Incharges Ms. Rupinder & Mrs. Aima . The Head Boy Abhayjeet Singh administered the Green Oath for the whole school and the event included self composed poems by the Green Warriors. Speaking on the occasion Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist said that the Eco Buddies named as Green Warriors of JMPS are the seeds of Spring and have a lot in store to work for a greener Planet Earth. Finally two saplings were planted by the Principal & Vice Principal to mark the occasion. Jodhamal Public School is committed to keep the Planet Earth Clean & Green and in their endeavor school has plans to clean river Tavi from all trash including polythene in the phased manner for which the Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist has appealed to the Green Warriors to take lead. As a part of the NDTV’s initiative for a better environment, “Greenathon’ was organized by the students of Jodhamal Public School. On 14th May’2012 under the stewardship of their Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist.


Jammu, May, 15:- As a part of the NDTV’s initiative for a better environment, “Greenathon’ was organized by the students of Jodhamal Public School. On 14th May’2012 under the stewardship of their Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist.

The students were administered oath by the head boy Mr. Abhayjeet for Greener and cleaner tomorrow. Head girl Ms. Sankasha explained the concept of rain water harnessing and how the school reuses the water discharged from school swimming pool filter, into underground dry tanks which is subsequently used in play grounds, paint etc to the NDTV representatives.

Banners bearing messages to save the environment were also part of today’s ‘Greenathon drive’ green warrior of Jodhamal School under their Eco-club in charge Ms. Rohini Aima and Ms. Rupinder Kour took a group of 53 students to the bank of Tawi River as a part of the anti-polythene drive. Principal, A.O. T.O., and Mr. Bunty Sharma also accompanied them with the NDTV team.

The student’s message of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle was appreciated by the people of Jammu.

The drive for a greener tomorrow was initiated by NDTV team headed by Mr. Sheikh Zaffar Iqbal under the guidance of Jodhamal School’s Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, assisted by Mr. Darshan Kumar Khajuria and S. Ravinder Singh from NDTV.



Once again the JMPians bring Laurrels to Jodhamal Public School by proving their mettle by bagging top positions in the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Exams in 2012. Jodhamal Public School participated in all the three second level Science Olympiad Foundation Exams in 2012 Prabhnoor Singh, a student of class-V was the outstanding achiever who bagged state Rank-Second, third in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), National Science Olympiad (NSO) and National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) respectively.

Jodhamal Public School is also proud of its other achievers:-

Rank No.
Aditya Abrol
Daksh Sharma
Deblina Pan
Romir Patney
Kunal Gupta
Manik Sharma

Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist congratulated and complimented the achievers for their outstanding performance and wished them the very best for the competitions to come in the session ahead. The teacher incharge for the OLMPIADS is Mrs. Neetu Gupta.



Dated- 09/03/2012:- To support and give platform to young dancing talent of Jammu Jodhamal Public School proudly hosted the auditions of Dance India Dance little Master Season- II in association with Zee TV.

The young budding dancers of Jammu & Kashmir, Pubjab & Himachal Pradesh enthralled the Judges Mr. Rohan Jacob and Ms. Sonal Yadav who judged the Level-1 of the competition.

Level-2 was judged by Mr. Ranjit Thakur, who is the Creative Head of Zee TV. More than 300 young dancers were participated in this prestigious event with keen interest. The entire event was managed by Mr. Anil Garg and Supervised by Mr. Naeem Akhtar.



Dated: 08/02/2012:- Renowned Santoor player and music composes Abhay Rustam Sopori enthralled the audience here at Jodhamal Public School with his presence as a part of the ongoing Sa Ma Pa festival. On the occasion, Vidushi Uma Garg, a renowned classical vocalist enchanted the young music lovers of Jodhamal family with her vocal recitals. She was accompanied by Sh. Sarit Das on Tabla, Abid Hussain on Sarangi and Sajjad Ahmed on Harmonium.

The Chief Guest for day was Minister of State for Home Mr. M. A. Wani. The function was attended by Pandit Vijay Shanker Mishra, Trustee of Jodhamal Public School Mr. Vikrant Kuthiala and Mr. Nandan Kuthiala. Vidushi Uma Garg and Abhay Sopori Ji interacted with the students and the spoke about the traditional Heritage and Soffiana and Classical Music.

Principal Mrs. Krishna Bhati in her welcome address appreciated the initiative taken by Sa Ma Pa group for enlightening the young generation of today with the nuances of singing and wanted young mind of today to enjoy and live the precious moments.



A special programme was organized on the occasion of 63rd Republic Day. Lt. Col. S. B. Singh was the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest hoisted the flag and after witnessing the march past by the students of the four houses and young contingents of boy scouts and girl guides declared the results for the overall champions trophy which was bagged by Challenge House. Chief Guest complimented and appreciated the spirit of the students and exhorted them to do their best for the country.

Cultural dances, songs and tableaux were the highlights of the day. The Principal, Vice Principal and Dean also spoke on the occasion and wished students on the eve of 63rd Republic Day.



Christmas was celebrated in Jodhamal Public School on 23rd Dec. 2011 with great fervour which brought lots of fun and good wishes for the new year. The students were held captive with the performance of little ones playing various characters from the life of Jesus. The audience was enthralled to see so many fairies and Santa Clause around them distributing sweets. To add to the spirit of Christmas, carols were sung by the teachers. The students welcomed the year 2012 by singing and dancing on "Jingle Bells" tunes.


The 13th Annual Interschool Debate Competition conducted by the Jammu Adventure Sports Club was held at JMPS, Channi Himmat, Jammu on 26th Nov. 2011. The motion for the debate was "Internet Brings More Harm Than Good". 24 participants from over 12 leading schools took part in the lively session.

Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Saurabh Bhagat, (IAS) Director Technical Education. The guest of honour was Mrs. Krishna Bhati Principal Jodhamal School. The members of Jury were Prof. Veena Gupta, Prof. Sneh Sambyal & Prof. Sarla Kohli. The convenor of the Debating Committee was Mr. Sarla Kohli. Mr. Sandeep Gulati, Chairman JASC in his welcome speech gave the history of the club whose aims are to encourage sports and to promote Cultural Heritage. Junior members of the Adventure Club also spoke on the Occasion. Vote of the thanks was given by Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Secretary of JASC.

Certificates of participation to all the participants were given by Vice Chairman of JASC. The Rolling Trophy Donated by R. B. Jodhamal & Co. was bagged by JODHAMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes sponsored by National Garage were won by Sankasha Sharma of Jodhamal School stood 1st, Ishrat Jahan of Presentation Convent School stood 2nd & Shantanu Mishra of Army Public School Nagrota stood 3rd. The debate was compared by Mrs. Aparna Kuthiala member of the club. Jodhamal Public School was the overall trophy of the debate.



On the occasion of Children’s Day Jodhamal Public School organized the event of commemoration the Postal Stamp in the school premises. Mr. Samuel Johnson, Chief Post Master General J&K was the Chief Guest and some other dignitaries from the Postal Deptt. also graced the occasion. The stamps of Rs.5 and Rs.20 denominations were released. In addition the department also presented a souvenir sheet of stamps to the school.
Principal Mrs. Krishna Bhati welcomed the delegates of the Postal Department and lauded the immense contribution of the department in the field of art, literature, science and social work. She also anecdotally mentioned the depiction of the Indian ‘dakiya’ in cinema, paintings and sculpture throughout history.
Mr. John Samuel speaking on the occasion briefed about the activities of the department in connecting with the people of J&K. The children were treated to rare insights of the world of postage and to a glimpse of Mr. John Samuel’s achievements and experience. He shared certain facts and trivia with the children which delighted them.
The Philately Club of JMPS also was inaugurated by Mr. John Samuel. He was extremely happy and also took the opportunity to appreciate the initiative taken by the school and also announced the assigning of all sorts of stamps to the school. The students were delighted to attend the function with such wonderful exposure to postal stamps and of being a part in the release of the postal stamp for the first time in
The school Management greeted the students on the occasion of Children’s Day and the release of the postage stamps in the school premises.


Students of Jodhamal Public School brought laurels to the school by winning the prestigious "Bharat Ko Jano" – Quiz Competition organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad at Naveen Shiksha Kendra School, Channi Himmat today. Two teams comprising of two students each i.e. Junior level – Ananya Sharma & Abhijit Kumar & Senior level – Jaspreet Kour & Mridhu Sharma bagged the Ist prize each in both the Junior & Senior categories. The Principal and the Management of the school congratulated the students and the staff members for their hard-work and sincere efforts to achieve this landmark victory.


Students won prizes in different categories in Pandit Uma Dutt Sangeet Mahotsav at Police Auditorium. Students of Jodhamal Public School bagged prizes in various categories. Aditya Narain and Nandini Kapoor won 2nd and 3rd prize in Light Singing (Junior). Casio group stood 1st and Guitar group of Jodhamal Public School stood 2nd in Group Instrumental (Junior). And in Group Instrumental (Senior) Jodhamal Guitar (Senior) group was the 1st Prize winner.


Jodhamal Public School hosted the Limca Book of Record Quiz 2011 in association with Derek O' Brien & Associates in the school Amphitheatre today. Nearly 230 participants from a total of 37 schools from the Jammu region actively participated in the Quiz. The six schools that qualified the preliminary written round were Army Public School Janglote, Army Public School Akhnoor, Army Public School Akhnoor, K. C. International School, Model Academy & DPS Jammu.

K. C. International Jammu was the winner of the Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011. Army Public School Janglote bagged the second position followed by Army Public School Akhnoor at the third position. Mrs. Krishna Bhati, Principal JMPS, was the Chief Guest & awarded the winning team & appreciated the initiative taken by Limca Book of records towards the pursuit of knowledge in on entertaining yet Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Gujral, HR Manager, Coca Cola was the Guest of Honour of the Occasion.



Dated: 25th Oct. 2011:- Scouts and Guides "PRAVESH CAMP" was conducted by Dr. Gurcharan Singh (State HQ Commissioner) and Smt. Bimla Handoo (DOC) (G) recently in the school premises. The Camp was declared open by:- Principal, Mrs. Krishna Bhati the Pravesh Camp which is the step towards making the future more responsible citizens of our country was pioneered at Jodhamal Public School with utmost dedication. 91 Scouts and Guides were enlightened with the origin, law, motto, salute, sigh, prayer, songs etc related to Bharat Scouts and Guides.

They were overjoyed to learn the yells and were amazed to experience the spectrum of activities. The cubs and Bulbuls were equally enthusiastic about their role and their respective activities. Vote of thanks was given by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Rohini Aima and the school representatives were – Mrs. Simran Singh (Rajya Puruskar), Mrs. Kusum Abrol (NCC 'C' Certificate), Miss. Jyoti Chwdhary (BP Ed.), Mr. Rajiv Kalotra (PT Instructor).

The children felt proud to be part of such a prestigious organization and pledged to make a difference and bring about the winds of changein whatever little way they can.




Dated: 4th Oct., 2011: Primary students of Jodhamal Public School organized a special assembly on 4th October to mark the celebration of Dushehra in the school campus, which included narration of mythological tales in the form of "RAMLILA". The highlights of symbolic Ravanana's effigy were ten faces of Ravana enactment and the symbolic burning of effigy of RAVANA depicting ten evils of the present times e.g. Terrorism, corruption, drug addiction poverty, child labour, deforestation, pollution showing the triumph of good over evil. It also made children learn about Indian mythology and importance of the festival.

The students were then addressed by the Principal and the Vice Principal who highlighted the significance of this festival and addressed to the students to fight for the eradication of evils of the present times.



JODHAMAL Public | School conducted a two-day Scouts and Guides camp, ;wherein the Scouts and Guides were trained in deaf 'and dumb signalling among pther disciplines. The twoday camp was held on September 15 and September 16. The students were trained and guided by Sahaj Singh, State Training Commissioner, Dr Gurcharan Singh Ghai, State Head
Commissioner, Bimla Handoo and Neeru Talwar, both HWB guides. The camp was very useful for students as they learnt deaf and dumb signalling, flag song, prayers and patrin
tic songs, form, salute, left handshake, Scouts and Guides sign, so- , cial service, self-reliance and brotherhood. On the occasion, the students were motivated to . work towards discipline, meditation and simplicity. The trainers elaborated on the need of an education
whicli would help students equip themselves for struggle in life and strengthen their characters. The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a step towards strengthening mental and
physical health of children, encouraging them to exercise their creative instincts in a meaningful'and effective manner. The camp was coordinated by Scout Master MohitSharma


JAMMU: The students of Jodhamal Public School celebrated International Peace Tree Day in the school premises on JViday. International Peace Tree Day is an annual festival for children and families of every culture and faith to share and celebrate peace and diversity together. The Canadian High Commission is propagating this message in India. To mark the occasion, the students were shown the award winning movie Peace Tree by educator and film maker Mitra Senv The students also adopted a tree in school and hung symbols of different faith and religions on it. The whole school sang the Peace Tree song and pledged to bring peace all around. Prof. Posh Charak, Director, Centre of New Literatures, Culture and Communication and Dr. Tarunnum Khan were the Guests of Honour.'Prof. Charak stressed the need for world peace and encouraged students to take the first step in bridging the gap through their innocence and curiosity and influence the adults to-be more open minded. While speaking on the occasion, the Principal of the school, Krishna Bhati said that the need of the hour is to bring peace and understand that peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. Mementos as a token, of the school's appreciation' .were presented by the Principal to the Guests of the function.