•• Let kids be kids ••

As adults, we all know that our children will eventually grow up to the pressures of higher education and the stressful competitive environment that surrounds us today. The best gift we can give to kids is a solid platform of confidence, joy and freedom, on which they will be able to build their tomorrow. Jodhamal Juniors welcomes you to a programme that is structured on the well-known concept that creative activities will help your child grow into a multi-dimensional person. They will familiarise your child with an awareness of the world and skills that will go a long way, Here, we introduce you to the fun way to bring out the hidden talents and abilities of your child, In other words, the best way to build your children into responsible, creative seniors is to give them a great start as Juniors.


•• Where the kids grow in mind,
          spirit and body ••

Today's child needs more than just scholastic education. Enlightened parents know that it is the all-round development of a child's personality and the ability to interact successfully with society that will determine his or her personal, emotional and professional success. Jodhamal Juniors provides a carefully devised programme that covers a vast range of activities from music to computers and literary skills to arts and crafts. They have been developed by leading artists and persons acclaimed in their field. It is a programme that is absolutely unique to India that harmoniously blends heritage with technology in a free environment that is conducive to learning and creativity. Here, children interact with well qualified creative professionals, skilled and trained to work with young minds. In fact, Jodhamal Juniors provides an environment where your child can make informed choices and use freedom in a constructive way.
The good news is, at Jodhamal Juniors, children face challenges of growing up, not exams.


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