••A Well-rounded curriculum that brings out a child's best ••

There's a world outside the classroom that teaches as important a lesson as books do and this world helps children open up and participate in activities involving drama, school excursions and enjoy facilities such as splash pool, mini skating rink, story telling, painting, speech-lab training and a lot more. We have a mind-boggling array of activities your child can choose from. Our approach to imparting creative skills is not the routine 'learning by rote' method you have may have seen elsewhere. Every child is born with an inborn gift of imagination and creativity. Jodhamal Juniors focuses on rekindling these natural abilities. This, we believe, is the key to later success in life. Here, your child will be introduced to a universe of creativity by way of dance lessons , Introduction to music # Creativity in communication and storytelling. Familiarisation with computers m Getting to know the world of books at the school library Becoming extrovert and confident through participation in theatre # Discovering nature # Learning art and developing creative skills # Taking nature walks # Learning about our culture through Indian epics and folk tales # Relaxing and playing in the toy room and the list could go on.
The best part? We encourage your child to decide what interests him or her thereby ensuring wholehearted involvement and eventual success and pride of achievement.


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