Art of Living Workshop conducted for Jodhamal Staff

Art of Living Happiness Course was done by 65 teachers of the senior school of Jodhamaland each one felt being transcended... Happiness Course was conducted by Art of Living instructor Ms. ShwetaGolani who came from Bangalore from Shri Shri''s Ashram and is the renowned AOL teacher from Dehradun...without dipping in water we can never truly know how it feels to have a swim? This Happiness Course by Shwetaji made Jodhamal teachers effortlessly sponge up whatever was offered in the Programme in the three days course.. Most happiest three days for each staff member and they all experienced the transition through the techniques taught, processes done and other practical tools taught during the course....Each one went home after completion of the course as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable and happier person with easy to use tools they can use to maintain the benefits of this course for a life time...A happy mind makes us stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life and with such feelings the course came to a close.. All teachers appreciated Ms. ShwetaGolani's energy level and knowledge and were highly elated to have been provided this opportunity by the school management....School Principal Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts of the forward looking management which does things out of the box and sets precedence..NandanKuthiala and AratiKuthiala are dedicated to the cause of education in the state and are determined to take the school education to the next level in the state.

During the course the Techniques taught to accept the people and situations the way they come, was one of the lesson for all those who get disturb at the slightest of the blow in life. Shweta Golani told everyone that the opposite values are complimentary to each other so if we have some sorrow in life then only we will be able to value the happiness and if one experiences the heat then only he would sense the cold. She also told the teachers to have their opinion and should not become the football of other people’s opinion. During the SudershanKriya the teachers felt so relaxed and got transcended to a different world.

Art of Living was an experience of an altogether different kind which most of the schools and corporate world is giving to their employees and IIT’s are providing to their students and Jodhamal Public School has taken the first step forward and is determined to get it for staff, students, support staff and even for parents in the times to come.

Jodhamal School Conducts Career Counseling Session for Parents

Jodhamal Public School conducted the Career Counseling Session for the students of Grade X and their Parents in the school OAT where the parents and students were counselled on how and what subjects to take to make their passion come on the surface. The Session started with the formal welcome by the Principal Trilok Singh Bist and the Lighting of the Lamp by Mr. & Mrs. Sanjay Sharma the parents of Khushi Sharma who were the early birds to this session along with the Vice Principal Monika Sethi and Adm Officer Bharat Bhushan Sharma. Resource person to this session was the school Principal Himself and started his session with a Video where he focussed on the Hard Work and Success. Bist said that people say that Hard work is the key to success but in this 21st Century Hard Work in the right direction is actually the key to success and not just the hard work. Some times a child is putting in a lot of efforts and still the results are not the expected ones and on the research it says the choice of subjects after class X make a lot of impact on a child's personality. Right choice of subjects after the realistic options in mind if we select the subjects then there is no reason for a child to be not to be successful. All the parents were asked to take some time and have a man to man talk with their children to help them in deciding the choice of subjects for the betterment of their children. All parents were told of more than 250 conventional and non conventional courses in which their kids can go in for and were asked to encourage their kids for living their passions since at the end of a day if a parent has to make a choice between a successful child or a happy child will always prefer their children's happiness over anything. Whether science or commerce or humanities depends on the right choice of subjects at Grade XI and tapping the potential of a child and honing them in that direction only will bring the best out of a child and Bist insisted on getting the parents brainstorm and ask a lot of counselors online or otherwise to find out the hidden talent of their child to support him or her and make them put in a lot of hard work in the right direction to make a difference. All the parents were very happy to be a part of this Counseling Session and students were also told that there is a unique key for all locks and only one key can open that lock similarly each child is unique and each child has some talents and potential and putting the right key to unlock the right career for a child will make the the child flourish in the chosen field. Students and parents who were the part of this session appreciated the complete program and felt that they got a lot of insight into the career options and even the students of grade X were happy to know about almost 250 career options for them since they felt only Engineering and Medical and CA were the only the choices for the students but in the Session they came to know of all unconventional career options like Fashion Designing, Jewellery Designing, Auctuaral Sciences, Medical Transcription, Army, Navy , Air force and Merchant Navy, Company Secretary, Advertisements, Event Management , IAS, KAS, IES, and so on and so forth. The Session came to a close with the introduction of all the PGTs of Jodhamal and a video on how and why should an Educational System have the same yardstick to measure everybody's capability and why should a fish be made to climb trees to get educated. On this note the Counseling Session came to a close with vote of thanks by the Vice Principal Monika Sethi.

SahodayaTeacher’s Capacity Building Workshop at Jodhamal

Sahodaya School Complex Jammu chapter conducted the Teachers Workshop at Jodhamal Public School on Capacity Building with the Main Focus on Phonetics & Effective Classroom Management wherein teachers from almost 20 schools affiliated to Jammu Sahodaya participated with full urge to learn more to deliver more in their respective schools. The first session on Phonetics was taken by the highly acclaimed Resource Person Mr. Rajesh Rathore , the Principal G D Goenka School Jammu. Mr. Rathore made the concept of phonetics so crystal clear to all participants that they all felt the benefit of attending the workshop under the aegis of Jammu Sahodaya. Mr. Rathore focused on the correct pronunciation and diction of the teachers to percolate down the correct English to the gen next. He also took a small session on how to use the dictionary effectively using the phonic sounds and how to learn to put the right stress at the right word and how to make the phonic transcription. All teachers enjoyed the activities conducted for the phonetic understanding of English. Ninety Teachers from Twenty schools attended this workshop and some of them were APS Nagrota, APS Jammu Cantt, Jammu Sanskriti Jammu &Kathua, JK Public School Kathua, SOS Herman Gyminer, Model Academy, , Stephen International, Sainik School Nagrota, BSF Paloura, APS Damana, APS Kaluchak, DPS Udhampur, DBN Amarvilla, Springdales, Rich Harvest, Calliope Akhnoor, SantBalYogeshwarBhartiyaVidyaMandir, APS Bidibari etc. made it to this fruitful workshop. The second session was taken by the President Jammu Sahodaya Mr. Trilok Singh Bist the Principal Jodhamal Public School on the Effective Classroom Management. Bist gave a very practical view of the present day classrooms and how much distraction today’s kids have and how much more challenging is it to manage the classroom that too effectively without hampering the relationship between the teacher and taught. Wonderful PPT and videos made the session very interesting with the role plays by the teachers on the classroom management. Each teacher at the end had to fill up the feedback form and give their suggestions on how can Sahodaya help in developing a Learning Community without any discrimination and that too for all schools together to live up to the ethos of Sahodaya “ Rising Together in Unison”…. Vote of thanks was presented by Vice Principal Jodhamal Public School Mrs. Monika Sethi and mementos were presented to the resource persons by CCA Coordinator Mrs. NandiniBakshi. Trustee NandanKuthiala and Director AratiKuthiala also appreciated the initiative taken by Mr. Rajesh Rathore& Mr. Trilok Singh Bist to join hands to conduct this Capacity Building Workshop in the interest of all the Sahodaya Schools of Jammu City. Mr. Trilok Singh Bist thanked all the participants and their respective Principals for the cooperation extended to make this workshop such a successful one .

CBSE Workshop Conducted at Jodhamal on Classroom Management

A Two Day Workshop on Classroom Management was conducted by CBSE at Jodhamal Public School on 16th& 17th December for the teachers of CBSE Schools of Jammu and Kashmir. A total of 59 teachers from Jammu, Udhampur, Kathua, Samba,Katra, Akhnoor, Srinagar, Manasbal, Bilawal and many other parts of Jammu attended this workshop to hone up their skills in managing the classrooms.The Resource Persons Rashmi Ahluwalia the Principal of Cambridge Montessory School Pathankot was one of the CBSE Resource Person who delivered ach and every topic in detail in a very easy way for all to understand the concept of Classroom Management. She told the teachers on the class management of small class size is different from the management of the class with smaller size. She also discussed the issue where a boy and girl in a class are constantly in each other’s company and not talking to any other child in the class and as a result if their class performance is going down, then how will the teachers tackle such a situation before it becomes detrimental to the child’s growth was another point of discussion where most of the teachers also shared their experiences.Another topic which was handled well was How to manage a Class with Large Number of Students. The outcome was by improving their organizational and managerial skills as they work to creatively organize their classrooms as comfortable , welcoming learning environment and to manage many students within it. Teachers can improve their teaching and presentation skills Also by using divers assessment tools they can manage their classes with ease. Second resource person was Navdeep Bhandari the Principal Guru Nanak Public School Dalhousie. He in his presentation also talked on the age old classroom management system will not be able to work with today’s kids and also made the session hilarious by adding the urdu couplets in his presentation. Trilok Singh Bist Principal Jodhamal also took one session on Effective Classroom Management. He took ten points viz Starting the class tough in the beginning to avoid being taken for granted by the students, To be fair with all students,By being prepared for any kind of diruptions, By instilling the high expectations among children, Inculcating behavioural norms, By over planning to reach each child with multiple intelligence, By Having a disciplinary plan of what ar do’s and don’t’s…By Focusing on relationship and a bond with the student, Being careful about the confrontation and finally by being careful about confrontations and being patient. There were a total of 59 participants to be a part of this workshop in all and all of them said it was interesting. Schools from all over J & K were representing their schools in this fruitful workshop…..All teachers went back highly impressed and were happy to be a part of this wonderful workshop for two days… Present on the occasion were Vivek Arora, Principal Bhargawa Public School, Mrs. Monika Sethi the Vice Principal JMPS , NandaniBakshi of JMPS and the teachers from across J & K. Indeed a very fruitful workshps . Principal Trilok Singh thanked the CBSE Resource persons and to CBSE Deputy Director Anjali Chhabra for conducting the same here at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu

Jodhamal Awarded Oustanding School Award by Tony Blair Face to Faith Foundation

Jodhamal is the First School in Jammu & Kashmir to have got the Golden Award last year for the Face to Faith Foundation of the Tony Blair,the Formaer Prime Minister of United Kingdom. The school Coordinator Ms. Mubeen worked very hard for the F2F projects at Jodhamal wherein the students of Jodhmal had video conferencing with the students from all over the globe during 2015-16. Jodhamal was awarded the Outstnding School Award for it’s performance during the last two years under the leadership of the school Principal Trilok Singh Bist and the Coordinator Ms. Mubeen Butt and the Technical helps Kiranjeet Kaur & Sheetal Kotwal. Recently F2F has been renamed as Generation Global.
Generation Global works across the world delivering a pioneering education programme to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. It helps students embrace an open-minded approach to others, to diversity and to difference that can lead to tolerant stable societies. It is a program run by Tony Blair Foundation all across the world. Jodhamal Public school is the first school in the state to participate in the Generation Global activities since September 2014. Jodhamal bagged Generation Global Gold award in 2015 under the leadership of the school Principal Mr.Trilok Singh Bist, and Generation Global teacher coordinator Ms. Mubeen Butt. Jodhamal Public School once again with the combined efforts of the technical team comprising of Ms.Kiranjeet Kour, Ms. Sheetal Kotwal and Ms. Akriti Sethi bagged the "OUTSTANDING AWARD" for embedding Generation Global activities in the school curriculum. Jodhamal is one of the very few schools in North India who have received the Generation Global outstanding award. The teachers who are awarded the Outstanding Award for their contribution are Monika Sethi the Vice Principal, Mubeen Butt, Kiranjeet Kaur, Sheetal Kotwal, Akriti Sethi, Bhawna Madaan, Shallu Sharma and Deepta Khussoo.. This award was presented by the British Council Teaching Assistants from UK Benjamin Gander & William Tuohy to Mubeen Butt and the other receipients of this award in a special ceremony.

CBSE Conducts the ASL Workshop at Jodhamal

A two day long workshop on Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills was conducted in Jodhamal Public School on 8th and 9th sept respectively. This workshop was organized byCBSE to implement and reinforce the ASL skills.ASL i.e. the Assessment of Speaking and Listening has now not only been implemented in all the CBSE schools but in the State board schools as well.
The workshop was attended by almost 57 English teachers across the North zone. Besides ASL,it also focussed on Communicative Language Teaching, stress and intonation, CEFR, Phonetics and Pronunciation etc. All the teachers were provided with equal opportunity to practice their hands on various ASL tasks. Various new scripts were handed over to teachers to be used in the classes.
The two resource persons from CBSE namely Dr. Pallavi Sethi from Ludhiana and Ms. Amanpreet Kour from Mohali laid stress on to implement ASL right from class 1 grade so as to improve the speaking skills and boost confidence among the students thereby discussing the assessment criteria, procedures and objectives of conducting this assessment test was discussed in detail.
This workshop was a reinforcement of the ASL skills that has been already been implemented in the CBSE schools along with the practice of the remaining skills of English.
The principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the resource persons and embellished the occasion by showing a ppt on a true facilitator thus enriching to the hospitality offered by the school.Mr. Bist thanked CBSE in General & Ms. Anjali Chabra the Deputy Director CBSE for giving this special workshop to Jammu to benefit the teachers and to know how to ensure a standardized spoken skill development in the students of all states right from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala. He also thanked all the Principals of CBSE Schools from J & K, Punjab & Haryana who are futuristic in their vision and could send their teachers to benefit from this move of CBSE and thanked the Coordinator Nandani Bakshi for the meticulous planning and execution of this Workshop.

Jodhamal holds Investiture Ceremony of the Junior School

Jodhamal Public School had the Investiture Ceremony of the Junior School Prefect Council with a great pomp and show. The Junior Kids conducted a Street Play on Save Water as a part of their UN Collaboration SDG and then the Chief Guest on the occasion Mr. Mubassir Latifi, KPS(SSP Police) inducted the Prefect Council members to the office in a very formal ceremony. The Student pupil leaders the Junior School Head Boy and Head Girl respectively are Palmer Singh & Daania Butt took the oath to lead by example and without pride or prejudice. DSPL are Aarya Mahajan & Rushda Fatima; Sports Captains are Yuvraj Singh & Livanya Mehta; CCA Incharges were Anish Arora & Snigdha Gupta; Eco Leaders are RudraPratap Singh & Shravani Kapoor; Discipline Incharges are Eklavya Mahajan & Yashasvee Rathore; Challenge House Captains are Shivansh Garg, Sheikh Sabran & Kripa Grover; Discovery House Captains are Ridham Sharma & Anandita Handa; Enterprise House Captains are Luke Jaikonao & Arshia Gupta ; Invention House Captains Aniket Kumar & Nitika Langeh were adorned with their badges by the Chief Guest in the Presence of the staff, students and their parents. House Vice Captains of the four houses Arhan Mahajan, Siya Sharma, Harmanjot Singh ,Krishika Koul, Aradhya Jamwal, Kanav Prabhakar, Saarthak Jain & Smaira Jamwal were also inducted to the office of the Prefect Council of Jodhamal Juniors.

After they all were inducted as Prefect Council Members they all took the Oath in unison and the Head Boy of Senior School Sachdev Administered the Oath. Head Girl Navisha Gupta and Head Boy Hasit Sachdev of the school conducted the complete programme and also offered the vote of thanks. All the parents added the glory to the small function where in his address Mr. Latifi said that the parents have a big responsibility in honing up the next generation and also parents need to take the onus for the distraction of the students these days in different unpleasant areas and every parent needs to keep a vigilant eye on their child’s activities and friend circle. The SPLs and ASPLs also gave the speeches to live upto the expectation of their teachers, parents and their fellow friends in the school. Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the students for being chosen as the little leaders and wished them success at all walks of life. The ones who were not in the Prefect Council Bist said have even a bigger goal set for them and should work from now only to aim for being the members of Senior School Council once they grow up and till then a self-disciplined life style can make them all keep achieving the impossible.

Jodhamal Conducts Multiple Intelligence & Bloom’s Taxonomy Workshop

A workshop on incorporation of Bloom’s Taxonomy & Multiple Intelligence in the Lesson Planning for each teacher at Jodhamal was conducted for two days by the renowned Resource Person Dr. Jay Kumar Singh from Silverline Educational Services New Delhi, in the Edulive Hall of Jodhamal Public School. A total of 135 teachers were groomed and were prepared to face the challenges of the 21st Century Teaching Learning Methodology to be at par with the best schools of India. Dr. Singh gave the concept of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in which we believe in Learning by doing and the Parameters have changed from Nouns to Verbs like Remembering, Understanding,Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating and how to keep in mind all these learning objectives while making the lesson plan for a particular subject. Multiple Intelligence is another very important concept today’s teachers need to incorporate in their lesson plans for a successful delivery of their lessons. Eight parameters are Logical Mathematical and logical, linguistics Intelligence, Rhythm and Musical , Kinesthetic Bodily Intelligence, Inter Personal , Intra Personal Intelligence, Visual & Spatial and the Naturalistic Intelligence were discussed in details and the teachers were taught as to how to incorporate each of the Intelligence given by Haward Garner.
The teachers were given different situations and in all situations they were asked to prepare a Lesson Plan incorporating the Haward Garner’s Intelligence parameters to recognize each child’s potential in a class…All teachers were divided in groups as per the subject taken by them and were asked to discuss in groups and them frame a Lesson Plan utilizing each parameter from MIs and Bloom’s Taxonomy… Principal Trilok Singh Bist& Trustee NandanKuthiala gave away the memento to the Resource Person… Vice Principal Monika Sethi presented the vote of thanks. Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating and then finally Creating are the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs which each teacher needs to understand and incorporate in her/ his Lesson Plan… Jodhamal Teachers really surprised the Resource Person by preparing the Lesson Plans meticulously using the Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligence… The gest of the Workshop was that each lesson plan must start with a tag line that” After this lesson the child will be…” Dr. Jay Kumar added on a lot to the knowledge of the teachers and this capacity building programme widened up the horizons of the educators to be able to percolate down the education at par with any IB school of the country at Jodhamal itself.

Master Story Teller Simmi Srivastava from Kathashala at Jodhamal

Jodhamal Public School in it’s endeavour to add Innovative Practices in the Teaching of inter disciplinary aspect in a beautiful way of a story had Simmi Srivastava coming to the school for the fourth time in a row for 4 days again to ensure the class observations and the Story Telling Workshop for the teachers of Jodhamal to know the methods as to how to prepare the props and the teaching aids to make teaching learning a more interesting affair. Ace Story Teller Simmi Srivastva felt that the teachers of Jodhamal Public School over the period of time have mastered the art of story telling and have learnt to weave a story on their own to suit the topic taught in a particular subject. Be it Hindi where the teacher creates a song to talk of the Sangya Visheshan etc., or the Math teacher making it convenient to weave a story to make the concept of Fraction crystal clear to the students or the Science teachers creating a Skeleton Dance to make the kids understand the concept of Bones, Joints and the Human Skeleton etc. The Resource person was mesmerized to see the inter disciplinary inclusion of stories in the school curriculum. Four days at Jodhamal for the fourth consecutive visit Simmi from Kathshala has made the difference to the teacher’s outlook at the story telling as an important tool of teaching in the modern era the 21st century.
In their innovative practices Jodhamal also started the Video Conferencing sessions with the Author turned teacher Gouri Banerji from Gurgaon who has interacted with the students of class VII and class X to discuss the Redcliffline and the Julius Caesar. Gouri Banerji also interacted with the English Teachers and gave tips as to how to make English more interesting and how to connect to the hearts of the students without which a literature teacher will have no impact on the students. An English Teacher according to Gouri Banerji needs to be in the habit of reading books herself / himself to ensure the students getting into the habit of reading.


To mark the 69th Independence Day, enthusiastic students of Jodhamal Public School, celebrated Independence Day amidst patriotic fervor and gaiety. The programme started with all the proud parents of newly inducted Junior Perfect Council selected. The Head Boy Hasit Singh and Head Girl Navisha Gupta presented a welcome address to all dignitaries and parents. Bouquets were presented to the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. The programme started with the lighting of lamp amidst chanting of Gayatri Mantra followed by patriotic cultural fiesta. Children attired in vibrant tri-coloured dressed feel of the event awaking the spirit of Independence. Children attired as freedom fighters spoke their eminent speeches enlightening everyone. Dances were presented and song sung, taking everybody back to freedom movement.
The Chief Guest for the special day was MrMubassirLatifi (KPS), Sr Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, Jammu, who graced the occasion. Newly inducted council for juniors was conferred with badges and sashes in front of jubilant parents. The Junior Head Boy took the oath to do well and perform all duties properly. Principal of the school, MrTrilok Singh Bist addressed the gathering followed by the address of the newly inducted Perfect Council (SPLs & ASPLs). IAYP Gold Award ceremony was conducted, where all children clearing the Gold Award were presented with their awards. The Chief Guest applauded and appreciated the patriotism feel in the generation of today. The programme culminated with the presentation of a Memento to the Chief Guest by the Trustee, MrNandanKuthiala and Principal Jodhamal Public School. The Head Boy presented vote of thanks reflecting his gratitude towards all. National Anthem was sung in Unison on full pitch,the end the day.


Jodhamal public school Jammu held its 6thinvestiture ceremony with great enthusiasm. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic session. It was a solemn occasion where the Students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. Mr. Simrandeep Singh, The District Development Commissioner Jammu, was the Chief Guest. The occasion started with the welcome address by Mrs. Monika Sethi, Vice Principal Jodhamal School. The school has a vision that JMPiians should gain confidence by facing challenges in life. The newly appointed Council Members marched in with their heads held high to the beautiful beat of the school band. They were adorned with the badges and received the school and House flags from the Chief Guest and the School Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist. This was followed by the entire Council taking Oath to discharge their duties with sincerity and fulfill the schools expectations. The Principal in his speech congratulated the members and asked them to follow the ethical means of leadership. The whole stage was lit up with vibrant colours of the different flags. The occasion also witnessed a colourful bonanza of Inter-House Dance Competition. This show was adjudged by the parents of the newly inducted Prefect Council.
The Chief Guest Mr. Simrandeep Singh emphasized in his speech, the importance of discipline and the dignity of the individual and school. The Head Boy Hasit Singh and the Head Girl Navisha Gupta promised a definite change for the better tomorrow with great conviction in their confident speeches. The Newly formed Perfect Council is :- HasitSachdev (Head Boy), Navisha Gupta (Head Girl), Ratnesh Jain (Deputy Head Boy),IshitaDhar (Deputy Head Girl), MuskanTyagi & MuskanPuri (Academic Perfects), AntrikshaPathania & Aayush Dubey (Discipline Perfects), Danish Kaul& Jatin Mahajan (Sports Perfects) The Neutral Vice Perfects are :- Pranjal Gandhi & KshitijSethi (Academic Vice Perfects), ManaswiniOswal& Ananya Sharma (CCA Vice Perfects), Gursimar Singh, ShivamSnoriaand Harsimaf Kaur (Discipline Vice Perfects), Milind Pandita&Irwin Kaur (Sports Vice Perfects) The House Perfects are :- Aarush Kaul& Charanjeev Singh (Challenge House), Varnika Gupta & Maulik Jain (Discovery House), WarnikaSlathia (Enterprise House), Zara Zulfikar & ManikBakshi (Invention House) The House Vice Perfects elected are :- AtimaBaksh & Chaitely(Challenge House) Bakshi AnanyaBillawria & NingnungJaikone (Discovery House), Mahinder Kaur & AryaAbrol (Enterprise House), Gunjan Singh & ShakibSeikh (Invention House).


Jodhamal Public School by virtue of being the first YES Centre for IAYP (Duke of Edengurh’s Awards) and also being the first school to receive the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD accredited by the British Council in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has access to many International Workshops, to enhance the skills and outlook of its staff. Recently the teachers were sent for different International workshops to make the teachers understand the ethos and the idea of the modern day education system and change their perceptions.

Ms Shallu Sharma went to Sagar International School, Alwar in Rajasthan for All Asia Paciffic Training for the Trainer ( T4T) for the IAYP Programme. She has become one of the few IAYP trainers in North India.

Ms. Deepmala of Jodhamal was selected for the Global Teacher Accreditation Project, an initiative of British Council to select the Teachers for International Exchange Programme. She has been now invited to the British Council Headquarters on an exchange programme to UK School. Ms Ranju Malhotra attended the British Council workshop on skill enhancement padeology at New Delhi.
Ms Bhawna Madaan & Ms Sonia Mahajan participated in British Council National Workshop on “Enriching Education” at Noida.
Ms Nandini Bakshi and Mr Avinash Mahajan attended an Edu- Leadership International Workshop at the World Peace Centre, Lucknow.
Mr. Avinash Mahajan and Mr Narender Singh went to Chandigarh as a delegate at Regional Summit on Quality in Education. Avinash Mahajan being the Sr. Coordinator at JMPS brought in a lot of information on quality in education and in turn conducted an in house workshop for all teachers.


A Brief Report.

Dated: 21/02/2013:- Jodhamal teachers namely Ms Bhupinder Kour, Ms Leelawati Bist, Ms Shallu Rani, Ms Neerja Puri and Ms Manpreet Kour under the leadership of Ms Urmila Kaul Prmary coordinater, attended a Workshop cum International conference of Pre-Primary and Primary Principals at Lucknow, from 9th Feb. to 11th Feb 2013, organized by City Montessori School Lucknow.

The main thrust of the ICPPP was to share the ideas regarding the teaching and learning process of children. The trainers were not only from India but from other countries of the world. There were many innovative presentations and interactive sessions. Around 500 delegates representing more than 200 schools drawn from various parts of India, U.K.,Russia, Tiwan, Afganistan, Argentina, Nigeria, Nepal and China etc. participated in the conference.

On the first day after the customary lighting of lamp by the chief guest there was cultural programme by the students of CMS Lucknow, followed by the visit to Pre-primary & primary Resource centre. Later on there was group photograph of all the delegates.

On the first day there were the presentations on :

* "Vision to Reality, the CMS experience" . Presented by Ms Susmita Basu

* "When Best is Not Enough: From Best Practices to Next Practices". By Ms Sunita Gandhi.

* "Silence Game with additional focus on walking on Line". Presented by Ms. Teenaz Reporter .

* "Creating social cohesion Using a Montessori approach". By Ms Uma Rammani

* "Importance of drama in learning". By Ms Arpita Mittal

* "An Introduction to School Self-Review and Evaluation Diagnostic": By Mr Spooky wheelar. 

The 2nd Day started with prayer by Pre-Primary and Primary students of CMS school.

Followed by Interactive session with Dr Jagdesh Gandhi Founder Manager CMS.

The other presentations for the day were

* "Development of Inner Discipline and Responsibility’: A presentation by Ms Uma Ramani,

* "Discovering What’s Possible’ : Mathematics Hands- By Jodo Gyan, India

* "An Overview of Pre-primary and Primary Education in Mauritius’: A presentation

by Mr Madhukar

* "Inspire the Next": A presentation by Ms Sonia Relia

Later on the teachers visited CMS Gomti Nagar campus.

On the third and the last day there was interactive session by Mr Raniero Regni. Topic was

"Children: A Password to the Future".

The other programmes for the day included

* "Use of Story Telling Techniques in the Pre-primary and Primary Classrooms": A presentation by Ms Maria Laura Fuertes

* "A Session on Sensitizing Teachers Towards the Role of Environment in the Development of the Child" :A presentation by Ms Nita Ganguly,

* "Implementing Reform: A Checklist for Driving Change - Our own Report Card" : A presentation by Dr Sunita Gandhi

Towards the end there was the awards and the closing ceremony. Before that we proudly presented a school prayer song to make our presence felt. It was liked by all present there.

Jodhamal teachers actively participated in all the sessions. Particularly in JODO GYAN, USE OF STORY TELLING TECHNIQUES and INSPIRE THE NEXT sessions. Jodhamal teachers were appreciated by one and all for the enthusiasm with which they participated in the workshop on all three days.

Principal Jodhamal Trilok Singh Bist said that after attending this conference surely our teachers got enriched with latest and innovative teaching methods and got a chance to interact with national as well as international teachers / principals and definitely they have got an exposure unique of its kind. Mr. Bist also told our correspondant that such Seminars and workshops are not only conducted for their teachers on a regular basis in house but also we keep sending our teachers for CBSE workshops and NUEPA or NCERT workshops. Mr. Bist also attended the week long Principal’s Management Development Workshop conducted by C.B.S.E. under the aegis of N.U.E.P.A., New Delhi where 45 Principals from all over India Participated to learn about the latest Accounting Methods, RTE, School Administration and how to ensure that the Kids are a pass word for the Future.


Dated: 06th Nov., 2012: Jodhamal Public School hosted a one day Hindi Workshop under the aegis of Sankalp an initiative of Saraswati House. The workshop was attended by almost 60 teachers from over 22 schools of Jammu. The resource person Dr. Ram Karan Dabas is a renowned personality in the field of Hindi Education and had been associated with NCERT, SCERT and NUEPA. He made the workshop so lively that for almost 7 hours he was able to captivate the Hindi intellectuals of Jammu.

Dr. Dabas focused on Hindi as a language and highlighted the importance of pronunciation and phonetics in Hindi. He also stressed on the importance of Reading Skills and Listening Skills in Hindi besides the writing skills. He also talked about the CCE pattern and here in this contest the HOD (Hindi) of Jodhamal Public School, Mrs. Harmeet Kukal provided the evidence of activities and assignments under CCE for each one to see and learn. In all it was good learning experience for all 60 teachers who attended the workshop. In the end the principal of the host school Mr. Trilok Singh Bist gave the vote of thanks in which he thanked the resource person Dr. Ram Karan Dabas for sparing his valuable time and be with the teachers of Jammu city. He also thanked all the Principals of different schools of Jammu for sending their teachers to be a part of their workshop without which the workshop would not have been such an interactive one.

The programme concluded with the vice Principal Mrs. Rohini Aima presenting a token of love, gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed resource person.


Jodhamal Public School Celebrates Teachers Day with a lot of Fan Fare

Jammu, 5th Sept. 12:- The students of Jodhamal Public School celebrated the teacher’s day with a lot of enthusiasm and respect for their teachers. The head boy Abhayjeet and Head girl Sankasha with Iras and Kunal took the lead and organised a cultural show for their teachers with the help of the Prefect Council of the school. The children also organised the games for the teachers and each teacher enjoyed it all to ecstasy and the complete environment was of being grateful to the teaching community and towards the end of the day they organised a sumptous lunch for their teachers . Principal Trilok Singh thanked the students on behalf of the teaching fraternity of Jodhamal and said these are also ways of teaching the kids to take up responsibility and be responsible citizens in the times to come. The best part of the program here was the prefect council did not take the help of the teachers at all and organised each and everything all by themselves.


Dated: 3rd Sept., 2013:- Jodhamal Public School organized an Investiture Ceremony for recently selected team of Junior School Prefect Council members.

The team members were brimming with confidence to shoulder the newly assigned duties. The auspicious ceremony began with a musical rendition of lighting of the lamp. The Head Boy of the school administered the oath to the Prefects of the junior school to carry out the duties assigned to them with sincerity and efficiency. The objective of the event was to espouse the confidence, development of leadership qualities and sense of responsibility among the students. The office bearers received their badges from the chief Guest Mrs. Rohini Aima, Principal Sanskriti School and the Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist. The school along with the teachers and proud parents of the office bearers were present to bless the proceedings. The chief guest in her speech congratulated the office bearers and encouraged them to shoulder their duties with loyalty, truth and honour and told them to b e exemplary in their work. The principal also congratulated the team and said that with power comes great responsibility and advised them to be the role models for other students. It was a defining moment for the student pupil leaders Amitoj Kaur and Suvinay Jain.

The following students took the Oath:-

As student Pupil leaders – Amitoj Kaur and Suvinay Jain.

Assistant Student pupil leader – Advika Verma and Rudraksh Bhalla.

Uditi Verma and Sarthi Jasrotia – Sports Captain.

Sana Kesar and Sarthak Raina – CCA Incharge.

Bhavya Bhushan and Triyambak Kapoor – ECO leaders.

Saba Jamwal and Abu Bakar – Discipline Incharge.

Ruby Kotwal and Harjot Singh – Challenge House Captain.

Aaradhya Thakur and Shobhit Aggarwal – Discovery House Captain.

Ananya Mahajan and Arnav Vivek Gupta – Enterprise House Captain.

Dyuti Kour and Satyam Gupta – Invention House Captain.

Khyati Yadav and Mian Mohd. Raza – Challenge House Vice Captain.

Anahita Anand and Saksham Verma – Discovery House Vice Captain.

Vaidhai Mattoo and Bushaan Rasheed – Enterprise House Vice Captain.

Iffat Raza and Shivanshu Tripathy – Invention House Vice Captain.

The investiture ceremony was followed by Inter house Patriotic song competition in which Enterprise house was declared as winner and Invention as runner up.


Dated: 29th May, 2013*:- The Investiture ceremony for the session 2013-14 was yet again a special occasion where Jodhamal School entrusted its upcoming leaders with responsibility. The older council by tradition,relinquished responsibility to the new council in grace and by example.They received it, with a pledge to preserve the pride of School.

The auspicious ceremony began with a musical rendition of a string of shlokas* **by the S*chool choir. Mr. Rajesh Kumar I.G. Police the chief guest, Mr. Nandan Kuthiala Trustee, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, Mrs. Arati Kuthiala along with teachers and parents of the office-bearers were present to bless the proceeding. The whole school cheered and applauded them. It was a moment of pride and glory. The chief guest personally offered the badges to every leader assisted by the principal.

The CCA Coodinator Mrs. Nandani Bakshi announced the various posts and the student authorities were presented with the school flag. Principal Mr.Trilok Singh administered the oath of office to the elected members. Taking the oath, the Head Boy- Devansh Suri, Head Girl-Nayan vashisht, the Deputy head boy Sheikh Aquib and Deputy head girl Urvashi Bhatt, Neutral Prefects, Neutral Vice Prefects, & the House Captains and the Vice Captains pledged their commitment to choose the ‘harder right, instead of the easier wrong. With pride and a sense of achievement surging in their hearts, the students listened with bated breath as the Principal delivered a motivational speech, urging them to have a clear conscience while delineating their duties. He emphasized the pressing need to uphold the school motto and also stressed on the importance of honesty, integrity and loyalty as vital qualities for positions of dignity.

The momentous ceremony ended with the National Anthem. Smiling and jubilant, the school prefect council marched ahead immediately to take on their new office.