Welcome assembly for new principal

 Jodhamal organize American Field Service (AFS) workshop

Jodhamal Public School Jammu had organized the Intercultural workshop for students and teachers in collaboration with American Field Service (AFS) Inter cultural program Delhi. Ms Sarita Badhwar National Qualify Training from AFS Delhi took the workshop for two days. Teachers from various schools across Jammu city attended the workshop. The school have taken AFS membership since 2018 in which students and teachers are offered exchange short term and long term courses regional, nationally and internationally. Ms Sarita took important topics like Team Building, different stages of learning cycle, concepts of culture, stereotypes & generalization, cultural values & dimensions, DIVE model and communication styles. She took different activities and sessions with teachers which was one of its kind. In students workshop topic Effect+ Global citizenship Education was taken in which various other topics on UN Sustainable Development Goal, Global Citizenship, how to reduce inequality within & among countries, promote sustained, inclusive & sustainable economic growth, full & productive employment & decent work for all, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education & promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, achieve gender equality & empower all women & girls. Two Key Speakers Mr. Arjun Singh Pathania (Advocate High court and member Rotary Club) and Ms. Archana Magazine (eminent educationist) also graced the occasion where they shared their experiences with students and gave them motivation for the Global Citizenship. Vote of thanks was given by Principal Dr. Deep Khare and Vice Principal Ms Shefali Sanwal who appreciated the workshop taken by Ms Sarita from AFS Delhi organized by coordinators Ms Kiranjit Kaur and Ms Neetu Johri.



The exalting delegation of Jodhamal Public School participated in the annual Sanskriti School MUN in Delhi and performed exceedingly well. Jodhamal Public School was the only school from across J&K to participate in the Sanskriti School MUN, New Delhi.The delegation consisted of Shaarvi, Vipasana ,Sai Sharan ,Lakshav, Samarth, Adnan and Aadit along with two escort teachers Ms Nivedita Sharma and Mr Vishal Samrat The entire delegation exhibited eloquent oratory skills in different committees like The African Union Where the students discussed the Burundi Crises,The Cabinet of Yemen where the students deliberated upon the Yemeni Civil War , DISEC in which the students discussed the Nuclear Weapons in South Asia. The entire delegation displays high order thinking skills with special emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving potentials. Even amongst the top notch schools like Modern School, Sriram School, Welhems and G D Goenka, the JMPians managed to showcase a remarkable performance. The entire delegation was heartily appreciated.   All the delegates absorbed an instructive exposure from the event at such a mammoth level. The Trustee, Mr. Nandan Kuthiala along with the Director, Ms. Arati kuthiala and Vice Principal Ms. Shefali Sanwal appreciated the delegation for their success and this unwavering support to the venture with the help of mentors -Mrs. Mubeen, Mrs. Bhawna Madan and Mrs. Nivedita and Mr Vishal Samrat. All in all Jodhamal stood up to its leitmotif of shaping students holistically and displaying the resolute intellect and confidence its students possess.


The Investiture Ceremony of Prefect council 2019-20 of Jodhamal public school was held in Multi-Purpose Hall. The school encourages leadership qualities, self-reliance, mutual respect, cooperation and dedication in students. These qualities are developed as one of the core values promoted at all levels in JMPS. Young leaders from grade XI and XII that is the Head girl, Head boy Deputy Head girl, Deputy Head boy, Neutral Prefects/vice Prefects, House Prefects/vice House Prefects were formally inducted during the investiture ceremony SSP Mr. Randhir Singh Sodhi, presided over Chief Guest and Mr.Nandan Kuthiala Trustee of the Jodhamal Public School did the honours of badging the new Head Boy, Dhairya Choudhary, Head Girl Zitin Kaul, the Deputy Head Boy, Jodhdeep Singh, Deputy Head Girl, Osmi Gupta, Neutral Prefects, Surbhi Kotwal, Aarav Trehan, Sunarvi Singh, Kritinay Sharma, Medhavi Bhatti, Rajbir Singh, Samadeep Kour, Aryan Behal, Jaswant Kour and Sai Sharan, the Neutral Vice Prefects Harmanpreet Kour, Kshitij Singh, Mitushi Sharma, Shubhang Sethi, Harjyot Singh, Umang Sharma, Aamna Tariq, Nayan Sharma, Vrinda Basotra and Harsh Gupta, House Prefect, Aaditri Pargal, Naman Verma, Vartika Ghai, Kartvya Mahajan, Mahira Sharma, Stanzin Shesnyen, Harbans Kour and Kartikya Singh. The Vice House Prefects Ruby Kotwal, Aneesh Singh, Gungun Anand , Manik Jain, Shaarvi Magazine, Asmit Sachdev, Dyuti, Kour, and Devish Bakshi Sharma,. The Chief Guest while addressing the gathering appreciated the smartness with which each council member marched and received the badge. The Vice-Principal Mrs. Shefali Sanwal administered the oath to prefect council where in the newly appointed leaders pledged to uphold the dignity of the school through their service, hardwork and cooperation. They also took the oath that they will discharge their duties to best of their ability without pride or prejudice and will always take pride of being at JMPS with great sense of belongingness. It was a defining moment for the team of 40 newly elected young leaders as they were entrusted with responsibilities to keep the school flag flying high. These young leaders are all set to create positive ethos in the school, to enable the school to have productive disciplined learning environment and carry the name of JMPS to greater heights. Present on the occasion were Mr. Nandan Kuthiala (Trustee), Ms. Arati Kuthiala (Director), Vice-Principal Mrs. Shefali Sanwal and all parents and guests.


Team Jodhamal bagged the ‘Best Delegation Trophy’ at the GDMUN’19 organized by the GD Goenka Public School Jammu. The delegates performed exceptionally well with respect to their respective committees wherein various agenda ranging from the UCC to the ‘LEGALISATION OF MARIJUANA’. The delegates provided substantive and eloquent arguments and provided their opinions regarding the same. The entire delegation consisted of 62 delegates from grade 6 to grade 12, out of which a WHOPPING 23 DELEGATES RECEIVED AWARDS for their contribution. The school team was competing with around 350 delegates from various parts and prestigious institutions all across the states in the North of India that includes The Presentation Convent School, Jammu, Heritage School, The Rich Harvest School, DPS Jammu, APS Jammu Cantt., APS Nagrota, Banyan International, Jammu Sanskriti, Delhi University, Chandigarh BVC, KC Public, KC International among many others. Kritnay Sharma a class 12TH student was honored with a Best Delegate Trophy for his efforts in the UNHRC, similarly Mian Mohammad Raza also received a ‘Best Delegate’ trophy for his invaluable contributions in the UNODC. With respect to certain Continuous-crisis-committees, Prabin Singh Sadiwal a grade XI student received the outstanding delegate award for his contribution in the Ministry of Magic; similarly, Dhairya Choudhary was bestowed upon with “Outstanding Delegate” for his contributions in the ICT. Vihaan Kapoor, Guneev Jawandha, Vaibhav Singh and Jaiaditya Sharma also received an “Outstanding Delegate” trophy in each of their respective committees. Further adding to the laurels, Vartika Ghai, Akanksha Sharma and Hafsa Qazi also received a special mention for their indispensable contribution. Something that even added to the celebration were the verbal commendation received by Raghav Gupta, Shaurya Sangra, Mitushi Sharma, Avneet Kaur, Vishnu Priya, Jai wardhan Sharma, Aadit Sharma, Harmanjot Singh, Lakshav Singh Sambyal, Shaarvi Magazine. The MUNING team at Jodhamal is dedicated towards claiming accreditations in different national and International MUNs. The Trustee JMPS Nandan Kuthiala, Director Ms Aarti Kuthiala and the Vice Principal Shefali Sanwal appreciated and applauded the students and their mentors MS.Bhawna Madaan, Ms.Mubeen Butt, Ms.Deepmala Sharma and the teacher escorts Ms.Ruby Sharma, Ms.Deepali Sharma, Ms. Kiranjeet Kaur,Ms. Vrinda, Ms. Harjeet, Mr.Sachin,Ms.Neha,Mr.Keshav and Mr. Raghunandan for their unprecedented efforts and hard work in bringing laurels for the school. Every year JMPIANS put all their hearts and efforts efforts to compete with the students from the best schools across all planes and were therefore appreciated by the Principal GD Goenka public School Mr. Rajesh Rathore for their exuberant performance during the course of their committee sessions. The collective effort of all these delegates was crucial in making team Jodhamal the very best.


The exalting delegation of Jodhamal Public School participated in the annual Sanskriti School MUN in Delhi and performed exceedingly well. Jodhamal Public School was the only school from across J&K to participate in the Sanskriti School MUN, New Delhi.The delegation consisted of Shaarvi, Vipasana ,Sai Sharan ,Lakshav, Samarth, Adnan and Aadit along with two escort teachers Ms Nivedita Sharma and Mr Vishal Samrat The entire delegation exhibited eloquent oratory skills in different committees like The African Union Where the students discussed the Burundi Crises,The Cabinet of Yemen where the students deliberated upon the Yemeni Civil War , DISEC in which the students discussed the Nuclear Weapons in South Asia. The entire delegation displays high order thinking skills with special emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving potentials. Even amongst the top notch schools like Modern School, Sriram School, Welhems and G D Goenka, the JMPians managed to showcase a remarkable performance. The entire delegation was heartily appreciated. All the delegates absorbed an instructive exposure from the event at such a mammoth level. The Trustee, Mr. Nandan Kuthiala along with the Director, Ms. Arati kuthiala and Vice Principal Ms. Shefali Sanwal appreciated the delegation for their success and this unwavering support to the venture with the help of mentors -Mrs. Mubeen, Mrs. Bhawna Madan and Mrs. Nivedita and Mr Vishal Samrat. All in all Jodhamal stood up to its leitmotif of shaping students holistically and displaying the resolute intellect and confidence its students possess.


Girls from Jodhamal Public School trounced heritage school 6-5 in the finals of under -14 Inter School Basketball district level competition organized by department of youth services and sports (DYSS) at M.A Stadium. They defeated Shiksha Niketan and J,K Public School in the quarter and semifinals. The team members were Tarishi Asmitra, ashwika , Ayesha, Andleeb, Samaira, Prisha , Prableen, Archie, Ciya, Mitakshi, Shireen , Adalia, Mugda and Ishi Vaidhee Mattoo of Jodhamal Public School is representing U-17 Nationals basket ball tournament being played at tamilNaidu Jodhamal team put up a tough fight for the others and were appreciated by all. The School Coach Mr Vinod Dogra was lauded for his efforts by the school management The School vice Principal, Ms. Shefali congratulated the entire team for its hard work and tough game, motivating them to do exceedingly well in the times to come.


Silver Foxes F1 team of Jodhamal participated in the NATIONAL F-1 in school challenge held at AMITY UNIVERSITY,NOIDA and showcased their technical skills and innovative thinking in the competition The tem members of silver foxes are Samik J Singh(Team manager),Samridh Sharma (Marketing manager),Saksham sagar (Grafic manager) Rehaan Goel(Sponsership manager),Rohan Kohli(Resource manager). Silver Foxes made a special mark throughout the journey from Regionals to Nationals. Some of the  other schools who participated in this prestigious competition were The Shri Ram,Tagore international School, Vasant Vihar, Lotus Valley international school, Millennium, and Lucknow Public School , Lotus valley, Genesis, Ambience Public School,  Scottish High International School. Out of 80 participating teams 3 could make up to finals INTERNATIONAL F-1 ABUDHABI.We are proud to announce that our team silver foxes was acknowledge in few best teams . Both the teams were mentored by Ms Roopinder Kour and Ms Neetu Johri. Mentors thankful to their worthy sponsors and management who had been a great support to our students. The second team of Jodhamal School was WHEELOCITY. Jodhamal Public School in collaboration with Time of Sports is the only STEM approved school in J&K and North of Delhi for last two years. STEM program is an International school based program to enhance the creative and engineering skills of students in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHS. The STEM Program is multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to collaborate design, analyse, manufacture test and then race miniature compressed air powered balsa wood F-1 cars.

 Jodhamal Public School shines at Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

Jodhamal Public School makes an exquisite mark at MCGS MUN. Jodhamal is the only school from J&K to participate in the Mayo College Girls School MUN 2019,at Ajmer. A delegation of eleven students a comprising of Dhairya Chaudhary ,Kritnay Sharma, Prabin Singh, Arsh Mir,Muddabir latifi, Karmanya Wahi,Jayaditya Singh,Seerat Virk ,Guhika Sachdev,Syna Sharma,Daania Butt from Jodhamal participated in the prestigious MCGS MUN 2019 along with delegates from institutions like The Welham Boys Dehradun, The Welham Girls Dehradun, The Scindia School, Delhi College Indore,Mayo College Boys School Ajmer, wherein they discussed agendas like Insurgency in Northeast India, Protection of Freedom of Expression on the Internet, The Situation in the Sahel Region and many more topics of International concern. All the delegates performed remarkably well in their respective committees. Karmanya Wahi a class 9th student won special mention in UNGA where he discussed and deliberated upon the rights of the indigenous people in the world and Prabin Singh a grade 11th student from Jodhamal won the outstanding Researcher in the TALONIA  Campaign. Every year JMPIANS put all their concerted efforts to compete with the students from the best schools across India and were appreciated by the Principal MCGS Ms.Kanchan Khandke for their exuberant performance during the course of their committee sessions. The MUNING team at Jodhamal is dedicated towards claiming accreditations in different national and international MUNs. The Trustee JMPS Mr Nandan Kuthiala and the Vice Principal Ms.Shefali Sanwal appreciated and applauded the students and their mentors Ms Bhawna Madan, Ms Mubeen Butt and Mr Sukomal Ganguly for their unprecedented efforts and hard work in bringing laurels for the school.

 VoxPopuli concludes at Jodhamal

The 4 th edition of North Zone Vox Populi was held at Jodhamal Public School. The Vox Populi J & K fourth season saw 15 schools of J&K compete in the unconventional format of the Debating phenomena. Students of different schools of Jammu participated with full vigor in big numbers to get their students an exposure par excellence. The debate was wonderfully conducted by the Core Committee members of Jodhamal students comprising of Ashwin Suri, Sai Sharan, Nalin Kamal, Astitva Langer , Sunarvi Slathia , Sia Sharma , Shagun Gupta , Medhavvi Bhatti , Osmi Gupta , Aniran Saraf , Mahira Sharma , Karen Mahajan, Chitwani and their team of 12 students. It was a kind of ‘by the students and for the students’ debate including the Journalists both photo and video besides the debates in almost 20 different topics for almost 350 students drawn from 15 different schools of Jammu. The Closing Ceremony chaired by Chief Guest Mr. Naveen Chopra, a renowned Director who appreciated the efforts of the Founder of Vox Populi Shreyansh Bhalotia who initiated it as a student of VIT Vellore with full dynamism. Ms. Arati Kuthiala, Director, Mr. Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee and Ms. Shefali Sanwal, Vice Principal gave away the Prizes to the winners of all categories. To name a few, the Most Promising Speaker (The responsibility) went to Anmol of Jodhamal and the Best speaker award went to Divam of KC International, Most promising speaker (Ideology Matters) was awarded to Parisa Anjum of Heritage school and best speaker was given to Rulay Kotwal of Jodhamal School. Most promising speaker (DTD and Ancient times) went to Vanshika Kaul of Jodhamal and Anashka Bhat from K.C. international and best speaker went to Mitushi of Jodhamal and Charvi Sharma of APS Domana. Mesmerize the moment was awarded to Manan and Syesha of G.D Goenka. Solve India Most promising speaker, went to Ayaan Sharma of K C International and Arhan of Jodhamal got the Best Speaker. Most promising speaker (Opinion Shastra) went to Vedant of Jammu sanskriti and best speaker to Lavanya of Banayan International. Most Promising Parliamentarian was awarded to Asim ul Haq of Heritage and Best parliamentarian was given to Amandeep of Heritage. Most promising Journalist junior was given to Navaj Kumar of Jodhamal, and Best Journalist Junior went to Eklavya Mahajan of Jodhamal. Most Promising Photo Journalist juniors was given to Surbhi of Jodhamal Best Photo Journalist Junior went to Mudhkin of Jodhamal. Most Promising Photo Journalist (Sr) award went to Pavitra of Jodhamal and best Photo Journalist (Sr) went to Guneet of Jammu Sanskriti. Most Promising Video Journalist went to Nivan of Jammu Sanskriti and best Video Journalist award went to Namandeep of KC International. Most Promising Speaker award (Unite for the world) went to Vaibhav of Jodhamal Public School And Best speaker (Unite the world went to Raza of Jodhamal. The Best delegation trophy was awarded to Jodhamal whereas K C International won the small delegation trophy. The teachers who did the sonorous task of judgement were Saila Bano, Deepika Ibikule, Shalima Pargal, Bhawan Rometra, Bhawna Nagpal, Neha Sharma, Mehak Dogra, and Saroj Kumari. The overall coordination was done by Rashi Magotra, the senior coordinator of Jodhamal. Trustee of the school Mr. Nandan Kuthiala appreciated the meticulous planning by the students and teachers and also thanked Shreyansh Bhalotia, the founder president of Vox Populi for all his efforts.


Yet another Edition of VOX POPULI- The Debating Phenomenon commenced with its 4 th season on 27 th April’ 19 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. VOX POPULI—the common man’s voice is the biggest debating phenomenon, which has travelled to almost 25 states by now and hosted by the most elite schools all over India like Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Maharana Mewar Public School,Jodhamal Public school,Chettinad Vidyashram, Bishop Cotton Girls’ School ,La Martiniere and Birla Modern High School. The opening ceremony saw Mr. Vijay Bakaya (IAS), former Chief Secretary of the state as the Chief Guest for the first day. Amongst the management, the presiding guests were Mr. Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee, Ms. Arati Kuthiala, Director and Ms. Shefali Sanwal, Vice Principal. The programme embarked with the lighting of ceremonial lamp to invoke the Divine blessings. A feeling of devotion was infused with Ganesh Vandana presented by the students of Jmps. This entailed the welcome speech by the Vice Principal, Ms. Shefali Sanwal. The Architect of Vox Populi, a young and a zestful scholar, Shreyansh Bhalotia spoke about the contemporary need of young India to be at par with its counterparts in this evolving world. He further added that the intellect of the generation happens to be of great speculation and hence providing them an indulgence to voice their standpoint is predominant. JMPS catered to about 350 participations from all the leading schools of the state. Mr. Vijay Bakaya, IAs spoke of Vox Populi as an art to hone up the debating skills to develop the soft skills which will be needed when a child lands up in a job market. He further added that this leads us to bring out the zenith of our creative skills. He was highly appreciable of the commendable contribution and coordination by Ms. Rashi Magotra, Vox’s North India Coordinator and her team of teachers Ms. Shalima Pargal, Ms. Saila Bano, Ms. Deepika Ibikule, Ms. Bhavna Rometra, Ms. Neha Sharma, Ms. Saroj Sambyal, Ms. Bhawna Nagpal and Ms. Mehak Dogra who did the resonant task of judgement along with other requisites.

 Jodhamal conducted a workshop on POCSO

Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. A workshop on POSCO - Protection of Children from Sexual offences 2012 was conducted by Mr. Pardeep, Project Director, Project CACA and Dr. Keshav Sharma, Psycho-oncologist, Fortis Healthcare to create awareness about Child Abuse for Supporting staff and teachers in the school premises Jodhamal Public School. Physical abuse might be the most visible type of abuse but other types of abuse such as emotional abuse, neglect, exploitation also leave deep, lasting scars on the mind of the child. The earlier, abused children get help, the greater chance they have to heal and break the cycle. He also gave 24 - hour child helpline number 1098. The staff learnt about common signs of abuse, the kind of abusers and how they intervention and care can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations or making them feel guilty add to increase in child abuse. Regardless of the type of abuse, the result is serious and causes emotional harm on the overall development of the child. The workshop also highlighted the role of supporting staff and teachers in educating and training the students to face the challenges of child abuse. Being patient, good listeners and not ignoring any behavioural or sudden academic changes can be of great help for children and for identifying and protecting a child from abuse. Many shocking incidents of child abuse were revealed which left a deep impact on the minds of each. It was a wakeup call for the everyone to actively notice and reports any such cases in future. The staff were informed about the helpline numbers, apps and the POCSO E box which came in handy to deal with such problems. The Vice Principal Ms. Shefali Sanwal expressed deep concern and requested the teachers, supporting staff, driver, and conductors to join hands to eradicate this evil from the society so that new generation can face the society fearlessly and lead a life with great self-respect. She concluded by saying that if the teachers become an epitome of love and affection for their students it would help the students to break the shackles of the cruel stigma.

 Jodhamal Public School Student Shines in NCC

Cadet Samanyu Bhumi Reddy of Jodhamal Public School was declared amongst the best two cadets of Directorate NCC 2018-19 in the Zone. More than 600 cadets participated in NCC camps. He was honoured with cash prize and a certificate of excellence by NCC Naval Unit for his extraordinary performance and participation in various activities like written test, Declamation, Group Discussion, Hurdles, March past, etc in the camps he attended. His overall personality was the center of attraction for all the officers who were judging him. His aim to qualify NDA and to be a Commissioned officer like his father to serve the Nation. Vice Principal, Shefali Sanwal, and Management appreciated the efforts put in by the Ms. Kusum Bhat, Mr. Ajay Magotra and Ms. Poonam Sarmal the School NCC ANO’S.


To mark the significance of schooling in the lives of toddlers, Jodhamal Public School acknowledged each one in the form of Graduation Day, a gracious passing out ceremony of class UKG students of Jodhamal Juniors. The Chief Guest for the function was Mrs. Kuma Singh. Little toddlers were very excited to receive their passing out from Pre-Primary to Grade-1 certificates, in their black gowns and smart caps. The programme began with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest. The school Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, extended a warm welcome to all the guests and parents and congratulated all the parents. Thereafter, Mrs. Neetu Johri, coordinator preprimary wing, presented the Annual report, showing accolades and laurels notched by the students. A cultural bonanza was presented by them to mesmerize the audience staring with Shiv Vandana. Pre-Nursery group presented Budhu Sa Mann Dance with full of energy, Salsa (Sanorita Song) in flashy red dress and Chair Drill by UKG Class. Dura dance was full of expressions and energy. Patriotic Song “Ae Vatan Vatan Mere Azad Rahe Tu” by UKG Children was spotless in white pajama kurta with orange jackets enthralled one and all. Students of this block amazed everybody by presenting a Skating Drill with stunts performances. Women Empowerment Dance by UKG Children was the highlight of the Day. Mrs. Kuma Singh said, Education helps the child to provide an environment, so that the child becomes what they are capable of becoming. The graduation ceremony indeed a true culmination of three years kindergarten enrichment program consisting of Pre nursey, LKG & UKG. The Chief Guest Kuma Singh along with Mrs. Arati Kutiala awarded the Graduation Certificates to the Students, who had completed their 3 years journey. Vote of thanks was presented by Vice Principal Mrs. Shefali Sanwal. She also thanked the CCA Junior Coordinator Mrs. Sonia Mahajan, Ms. Shruti Bakshi and Ms. Pratiksha for their hard work, Sr. CCA Coordinator Mrs. Nandini Bakshi & the Art and Music Department and entire Pre Primary staff Ms. Dolly Chandhoke, Ms. Amita Charak, Ms. Veerta Jolly, Ms. Mannat Sharma, Ms. Suvidha Anand, Ms. Nikita Gupta, Ms. Priyanka Verma, Ms. Gagandeep Kour, Ms. Manvinder Kaur, Ms. Arti Jamwal and Ms. Annam Bral. She also congratulated Mr. Deepak Kumar, Ms. Poonam Mahajan, Mr. Kamal Anand, Mr. Ritish Jamwal and supporting staff for their exuberant effort to make the function a great event. The School Management and Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist applauded the efforts of students and school staff for preparing the students so well.


Jodhamal Public School celebrated its fourteenth Senior Wing Annual Day on Sunday, the 25 th November, 2018 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. Mr. Pramod Sharma, Former Principal, Mayo College Ajmer was the esteemed Chief Guest. Mr. Vikramaditya Singh, Trustee, Dharmarth Trust was the guest of honour. Hon’ble Justice Sindhu Sharma, Mr. A.G. Mir, Additional DGP, Ms. Purnima Sharma, Deputy Mayor & Mr. Ishfaq Jabbar, ex MLA were the special guests. Among the management the dignitaries present were Mr. Bhim Rathke, the patron of the school, Ms. Susham Kuthiala, Mr. Vickrant Kuthiala, Trustees, Ms. Arati Kuthiala, Director and Ms. Shefali Sanwal, Vice-Principal. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp to invoke God’s blessings. This entailed the welcome speech by the Head Boy Nipun Sharma. An adaption of the Novel ‘OLIVER TWIST’ by Charles Dickens, well directed by a Prolific Playwright & an eminent Author Ms. Gouri Banerji was enacted to its true glory with the idea of finding true Peace & Happiness when some Kind, Empathetic Soul reaches out to you to alleviate your Pain. The illustrious author was felicitated with a momento and a shawl as a gesture of regard for her work. The Principal, Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the School Stakeholders for the No. 1 Ranking of the School in the whole of J&K, by the Education World, for the 4 th Consecutive year. Jodhamal School had the rare honour and distinction of being awarded the ‘GREAT PLACE TO STUDY’ at the House of Commons, London. He said that it’s yet a matter of Pride that Jodhamal Public School has been awarded the ‘Top 50 Schools’ shaping success for the 2 nd year in a row by the legendary FORTUNE magazine in collaboration with Price Water House Coopers and univariety. Jodhamal was also ranked 3 rd all over India for Leadership & Innovation in an Elite Ranking conducted by Harvard & Stanford University. Mr. Nandan Kuthiala, The Trustee, spoke of the future plans and presented his vision for the progress of the school. He emphasised about the RAI BAHADUR JODHAMAL KUTHIALA Scholarship, a sum amount of ₹10,000, which was awarded to 40 Girl students studying in Class XI of Government Schools from Remote Rural Border areas of Jammu, Samba, Poonch, Kathua & Rajouri District. The highlight of the Show ‘Shiv Vandana’ was presented with Grace, Poise, Rhythm & perfect Synchronization. The children infused the feeling of Devotion & Introspection to augment Soul Searching. Mime was yet another technique to ignite the emotions. Kathak & Oddisi dance performed by students with dramatic expression combined with rhythmic intricacy left the audience spellbound. The Costume & Make-up Departments outdid themselves for the same. The hardwork & toil of the Art & Craft Department comprising of Chander Shekhar, Amandeep Kaur, Sushma Talwar, Hemu Jaggi & Nivedita Sharma reflected vividly through the 3D props displayed on Stage. Ms. Shruti Bakshi & Ms. Aadi Sharma were the main Choreographers of the event. The well Synchronized Orchestra was a toast to the Classics & Chorus Singers were blissful to the Ears, enthralling the audience and recognising an outstanding dedication of Choir Mentors Poonam Mahajan, Deepak Kumar, Subhash Dey, M .K. Sahil & Kuldeep Raj to promote Music, a Culture of Peace. The Chief Guest in his speech expressed appreciation for the laudable efforts of the Principal & his Team. He was mesmerised with the emaculate acting of all in the Oliver Twist and felt that the dramatization was no less than his Alma meter Mayo Collage and the kids emoted out with even better vibrancy. He gave special reference to the fundamental facilities & systems of the Institution and accentuated that Jodhamal to be the Pioneer in the World of Education. He motivated the students by urging them to hone their talents & felicitated them with Prizes. All the Awardees walked on the Stage with immense Pride & Pleasure. Class XII & X toppers were Honoured. Ms. Nandini Bakshi, CCA coordinator & Ms. Rashi Magotra, Senior Coordinator presided over the Prize giving Ceremony. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Head Girl, Dhvani Gupta. The programme was compered by the Senior Team of Smart Oratory Experts & was culminated with a Pious concluding Shalok & the National Anthem.


 Jodhamal Emerges Champion in Sahodaya Roller Skating

Sahodaya Inter School Roller Skating Championship was organized by Sahodaya Jammu at JK Public School, Kathua. It was an event of its kind where more than 20 schools participated from all the elite schools of Jammu & Kashmir. Jodhamal students won the maximum number of medals 11 Gold, 06 Silver and 07 Bronze in the championship. The list of medal winner is as follows: - In the Gold Category, the winners are : Advitya Sharma, Ayesha Hayyat Malik, Aarav Sharma, Raghvi Singh, Aarohi Mahajan, Adhya Sambyal, Saanch Anand where as Yuvraj Singh & Gursimar Kaur won 2 Golds in different events. In the Silver Category, the winners are: Tara Basotra, Advitya Sharma, Sweta Sharma and Ayesha Hayyat Malik whereas Sarish Abrol won 2 Silver. In the Bronze Category, the winners are: Tara Basotra, Adhivik Mahajan, Sweta Sharma, Saanch Anand and Aarav Sharma whereas Eklavya Mahajan won 2 Bronze. Jodhamal become the overall winner of Sahodaya Inter School Roller Skating Championship. The School Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist felicitated the winners in a special assembly in the school and congratulated Mr. Kamal Anand and Mr. Ritish Jamwal, Coach Jodhamal School for preparing the team so well and also appreciated Harjeet Kaur for escorting the students to Kathua. Although more than 27 schools participated in the tourney Jodhamal stood out in the crowd with almost 55 points whereas the second position was bagged by MHAC Nagbani with around 27 points.


Jodhamal Public School an imperial learning institute leaves no stone unturned in adding new wings to the students by exposing them to new challenges of experiential learning. Keeping in mind its aim of producing responsible and learned citizens in the era of 4th industrial revolution Jodhamal Public School sent a team of five students namely Aarushi Gupta,Abhishek,Arsh Mir,Akanksha Sharma  and Shagun Gupta along with the teacher escort Ms.Mubeen Butt to the EDU TECH SUMMIT 2018 at SUSHANT SCHOOL OF DESIGN,ANSAL UNIVERSITY ,GURUGRAM. organised by THE MAHATATTAV.The students got the golden oppourtunity to be a part of the different workshops which were a great source of learning for them. Design Thinking The creative way of solving problems and being successful.  Weaving Workshop The basics of weaving and how the principles apply to developing algorithms  Screen Printing Workshop Using modern technology in the form of digital recording to enhance traditional printing methods Ceramic Workshop How traditional making can be enhanced by basic robotics  Visual Communication Developing your hand drawing skills by using pixelated imaging. These Workshops provided the students to explore various aspects of design thinking and also to interact with more than 200 participants from across the country. Amongst the other participating schools were The Mayo College Girls School Ajmer, The Heritage Experiential Learning School Gurugram,Mahatma Gandhi School ,Ahemdabad,Sanskriti School ,New Delhi,DPS Greater Faridabad etc. The Principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the students for availing this opportunity to the best of their potential and also ensured that many more such opportunities shall be put forth by the school which shall enable students and their mentors in becoming knowledgeable and competitive responsible students. Deepti Sahni & Usha Pathania of Mahatatvva are doing a great service to the nation by organising such Workshops in different parts of the world. Recently Deepti was invited by the Finaland Government to introduce her design thinking Edutech Summit for the Teachers and Head Teachers of Finaland. Trilok Singh Bist said that Now, more than ever, creativity and innovation have become critical skills for achieving success and to make the kids learn more about how can they incorporate Design Thinking at their school such workshops are very fruitful.India has so much of the resource available but to explore it for the interest of the future stakeholders of the country the schools have to grab such opportunities for their students and teachers to make the education the holistic in true sense. Bist said that Trustee Nandan Kuthiala’s unconditional support in this respect is praise worthy and this is one of the reason why Jodhamal is souring great heights with each passing day. He also complimented the parents of Jodhamal Public School for being very supportive with International Tours, Domestic Tours , MUNs, Debates, Workshops, Sports, Games or F1 Car Challenge & in each activity we find our parents encouraging their kids and that is what makes a school a “Great Place to Study” as awarded to Jodhamal at the House of Commons London at UK this year.

Jodhamal Public School celebrated its 14thAnnual Sports Day on Tuesday, 16thOct 2018in school sports ground with great grandeur. The event was presided over by the chief guest Mr MY Kitchloo, comdt.Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police 4th sec.Bn and guest of honour, Ace sports administrator and former National Cricketer, MrRanjeetKalra and Trustee MrNandankutiala,DirectorAratiKuthiala, Principal MrTrilok Singh Bistand Vice Principal MsshefaliSanwal. The programme began with the melodious VandeMatramSong and all the students especially participants were very excited. The series of events started with the ceremonial torch led by Panniniand the various national players of Jodhaml Public School which evoked God’s blessings. Pannini the Sports Captain (Boy) welcomed the Chief Guest and the dignitaries by a short speech and asked the players to play with sportsmanship and to follow the discipline of the game.Deputy Head Boy Vidur Kumar introduced the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour with a short welcome speech. The School Vice Principal ShefaliSanwalin her speech welcomed the guests, parents and all the spectators. Mrs. Sanwal said that sports helps much more than its physical aspects, it builds character and develops team spirit. It is the day for the students to free themselves from the fetters of mundane classes to play and run. The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was the splendid field displays, involving mass student participation, which splattered on the field, a riot of hues and vibrance music of school band. The students showcased their talents in Swimmathon,Skatathon, 100 Meters Race, 200Meters Race, 4 x 100 Meters Relay Race, 800 M race,Three Legged Race,Prick the balloon,Ball collecting , Sack race, Obstacle Race, spin and run and lemon and spoon race. The events filled in the hearts of everyone with the spirit of sportsmanship and unity. When the melody plays, footstepsmove, heart sings and spirit begin to dance, Zumba dance is a great way to exercise and fellowship with other people in a fun atmosphere, it remained as the main attractions of this mega event. The zealous parents gathered in large numbers and constantly applauded the participants of the field track displays. Ms.ShefaliSanwalthe Vice Principal addressed the audience by saying that Jodhamal Public School does not shy away from its social responsibility and believes that it can work in tandem with the society .The School was once again ranked no 1 in the state of J&K for the fourth year in a row and ranked no 3 country wide at EW Elite ranking in collaboration with Harvard and Stanford university. Mr.MY Kitchloosaid that he was impressed and overwhelmed to see JodhamalAthletes and the vibrantdemonstrations put up by the students. He appreciated andemphasized the importance of sports and said that it was a pleasure to see how students of Jodhamal School had eluded the addiction of social media and were breaking away from the constraints of the four walls of the house hold and were actively nurturing their skills according to their potentials to build a harmonious spirit. He advised students to excel in academics along with games and sports.Mr.MY Kitchloo was very happy to see the facilities provided to the students and complimented the Principal, Teachers and Management for being Ranked No.1 School in the state of J & K and No.1 in Jammu City, consecutively for the 4th year. The winner house from junior school for skatathon was Invention houseand from the Middle school for,100 Meters trophy went to Invention house and for 200 Meters discovery house got the trophy , in 400 MtsRelay Invention Housewon the race. The winners werehonored and awarded by the Chief Guest. The Sports Trophyfor the best house went to the Enterprise House while Invention house got first runner-up trophy and 2nd Runners up house went to challenge house.Best Athlete of the year award went toPannini(boy) and Saman (girls) from Senior Wing. MrNandanKuthiala, the Trustee of the school presented a token of gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed Chief Guest Mr.MY Kitchloo. The Meet culminated withthe soothing and pious chanting of shloks by the talented girl of JMPSMuskaan,andArshpreet followed by the National Anthem. A vote of thanks was proposed by School Sports Captain (Girl), Akshita, who thanked the Chief Guest for sparing his valuable time to be there to inspire the student community. All the students, teachers, Principal,Management and Parents present on the occasion were also thanked for sparing their valuable time to be there to encourage Jodhamal students.

  Jodhamal Youth Conclave Kickstarted with full Vigour

Jodhamal Youth Concalve kickstarted today with full vigour in the Multipurpose Hall of Jodhamal Public School with 250 delegates from all over the country. Mr. Vijay Bakaya the IAS (Retd) and former Chief Secretary and the MLC gave a inspirational key note address which stirred the house and also on this occasion we had Mrs. Rita Singh as the Guest of Honour who made it to the Youth Conclave from New Delhi and is the Director of the Indraprasth Group of Schools in New Delhi. Her speech too was an icing on the cake for there was so much as a take away from both the Guests. Youth conferences across India have always been successful in honing the true spirit of democracy and finding the best set of diplomats amongst the youth.  JODHAMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL kickstarted the first ever session of JODHAMAL YOUTH CONCLAVE on 13th and 14th of October 2018.  With the motto of “ Forging peace in the Hearth of chaos”, the two day conference hosted around 250 students from across the country which included schools like Welham Boys (Dehradun ), The Sanskriti school (Delhi) , DPS Badgam , DPS Srinagar, DAV Amritsar, Lawrence Sanwar, KC International , Model Academy, APS Domana, Jammu Sanskriti, G D Goenka, MHAC Nagbani and many more. JYC not only proved to be a great platform for delegates to showcase their intellectual skills but also helped them make friends and memories for a lifetime and the event is now the talk of the town. The opening Video itself made the theme Forging Peace in the Hearth of Chaos so very clear and heart touching that almost all the 300 plus people in the hall had the Goose Bumps. The best part of the JYC was that it was by the students, for the students and of the students initiative and the students worked very hard to make it so successful in the very first season to get a delegation of almost 250 students from different schools across the country. The Conference Director Bhawna Madaan worked and dreamt of this conference way back in 2012 with then Head Boy Abhayjeet Singh Kala, Deputy Head Girl Sheikh Iraas and then Head Boy 2017 Hasit Singh Sachdeva,Snober and Gunjan Singh all our Alumni and then present students worked very hard to bring this dream to it’s culmination today in the form of JYC-2018 Committees like AIPPM, Lok Sabha, Indian Press Meet, All Indian Student Union, ISCRT, Code Red, National Commission for Women and Hindustan Cabinet presided over by the students and alumni of the school witnessed heated debates on national agendas like Construction of Ram Mandir, JNU crisis, political influence on media Etc. The meet was declared open by the Director of the Conference Vidur Kumar and the Head Boy Nipun Sharma and Head Girl Dhvani Gupta the director of the Conference welcomed all the guests and dignitaries. The first day of the Conclave culminated into a social gathering of all 250 delegates and their escort teachers in the evening where the students made friends with each other to be connected for the future Conclaves or MUNs etc and some busy convincing the others to support their motion. Trustee Nandan Kuthiala and Director Arati Kuthiala along with Vice Principal Sheafli Sanwal witnessed the program. Principals from APS Kaluchak Hema Vishen, Model Academy Pramod Srivastava, KC International Subendhu Sarkar, Jammu Sanskriti Rohini Aima, APS Domana Renu Gupta also graced the occasion and blessed the students for these two days of Brainstorming.

 Jodhamal School Declared No 1 in J&K state

Jodhamal Public School is once again ranked the no. 1 school in the state of Jammu & Kashmir for the fourth year in a row by the Elite Educational Magazine Education World in their Indian School Rankling Award ( ISRA) Ceremony at Hotel Leela Ambience Gurgaon. The ranking is awarded by Education World Magazine in collaboration with the famous survey agency CFore headed by Premchand Palety. Dilip Thakor the editor in chief of Education World thanked C Fore for conducting this survey for around 1000 top schools of India which was a herculean task. This year again Jodhamal has been rated among the Day Co ed Schools much above any other school in Jammu , Kashmir, Punjab, Dehradun, Jabalpur,,Ludhiana, Patna,Pune,Bhuvneshwar and Himachal. Keeping in mind the 14 parameters Teacher Welfare & Development; Competence of faculty; Academic Reputation; Co- Curricular Education; Sports Education; Life Skills Education; Individual Attention to students, Leadership and Management Quality,; Parental Inovolvement; Infrastructure Provision; Internationalism; Special Needs Education; Value for Money and Community Services were the parameters on which Jodhamal Public School ranked No. 1 School with 1160 points out of 1500 followed by Heritage and DPS Jammu with 1119 & 1065 points respectively. Jodhamal was ranked No. 7 all over India on Leadership and Management Quality which was a great achievement indeed and on parameter of Infrastructure also Jodhamal was among the best 10 schools in India. In the category of Day Co.Ed schools out of 10.000 schools all over India 1000 best schools were ranked on the above 14 parameters and Jodhamal was ranked 37 All Over India with the First Rank in Jammu city as well as J & K State. Principal Trilok Singh Bist, Trustee Nandan Kuthiala, Patron Bhim Rathke & Anandita kuthiala received the Award on behalf of Jodhamal Public School and felt highly elated to have been conferred the No. 1 Rank fourth year in a row in a glittering ceremony at the Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon. EW Rankings are highly recognised Rankings all over the world as it was started in 2008 by them for the first time and now almost all schools are a part of this ranking and this is the only ranking which is considered the most genuine one keeping in mind the rigorous survey being done for months together by CFore agency. Trilok Singh Bist dedicated the trophy and the citation to the Staff, Vice Principal Shefali Sanwal, Students and Parents of Jodhamal without their collaborative approach this would not have been possible for the fourth year in a row. Trilok Singh Bist remembered Rohini Aima, Monika Sethi & Pooja Panthri the ex Vice Principals too on this occasion for all their contribution in making Jodhamal what it is today.

 JODHAMAL win Inter School Swimming

 Investiture Ceremony for Junior School Held at Jodhamal

Junior School Investiture Ceremony was celebrated at Jodhamal with great patriotic fervor. Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu Mr. Arun Manhas honoured the occasion as the Chief Guest. 34 Student Leaders were inducted to Junior School Prefect Council Headed by SPLs Yana Rai & Ahmad Ayaan, ASPLs Charanpreet Singh & Gunjot Kour, Sports Prefect Arshlaan & Vadaanya, CCA Incharges Swasti Gupta & Arav Saraf, Eco Leaders Harsimar Singh Tanmay Sahib Gauri Khajuria Anveshana Charak, Discipline Puneesh Manhas & Takshreen Kour,House Captains Nabiha Mufti, Mudakkir Latiffi, Shiven Agarwal, Subah Sharma, Guhika Sachdev, Arav Vivek Gupta, Saannidhay Gupta & Tavleen Kaur, House Vice Prefects Rohan Gupta, Angelina, Aryan Gupta, Rahini Sharma, Dhyrya Aditya Suri, Naureen Liaquat, Jasmandeep Singh , Maanya Mahajan ,Jivi Gupta & Lavaansh Aggarwal..... Senior Head Boy administered the Oath for the newly elected Council....Vice Principal Shefali Sanwal in her speech complimented all the young leaders and told them that with power comes the responsibility and each one needs to keep their school flag held high....Mr. Arun Manhas also complimented all leaders and their parents who were present on the occasion and said in his speech that if one is determined there is nothing which can stop a person from being successful. All the parents and the guest felt highly elated and impressed with the short and crisp Investiture Ceremony held in the school MPH. The celebration started with a patriotic Song sung by middle school students and then a Dance by the Grade 2 & 3 students.  Principal Trilok Singh Bist thanked the Chief Guest for sparing his valuable time to be there at Jodhamal with his better half and said that all leaders need to lead by example for that is the only way of making the people understand you and follow you otherwise preaching makes no impact on anyone. Head Boy Nipun Sharma administered the Oath to the office bearers, Head Girl Dhwani Gupta gave the welcome speech and Deputy Head Boy proposed the Vote of thanks whereas the Deputy Head Girl moderated the complete ceremony. Highlight of the day was when the SPLs and ASPLs spoke where each one of them were so crystal clear in their vision for their school at such tender age and the clarity of voice, diction and the choice of words really mesmerised each present in the hall. The programme came to a close by singing Saare Jahan se accha in Sanskrit as 'Vishvesti Sarva Shreshtha Bharat Dharasma diya madiya' in unison and finalkly Muskan Sahil sang the Concluding shloke in her melodious voice followed by the National Anthem.

 Team Jodhamal shines bright at Mayo Girls

Preconceived perceptions of the ways of the world have always been questioned, prodded and critically analysed by the inquisitive generation. An excellent outlet to these numerous yet untapped opinions has been given to us, the youth, in the form of Model United Nations Conference since many years. An authentic simulation of the United Nations, Model United Nations Conference aims at promoting discussions on world affairs encompassing issues as diverse as international peace and security, economic cooperation and development, human rights or the protection of the environment. Students engage in fruitful deliberations over pressing global issues as diplomats of different countries, in a bid to preserve the ever so violated peace.The Mayo College Girls’ hosted the seventh session of School Model United Nations in which the students of Jodhamal Public School also participated in the Conference from the 20th of April to the 23rd of April.The Conference commenced with a grand Opening Ceremony, where Mr Utpal Chatterjee- an acclaimed journalist was the Chief Guest.
MCGSMUN’18 convened eight different committees in a bid to INITIATE, NEGOTIATE AND LIBERATE: The United Nations Security Council which had an emergency meeting on the Israel-Palestine Conflict and reassessed the need of peacekeeping forces in Cyprus, The UN Human Rights Council discussed the right to privacy in the digital age, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees discussed the protection of populations displaced by climatic changes and disasters, The Commission on the Status of Women deliberated on the issue of Women Economic Empowerment, the International Olympics Committee reviewed the Olympic Bid for the Summer Olympics, 2032 and also the selection of developing countries as Olympic host nations, the Paris Peace Conference established the terms of treaty after World War 1, the Stakeholders' Meet for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare addressed the challenges of the National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly and the International Press Corps where delegates explored the realm of journalism by representing news agencies such as Reuters, Al- Jazeera,The Hindu etc. The committees had two days of rigorous debate where some committees did pass resolutions while some failed to reach a consensus despite having extensive debates. With over 250 delegates attending the conference from all corners of the Indian subcontinent,like The Mayo College Boys School and The Mayo College Girls School,Shree Ram School, Delhi,The Doon School, Dehradun, Welham Boys as well as Welham Girls School, Shiv Nadar School, Noida,Pathways Noida,Ecole Global,Sanskaar Valley,Rajamata Krishna Kumari School,Jodhpur,Selaqui Dehradun and many more,Jodhamal sent its delegation that included Anahita Anand, Alina Mir, Arsh Mir, Dhairya Choudhary,Kritnay Sharma,Mian Mohd. Raza,Shaarvi Magazine, Shaurya Sangra,Vidur Kumar, Vihaan Kapoor accompanied with their Faculty adviser Ms. Bhawna Madaan and teacher escort Ms. Kiranjeet Kaur .
Even with such prominent names as schools present at the conference, Jodhamal shined bright by winning five awards in total which included, Vidur Kumar getting “The Best Researcher” for the Rural campaign and a Verbal commendation for his Human Rigths Commission Committee, Alina Mir, Mian Mohd. Raza and Dhairya Choudhary getting a Verbal commendation in their respective committees.
Every delegate’s performance was highly appreciated by their respective Chairpersons, and the overall Secratory General of the conference which was very heartening for all the participants completing this enriching experience for them.

 Jodhamal Lifts the Largest Delegation Trophy at VoxPopuli

In the recently held VoxPopuli chapter for J & K found Jodhamal Public School as the Largest Delegation with K C International School lifting the Small Delegation Trophy with a very tough competition with the wonderful delegates of KC Public School. The Final Day of the VoxPopuli J & K third season saw almost 13 schools of Jammu in a neck to neck competition for the unconventional format of the Debating phenomena.13 schools and few ex students of different schools of Jammu participated with full vigour. Heritage School, Little Flower School and G D Goenka students participated in the individual category representing their respective schools and Banyan International School, Doon International School, Model Academy, APS Domana, KC Public School, KC International School, DPS Udhampur, Jammu Sanskriti and Jodhamal participated in big numbers to get their students an exposure par excellence. One more individual delegation of 18 girls participated from Presentation Convent as individuals.
The debate was wonderfully conducted by the Core Committee members of Jodhamal students comprising of Nandani Mehta, Vasundhara ,Nipun Sharma, Vidur Kumar, Dhwani Gupta, Ananya Bhandari and their team of 14 students. It was a kind ‘of by the students and for the students’ debate including the Journalists both photo and video besides the debates in almost 20 different topics for almost 450 students drawn from 13 different schools of Jammu &Udhampur.
The first day of the VoxPopuli saw Mr. Ram Thakur the Academic Director of the KC Public School as the Key note speaker and the second day saw Mrs. Vijay Puri the Eminent Educationist and the National Awardee who gave the first keynote address in the morning session and the second session saw Dr. SubhenduSarcar the Principal of K C International School as the Final Keynote speaker and he spoke on the acceptance and rejections.
The closing ceremony was chaired by the Chief Electoral Officer of J & K Mr. ShaleenKabra (IAS) who appreciated the efforts of the Founder of VoxPopuliShreyanshBhalotia who initiated it as a student of VIT Vallore and by now it has reached to 25 states of India with full vigour. Mr. ShallenKabra gave away the Prize to the winners of all categories to name a few in the Delivering the difference Most Promising Speaker went to Satvika of Jodhamal and the Best speaker award went to Mohd. Raza of Jodhamal, in Mesmerising the Moment most promising speaker went to OjasviKoul of K C Public School & Best speaker went to HaneshRana of K C Public School, In Solve India most promising speaker was awarded to Malvika Jain of KC International and best speaker was given to IpsaKohli of APS Domana,In the responsibility most promising speaker went to DhritiKotwal of KC International and best speaker went to Adjiraj Singh Jamwal of KC Public School, SamridhiChouhan of KC International as the best speaker,In Unite the World category Avneet of Jodhamal got the Most promising speaker, AsmiAbrol of K C International got the Best Speaker and Pearl Dogra of DPS Udhampur got the special mention,In rising Intelligentia junior group Vihaan Gupta of KC Public got Most Promising speaker &Divyaveer Singh Manhas of KC Public as the Best Speaker whereas in senior category Dheeraj of APS Domana got Most promising speaker and Ridhima of KC International as best speaker,Most Promising Parliamentarian was awarded to Gungunkoul of Jodhamal and Best parliamentarian was given to Harsh Suri of KC International,Most promising Journalist junior was given to Vanshikha Thakur from Jammu Sanskriti, Most Promising Photo Journalist juniors was given to Yuvraj Singh KC Public School,Most Promising Journalist award went to Sachita Gupta of Presentation Convent and Best Journalist ward went to ShababAlam of Jodhamal, Most Promising Photo Journalist in senior category went to SaiyamSuri of Jodhamal and best Photo Journalist went to Sidhant Kapoor of Heritage School, Most Promising Video Journalist went to Aradhya Gupta of Jodhamal and best Video Journalist award went to ShubhangSethi of Jodhamal, Best Idea went to KC International team comprising of Coral Sharma, Bipasha Raina, Sanya Mahajan and Danushi Sharma. The teachers who did the vonorous task of judgement were the teachers from different participating schools comprising of Jyoti Raina, DeepikaIbikule, Gunita Kaur, Aashima Sharma, ShalimaPargal, Reema Mahajan, Shipra Gupta, NaliniRakhwal, MunmunKohli, Gaisu DushyantKohli, Sonia Sahi, Anita Koul, SyedaAasma, MahimaYadav,VijaylaxmiSlathia, MonicajeetKoul, Ekta Gupta, SarojKumari, BhawnaMadaan, ShakunKalra,Mubeen Butt, PrashmiSharma,BhawnaBhasin, Ashish Maharaj, Meghjyoti and Nirmaljeet Singh. The overall coordination was done by RashiMagotra the senior coordinator of Jodhamal. ShaleenKabra appreciated the meticulous planning by the student and also appreciated the dance teachers and students of Jodhamal who prepared a folk dance during the closing ceremony. Mr. Kabra also had one on one interaction with the Organisng committee members from Jodhamal and was amazed to see the awareness of the students on topics of varied interest. RashiMagotra proposed the vote of thanks and thanked ShreyanshBhalotia the founder president of VoxPopuli for choosing Jodhamal as the venue together with SaketBhalotia for all his behind the curtain preparations. She also thanked all school Principals for being so open minded to give their students this exposure and the students without whom it would not have been possible. Principal Trilok Singh Bist gave a personal touch to each child who entered the thresholds of Jodhamal for this competition and said it doesn’t matter which school does a child belong to since children throughout the globe are the same full of energy, enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. He wished all schools the very best and invited them all for the 4th season of VoxPopuli well in advance for the next year. Present on the occasion were Chief Guest Closing Ceremony Shaleenkabra (IAS) Chief Electoral Officer, Simrandeep Singh (IAS) Chairman SSB as chief Guest Opening Ceremony,NandanKuthiala Trustee Jodhamal, AratiKuthiala Director Jodhamal, SubhenduSarcar Principal KC International , RohiniAima Principal cum Vice Chairperson Jammu Sanskriti, T R Ramesh the Principal Banyan International, Ram Thakur Academic Director KC Public School, Vijay Puri Eminent Educationist,PoojaPanthri Vice Principal Jodhamal, RashiMagotra Coordinator Jodhamal and students and teachers from different schools.

 Jodhamal Kuthiala Scholarships Awarded.

In the recently held function at Jodhamal School the Rai Bahadur Jodhamal Kuthiala scholarship for the year 2018 were distributed. The Chief Guest, Hon’ble advisor to Chief Minister, Prof. Amitabh Mattoo, the Guest of Honour, Secretary Education, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Shah, IAS, Director Education, Mr. Rakesh Srangal, KAS & Joint Director Education, Mr. Charandeep Singh, (KAS)along with the CEO Jammu, Mr. J K Sudan and CEO Samba, Mr. Ram Pal Bal attended the function.
Programme started by invoking the Gods with a wonderful choreographed Krishan Leela by the junior students of Jodhamal School. Scholarship of Rs. 10,000 each were given to meritorious girls students studying in class 11th of Govt. Schools of border areas of Jammu Province. 8 girls each from the border arear of Jammu, Samba, Poonch, Kathua&Rajouri districts were awarded the scholarship.
Also Jodhamal School has adopted three Govt. schools namely Govt. High School, Deeli, Govt. Primary School, Sainik Colony, Jammu & Govt. Primary School, Prithvipur for the past few years. Students from these adopted schoolspresented street plays on BetiBachoBetiPadao&Kismattheme prepared by Jodhamal Teachers. Jodhamal School also donated Class Libraries and furniture to all the three schools.
Prof. Amitabh Mattoo appreciated the gesture of giving scholarships to the girls from remote border arears of Jammu province, also remarked at the amazing street plays performed by the students of these three adopted Govt. schools.
Trustee of Jodhamal School, Mr. NandanKuthiala thanked the secretary Education, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Shah, IAS, Director Education, Mr. Rakesh Srangal, KAS & Joint Director Edcuation, Mr. Charandeep Singh, KAS for their assistance in formulating the list of scholarship winners from the remote areas of the state.
Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, Principal of Jodhamal School welcomed the Guest presenton the occasion and thanked teachers of Jodhamal School who have been going to the adopted schools namely Ms. Samriti Malhotra, Ms. Harmeet Raina, Ms. Bandana Sharma, Ms. Sheena Jamwal, Ms. Chetna Bhat, Ms. AnanditaDey, Ms. SarojSambyal, Ms. Anita Nathoo, Ms. Jaspreet Kour, Ms. Poonam Sarmal& Junior CCA Coordinator, Ms. Sonia Mahajan. The function was compared by MS. NandaniBakshi.

 IAYP Holds the National Training Workshop at Jodhamal Public School Jammu.

National Award Authority India conducted the National Award Training for IAYP at Jodhamal Public School Jammu wherein the 25 Award Leaders from Jammu & Jalandhar participated. National Programme Manager BivujitMukhoti along with Gold Awardee Pallavi Gill conducted the first day of the Award programme with full enthusiasm whereas the second day saw the National Director National Award Programme in India an off shoot of the Duke of Edenburgh’s Awards UK who addressed the gathering and asked them to ensure the award is implemented in their schools in letter and spirit for producing the better citizens to the Globe. Sanzida Ali the Regional Director Asia Paciffic also took the session on the Online Record Book ( ORB) and asked every award leader to switch to ORB in this digital world.Sanzida Ali came all the way from Australia for this Programme at Jodhamal.
BivujitMukhoti told the participants that the Award Programme was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The aim was to motivate young people aged between 14 and 25 years to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development activities to take them through the potentially difficult period between adolescence and adulthood.
The Award’s concept is one of individual challenge, giving young people a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourage personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community. Those who participate in the Award are expected to follow its requirements in a non-competitive manner with a determination to succeed, either individually or as part of a team. The Award therefore is challenging, and can be undertaken at one's own pace.
The Participation Age is between 14 and 25 years. The basic structure of the Award consists of 4 mandatory sections Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills and Physical Recreation. There are 3 levels of the Award – Bronze, Silver & Gold. Participants must complete the four mandatory sections of Service, Adventurous Journey, Skill& Physical Recreation.
Participants can undertake all three categories of the Award programme or enter directly at any of the three levels in the following age group; Bronze Award (for those over 14), Silver Award (for those over 15) and Gold Award (for those over 16 years).
The minimum period of participation is 6 months for Bronze, 12 months for Silver and 18 months for Gold. For each of these levels a participant is required to undertake activities under each of the four sections. At Gold level, participants undertake a Residential Project in addition.
The National Award Training was attended by DAV School , A Pee Jay Jalandhar, KC International , Banyan International School, Jammu Sanskriti Jammu, Jammu SanskritiKathua, Model Academy , Government High School Kathua, Government High School Deelietc and the best part of the Programme was giving space to each participant to showcase his /her skill and each one was given space to put their points across. KapilBhalla said that Jodhamal is among the Best Schools of India when it comes to the award achieved by the students of a school and almost 650 students of Jo0dhamal have received the Gold, Silver & Bronze Levels in the past years and many students got the admissions in the foreign Universities on scholarships due to their association with the award journey.
Principal Trilok Singh Bist also attended the Workshop and felt that the best part of the Workshop was the Collaboration of the Government and Private schools and according to him both contributed equally in their areas of expertise while giving the presentations. All participants from the different schools showcased their skills in the skills section in terms of singing, dancing, art, craft or Judo etc. The overall coordinator for the Award Programme at JodhamalShallu Sharma said due to the format of the Programme where at the most 20 to 25 participants can be taken they could not extend the invitation to all schools in Jammu, but they are looking forward to make it available for other schools in the future. Principal Trilok Singh Bist and Trustee NandanKuthiala appreciated all school Principals who took the benefit of this Programme at their doorstep and gave special appreciation to IAYP Coordinator Shallu Sharma for her meticulous planning and execution.

 RBJ Scholarship Design.

 Jodhamal Hosts a Synthetic Phonics Workshop for Junior Teachers.

SashwatiSatpatti an Alumni of Singapore University and a Synthetic Phonic Trainer from Bhuvneshwarconducted a two day vibrant workshop for the Pre Primary & Primary Teachers of Jodhamal Public School to ensure the 21st century education to the students who are entrusted to the school. The workshop started with the sounds and how to make the sound like a synthesizer and make it a synthetic sound. Stapatti discussed the 42 sounds from 26 letters of English and told the teachers to never ever make the phonic sounds using Hindi or any other vernacular rather the 42 synthetic sounds to make the students join the letters to make reading easy for them by the blended learning.
To an answer to the question What is Synthetic Phonics?SashwatiSatpatti explained thatPhonics is nothing but relating sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes) or group of letters. It is an instructional method of teaching children to read.
They learn how to blend letter sounds together to make words like 'Dog'. It's not easy as it sounds because 26 letters in the English alphabet correspond to 42 sounds.
Importance of Synthetic Phonics
Phonics not only helps the child to read but also spell with ease. It helps them decode words by using the knowledge of sounds. It is vital as it does not depend on the photographic memory of children and aids them in reading new and unfamiliar words, thus enriching & enhancing their vocabulary.
Synthetic Phonics Benefits to Childrenaccording to Saswati : Start Enjoying Reading;Builds Sub-Conscious Mind; Improves Speaking Skills; leads to Smarter and Self-Confidentchild.When should a child be introduced to Synthetic Phonics?
The best time to introduce phonics to a child in between 4 to 6 years. However children above 6 years & up to 9 years have not developed good English reading, speaking & spelling skills, phonics will definitely help.Why should you try learning to read early on?
Research has shown kids who are able to communicate well in English in early days of their growing perform well in their academics & actually enjoy success in school. They are free of any stress at the subconscious level & apart from excelling in studies, also have very high self esteem&self confidence. Voracious acquisition of new knowledge through reading helps children build a strong academic foundation.CoordinatorsRanju Malhotra, UrmilaKaul&NeetuJohri appreciated the workshop and said that such workshops add on to the capability of the staff and from Pre Nursery itself we need to incorporate it.
Trilok Singh Bist the Principal of the school appreciated the concept and was happy to see the sea change in all the 50 teachers who were a part of this fruitful workshop. Trustee NandanKuthiala& Vice Principal PoojaPanthri presented a token of appreciation to Saswati Nanda Satpatti for making these two days so enriching for the faculty members of Jodhamal.

 Jodhamal Junior Celebrates Their Graduation Day

Jodhamal Public School celebrated Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony with great fervor and gaiety. MrsSushamKuthiala, was the Chief Guest while Mrs. Vijay Puri, an eminent educationist and National Coordinator of All India Edu Leaders Forum, New Delhi,was the Guest of Honour on this Occasion.
The programme began with the traditional lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest, thereafter MsNeetuJohri, Coordinator Pre-Primary Wing, presented the annual report, showing accolades and laurels notched by the students.
Kindergarten is the first experience in schooling where the child moves from his mother's loving lap into the fond arms of the teacher. The kindergarten teacher, like a caring potter, shapes and moulds the child with tender loving care, into a confident boy / girl stepping into Primary School.
The School Principal, MrTrilok Singh Bist, extended a warm welcome to all the guests and parents and congratulated all the kids & wished them best for the future endeavour. MrBist said that the management is looking ahead for better prospects and aiming at greater heights. The proud parents of the students were present to witness the ceremony when their little darlings wore the graduation gowns & graduation caps, and held their scrolls firmly in their hands.
Addressing the parents, Mrs.Vijay Puri said, education helps the child to provide an environment so that the child becomes what the capable of become.
The Graduation Ceremony was indeed a true culmination of 3 year KG enrichment programme consisting of Pre-Kg, LKG and UKG. The Chief Guest awarded the Graduation Diploma to the students, who had completed this three year programme.
At last Vote of Thanks was presented by Vice Principal Mrs. Pooja Panthri, where she extended special thanks to allPre Primary teachers Mrs. NeetuJohri, Mrs Sonia Mahajan, Mrs. NandaniBakshi& all Pre-Primary teachers Ms. Dolly Chandhoke, Ms. AmitaCharak, Ms. Veerta Jolly, Ms. GarimaPandit, Ms. GagandeepKour, Ms. Priyanka Verma, Ms. ManvinderKour, Ms. Kiran Sen, Ms. CharuBagotra.. Principal, Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts done by the CCA Coordinator, Ms. Sonia Mahajan, Sr. CCA Coordinator Mrs. NandaniBakshi and all Pre Primary teachers. He also congratulated Mr. Deepak Kumar, Ms Poonam Mahajan, MsShruti, Ms. Aadi Sharma, Mr. Kamal Anand and supporting staff for their exuberant effort to make the function a great event.

 Jodhamal Stands tall at the National Stage of The CBSE Heritage India Quiz

Jodhamal Public schools becomes the only team from Jammu and Kashmir clinch the Runners up trophy in the National level of the annual CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2017-18 at Bal Bharti School, Dwarka New Delhi . The team comprising of ShivamSanoria , Anmol Gupta and BhavyaBhushan negotiated through different rounds of quizzing and emerged as the runners up leaving behind Sunbeam School Varanasi , Vidhya Ashram school from Tiruchirapalli and Apeejay School Kolkata to name a few. The students won accolades and cash prizes for becoming the first team from Jammu and Kashmir to win at this level in the seventeen years of history of CBSE Heritage India Quiz.The national level of the quiz had 30 teams from all corners of the country participating enthusiastically .EarlierJodhamal won both the city and the Regional finals of the CBSE Heritage India Quiz -2017-18 at The Amity International School Gurgaon. The quiz is regarded as one of the toughest quizzes which saw adrenaline rush among the participants which left them scratching their minds and activating their neurons to the paramount level.The Principal of the school Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and the management congratulated the team for this phenomenal success and appreciated the efforts of the team and the Mentor Mr. Sanjay Pandey for clinching the most prestigious quiz competition in the country.

 Jodhamal Excel in Sahodaya Inter School Roller Skating Championship

Sahodaya Inter School Roller Skating Championship was organized by Sahodaya Jammu at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu. It was an event of its kind where more than 20schools participated from all the elite schools of Jammu &Kashmir. Ms. Vijay Puri, an eminent Educationist and National Coordinator of All India Edu Leaders Forum, New Delhi,inaugurated the function and declared the Championship open amidst lots of fun and frolic. Jodhamal students won the maximum number of medals 10 Gold, 07 Silver and 10 Bronze in the championship whereas Heritage school won 07 gold, 06 silver and 02 bronze and MHAC Nagabani School won 06 Gold, 05 Silver and 01 Bronze . The list of medal winner is as follows:- In the Gold Category, the winners are :300 MeterAdvitya Sharma, Sumukhi, ArchitPandoh, Raghvi Singh, Rajveer Singh, Shrnaya Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, GursimarKour, KartikeyaPuri, Diya Rajput, Vanshdeep, SaanchAnand–500 Meter - Advitya Sharma, Sumukhi, ArchitPandoh, Raghvi Singh, Shrnaya Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, VartikaAnanad, KartikeyaPuri, DhruvGandotra andSaanchAnand. In the Silver Category, the winners are : 300 Meter –RayaanAyub, Vivaan Gupta, Kamya Gupta, Anshwardhan Jain, Mehar Gupta, Eklavya Mahajan, Ayesha Hayyat, Ranveer Singh, AadyaSambyal, Veer Manhas, SehajVarinder Kaur, DhruvGandotra, Anshika Jain 500 Meter – Vivaan Gupta, Kamya Gupta, Anshwardhan Jain, Mehar Gupta, Ayesha Hayaat, AkarshitMansotra, VartikaAnanad, SakshamKharbandha, Vanshdeep andAnshika Jain. In the Bronze Category, the winners are : 300 Meter –Vivaan Gupta, SerishAbrol, Ryan Gupta, Kamakshi Sharma, SakshamKharbandha, Livanya Mehta, Soham Gupta, Archie Gupta, Bharat Raj, Czia Raina, AkarshitMansotra, VartikaAnand500 Meter – PuneeshPuri, SerishAbrol, Ryan Gupta, Kamakshi Sharma, PuneeshPuri, AnushkaJasrotia, Rajwardhan Singh, AadyaShambyal, Veer Manhas, Soham Gupta and Archie Gupta. All the winners were awarded the medals in the closing ceremony by the Chief Guest, Ms. NirmalMahana, the General Secretary of Jammu Sahodaya and Principal of DPS Kathua. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, an International skater was present as a special guest. Jodhamal being a host passed the trophy to the runner’s up school. The School Principal,MrTrilok Singh Bist felicitated the winners in a special assembly in the school and congratulated Mr Kamal Anand and MrRiteshJamwal, Coach Jodhamal School for organizing the event.

 Jodhamal becomes the first team in J & K to crack the CBSE Quiz

Team Jodhamal comprising of ShivamSanoria , Anmol Gupta and BhavyaBhushan Won both the city and the Regional finals of the CBSE Heritage India Quiz -2017-18 at The Amity International School Gurgaon. The city finals of the quiz saw 129 teams from the north zone participating in the written qualifiers. Six teams were selected for the Stage round . The other teams were DPS Faridabad, Amity International Sec- 46 Gurgaon, DAV School Gurgaon , Salwan Public School New Delhi, Blue Bells School Gurgaon. Team Jodhamal emerged clear cut winners leaving the opponents way behind to move into the regional round where the stage was set for a mind tickling contest.
The regional round was full of excitement with Jodhamal competing with the likes of Springdales school Amritsar , The Gurukul School, New Delhi and The Amity International ,Gurgaon. Team Jodhamal negotiated the different rounds of quizzing by answering some really tough questions and finally emerging as winners .The quiz had questions on National Cultural Heritage. Team Jodhamal is all set show their mettle at the National stage later this month when they will be competeing with their counterparts from all over the country. This is the first ever quizzing team from J&K to win at this level in the history of this CBSE quiz. The Principal of the school Mr.Trilok Singh Bist and the management congratulated the team for this phenomenal success and appreciated the efforts of the team and the Mentor Mr. Sanjay Pandey for igniting the young minds towards this quizzing which has become the buzzword at Jodhamal Public School.

 F1 IN School India : JODHAMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL Wins the TROPHY: Another first from the State of J&K.

Gurgram,JODHAMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL won the outstanding Sportsmanship award in its first year of participation through its skill and talent in 'F1 in School India', an Pan India competition initiative organised by the renowned Time of sports. Amongst elected Winnersfrom 19 categories,Genesis Global School,Amity International School,and The British International School were declared as the top in their respective categories.Over 50 schools and more than 700 students from across the country experienced the grand saga of F1in School in India National Finals 2017-18 at Ambience Mall Gurgaon in a STEM challenge run by the company Time of sports.
Amassive gathering of speed and thrill could be seen in the national finals of F1 in schools India at the Ambience Mall, located in Millennium city, NCR Delhi.
On the occasion Dr. Hanif Qureshi, (Commissioner of Faridabad) was present as the Chief Guest, and during the event he also appreciated the efforts of the children about 700 students from over 50 schools competed during the national finals of F1 Schools India, organised by Time of Sports. Two teams represented the school FUSION& 5CARBON CREW. Sparshdeep Singh, NamanChandhoke, Sarthak Malhotra, Harveer Singh and Dakshesh Sharma were the members of FUSION 5 whereas RudhrakshBhalla, AsmitSachdev, ShubhangSethi and Suvinay Jain were the members of CARBON CREW, mentored by Ms Roopinder Kaur and Ms Neetu Johri respectively. The teams were sponsored by PR Automobiles (SawrajMazada) National Garage (Jeep & Fiat),Kavery Decorations and SHI Uniforms. This was one of the world largest STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) based technology challenge and requires students to design build and race a miniature F1cars. The F1in school showcase was the pit booths which was live demonstration by students and a chance for visitors to see such a wonderful display that how the F1in School India are designed,manufactured miniature cars and tested.
Children enjoyed a wonderful thrilling and excitingenvironment throughout the course of event.This competition has provided them the opportunity to present their skills on a global platform and was a great learning experience which will help them in future projects. Principal Trilok Singh Bist& Trustee NandanKuthiala lauded the efforts of the students and their mentors for this achievement.


Jodhamal Public School, Channi bid a fond farewell to the outgoing class XII batch of 2017-18 with great enthusiasm. The evening was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments.Traditional Welcome with Tilak and allotting of numbers was done to the children by their juniors of Grade XI.
Lighting of the lamp and cutting of the cake by the XII graders along with school Trustees and Principal marked the beginning of thefunction.The programme inside the OAT commenced with the welcome address by the MC Vanshaj&Dhwani Guptaand in his speech Principal Trilok Singh Bistapplauded the batch as being one of the brightest ones. He appreciated their efforts for enthusiastically participating in varied competitions and raising the bar of perfection. He wished them luck to make a mark in the world outside, carrying forth the school motto of ‘Knowledge ,Wisdom, Courage’.
The highlight of the function was the beautiful cultural presentation. The students of Class XI put forth a mix of scintillating dance performances, entertaining theatre, ramp walk, melodious songs and pulsating music that rocked the OAT. The documentary reflecting flashbacks of 2017-18 batch, compiled by class 11 team, was the highlight.
It was a fun filled quality time spent by the children and mentors along with snacks and coke being served side by side.The volunteers for the ramp walk were shortlisted and put up questions by the panel to choose outMilindPandita&Nimisha Shukla as Mr and MsJodhamal, Afreem Mufti, GungunKoul and ParthJohri as Ms. & Mr. Charming, Arya Abrol, Harsimar Kaur &Asess Kaur as the Mr. & Ms. Perfect, Drishthant Mahajan &Gunjan Singh as the Mr. Well Dressed & Ms. Well Dressed. Besides these titles AtimaBakshi, ShivamSanoria&Ningnung were awarded the early birds, Manav Gupta was awarded the Mr. Handsome , Diya Rana as Ms. Elegant, SohamRanjam as Mr. Docile&MuskanSaluja as Ms. Docile &KshitijSethis as Mr. Dynamic&Divya Bhardwaj as Ms. Dynamic. All kids were given titles and mementoes were awarded to each outgoing student which truly suited their personalities.
The members of the Head Council the Head Girl ManasviniOswal& Head Boy AabhasVermadelivered speeches expressing gratitude to their mentors and teachers for their invaluable contribution in making the journey a memorable one. After the cultural programme, everyone assembled in the area for dance and lavish sumptuous meal.. The students danced to their heart’s content to the music belted out by the DJ. Many were seen clicking pictures at the selfie corners set up with friends and teachers – capturing memories of school forever.
Thus ended a beautiful evening marked with both happiness and sorrow.
Present on the occasion were Senior Coordinator Santosh Dogra, Vice Principal PoojaPanthri, Adm Officer Bharat Bhushan Sharma, all teachers and students of grade 11 & 12.


Jodhamal Public School in collaboration with Time of Sports has become the first STEM approved school in J&K and North of Delhi. STEM program is an International school based program to enhance the creative and engineering skills of students in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHS. This unique global platform, innovative in nature, is active in nature in 44 countries. The STEM Program is multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to collaborate design, analyise, manufacture test and then race miniature compressed air powered balsa wood F-1 cars.
2 teams from Jodhamal are participating in the National F-1 in school challenge being held in Delhi. The two teams are CARBON CREW & FUSION 5. School teams from 20 states are alsoparticipating in this PAN INDIA competition. The crew of FUSION 5 are Sparshdeep Singh, NamanChandhoke, Sarthak Malhotra, Harvir Singh and Dakshesh Sharma and CARBON crew are RudrakshBhalla, AsmitSachdev, SubhangSethi and Suvinay Jain. Team are mentored by MsRoopinderKour and MsNeetuJohri. The teams have been sponsored by P. R. AUTOMOBILES (SAWRAJ MAZADA), NATIONAL GARAGE (JEEP & FIAT) & KAVERY DECORATIONS.

 TEAM JodhamalScores Hat-trick in Pearson Quizchamps

Maintaining its tradition of winning ,Jodhamal Students won the third edition of PEARSON QUIZCHAMPS, the annual quiz competition organized by Pearson Schools at Banyan International School.Jodhaml is the defending Champion of the quiz for the last two years. Three years in a row makes Jodhamal take pride of it’s students and teachers and their achievements.
Total 380 students were the part of the quiz composing 190 teams. Eight teams qualified for the written round which was a mix of easy and tricky questions. Out of the total 190 teams , team Jodhamal consisting of Shivansh Pandey and Vaibhav Singh scored the highest 23.5 pointsout of 25 followed by again a Jodhamal Team consisting of SamyakShirsh and RaghavKhajuria scoring 23 points. Two more teams from Jodhamal School qualified for the stage round making it a total of four out of eight teams on the stage for the final round. The other teams consisted of Arya Mahajan and SushantPadha and Burhan Rashid and Lakshav Mahajan.
In the stage round, negotiating through different rounds of questioning and answering the team comprising of SamyakShirsh and RaghavKhajuria clinched the winner’s trophy while the team comprising of Vaibhav Singh and Shivansh Pandey were adjudged the second runners up.
The winners walked away with amazon kindle worth Rs 10000 and the runners up got gift vouchers worth Rs 3000. Also the fourth & fifth position was bagged by Jodhamal Students only. This was the wonderful display of the Quizzing skills of Jodhamal Public School under the Guidance of their Quiz Master Sanjay Pandey and Mubeen Butt who intiated the Quiz Club at Jodhamal.
Principal JodhamalTrilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts put by Sanjay Pandey the Quiz Master and felicitated the winners and participants in a special assembly today. Principal said that Quizzing develops the reasoning and logical thinking skills among the children and at Jodhamal Quizzing and MUN are the buzz words and are the way of life at Jodhamal together with the communication skills which are honed up at all stages here at Jodhamal. Winning three years in a row really speaks volumes about the interest of the little ones into this beautiful activity.

 Parishit from Havard Interacts with Jodhamal Students

Jodhamal students had an experience of interacting with the Havard Fame Counselor ParikshitDhanda who took a session with the students of Jodhamal on how to prepare for a life time and how to balance between the studies and the hobbies.
Parikshit had made his talk so very interactive that all students felt like hearing him for more though duer to paucity of time he could not take more than an hour with the students. He gave tips on how the career options are changing and how the students are unaware of the career options which can be explored by them in the chosen subjests. He asked the kids as to how much do they know their parents and in his talks he proved that students do not know much about their parents too. Then in that case without proper research how would they know the career options related to their stream. He said that most of the parents think and associate PCB with Medical career whereas there are atleast 55 more careers attached to it and at time even more rewarding, the need is to explore and research the options and be with the changing times. Medical Transcription, Criminology, Genetic Engineering, Physiotherapy,Bio Technology, Bio Chemistry etc being few of them. He also made the kids understand that besides studies the soft skills are very imoprtant but the academic cut offs play a vital role in getting into a course. According to Parishit the subjects like Psychology are gaining the momentum as in the future it will be more of the Human studies which will fetch people more jobs and in the field of Sports the amazing change is seen in the last few years. He said few years back nobody ever thought of a wrestle earning in crores but the 21st century has made it possible for all sports to flourish be it Kabbadi, Khk Kho, Basketball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Football or the Cricket. He told kids that even if one is not selected in the International Cricket and can only make a place in the IPLs his 7 generations can live on his earnings. Sports Management, Sports Journalism, Sports Therapy etc are some of the important courses which have been introduced today and all are highly rewarding opportunities.Students had asked a lot of questions on the diverse topics and could find soothing answers in a very befitting manner from Parikshit.
Parikshit was accompanied by EshaBaggaan alumni of Welhem Girls and the Warwick University UK.
Principal Trilok Singh Bist, Trustee NandanKuthiala and Vice Principal PoojaPanthri appreciated the session which was more like so much in nut shell and presented a memento of love , appreciation, gratitude and respect to the highly spirited speaker.Present among the gathering were Aashima Sharma, NirmaljeetSingh,Prashmi Sharma, Radhika Sharma, Coordinator Santosh Dogra, ShalimaPargal, A.O. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, SailaBanoo, Shipra Gupta and others with the students of Grade X & XI.


Jodhamal Public School celebrated its thirteenth Annual Day on Friday, the 1st December, 2017.
Ms. Bharti Vaid Addl. Director, Press InformationBureau, J&K State, was the esteemed Chief Guest.Dr. Dimple Chopra Deputy Director, Health Dept. was the Guest of Honour.Mr. VikarRasool MLA and Mr. FirdousTak MLC were the special guests.
Among the management the dignitaries present wereAartiKuthiala,Director and Pooja Panthri , Vice Principal.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp to invoke God’s blessings. This entailed the Welcome speech by the Deputy Head Girl Nimisha Shukla.
A feast for the soul was the Cultural dance ‘Maha Shakti Vandan’ based on the theme ‘From Darkness to Light’. The ethnic diversity of ‘The Diwali Dance’ enthralled the audience while the ‘Christmas Dance’ heightened the spirts of the onlookers.
An adaption of the timeless epic ‘Akbar Birbal’ was enacted to its true glory and the rhythmic verses of Qawwali left the audience mesmerized.
A splash of colours was added with the Carnival dance and the Hula –Hoop Gypsy Dance displayed the agility of the young dancers. The hard work and toil of the art and craft department, reflected vividly through the 3D movable props displayed on stage.The efforts of Nivedita Sharma, Chandra Shekhar, Amandeep Kaur and Anjali Bharti for preparing the exclusive paintings and props were applaud worthy.
Sonia Mahajan, CCA Coordinator, ShrutiBakshi and Aadi Sharma were the main choreographers for the event.
Mr. NandanKuthiala, the Trustee, spoke of the future plans of the school and emphasized about the RAI BAHADUR JODHAMAL KUTHIALA scholarship for girls studying in class 9th and 12th in Govt. Schools, affected by cross border shelling.
The well synchronized Orchestra and chorus singers were blissful to the ears and transported the audience to the 60’s and 70’s. Efforts of the Choir Mentors Poonam Mahajan, Deepak Kumar, SubhashDey and MK Sahil was applause worthy.
The Principal, Trilok Sing Bist congratulated the school stakeholders for the No. 1Ranking of the school in the whole of J&K, By the Education World, for the third consecutive year. Mr. Bisthighlighted the exceptional results of class X and XII. It is a global bench mark for Jodhamal Public school to be the first school in Jammu and Kashmir to conduct the prestigious Trinity College London exam. Jodhamal has been included in the list of Top 50 Schools of the country by Fortune Magazine and Price Water House.
Ms. Bharti Vaid Addl. Director ,Press InformationBureau stated that she was very happy to note that Jodhamal School has excellent academic results of class Tenth and Twelfth. He gave special mention to the developing Infrastructure and accentuated that Jodhamal to be the pioneer in the world of education.
Ms. Ranju Malhotra and Urmila Kaul, Coordinators presided over the prize giving ceremony. The Vote of thanks was proposed by the Deputy Head Boy Arya Abrol. The programme was compered by the junior team of smart oratory experts. The programme culminated with a pious shlok and the National Anthem.


Humanity has entered the era of sustainability with a global commitment to fulfil the great promise of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. –Gandhi Global Family (GGF), J&K and Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) Jammu Chapter have joined hands in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) New Delhi, to promote 17 UN Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs).
UN-collaboration Jammu meeting was held in Jodhamal Public School. Each school representative presented power point presentation and video clips of allotted goal like‘Good Health & Well-Being’ by Tiny Tots Senior Secondary, `No Poverty’ by Alexander Memorial School, ‘Life Below Water’ by Model Academy, ‘Clean Water & Sanitation’ by Jodhamal Public School, ‘Life on Land’ by Heritage School, ‘Partnership for the Goals’ by K C International School, ‘Zero Hunger’ by G D Goenka School, ‘Reduce inequality by Doon international School, ‘Decent Work & Economic Growth ‘by Lawrence Public School,Gender equalityby Jammu Sanskriti, Climate change by JK Public School, Shiksha Niketan school.
Padamshree S.P Verma, Vice Pesident of GandhiGlobal Family and Dr Seema Rohmetra, Coordinator of Gandhi Peace FoundationJammuChapter,appreciated school efforts to promote goal No.6- clean water and sanitation not only in school but also in Govt schools,which have been adopted by Jodhamal fraternity.
On the occasion of this meeting, Padamshree S.P Verma, Vice President of Gandhi global family J&K and Dr Seema Rohmetra, Coordinator GPF, Jammu Chapter, threw light on the millennium developmental goals and also focused upon the strategies and the mechanisms to take these goals forward.The various Principals and the core members of the organizations, who attended the meeting, included, Dr Sapna Sangra (Co coordinator GPF), Dr Monica Narang, Dr C.M Seth, Mr Subhash Shastri president of National Maj doorconference Jammu.
Mr Trilok singh Bist, Principal of Jodhamal publicschool presented vote of thanks and applauded the efforts for different school coordinators. .He also congratulated his team Mrs Pratiba Sopori and Muddabir of class VIII for their efforts to conducting regular activates and power point presentation on goal no 6 clean water and sanitation.



 Trinity College London exam conducted in Jodhamal School

Trinity is an international exam board, 125 year old, with a rich heritage of academic rigour and a positive supportive approach to assessment. Trinity board conducts exams in over 70 countries and in India, the schools like Doon school, Mayo girls, Scindia, DPS, Shriram school Delhi , Genesis Global etc. take this exam. The exams taken by the students are fully accredited in the U.K. and recognized internationally in many other countries.
It is a global bench mark for Jodhamal Public school to be the first school in Jammu and Kashmir to conduct this prestigious exam in its campus.
Around 61 teachers from classes pre nursery to class 12 were trained professionally to facilitate the students to take the international exam. These exams are specifically designed to help student progress. They inspire the learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence.
The study strands include Speech and Drama, Individual Acting skills, Group performance, Shakespeare, communication skills, Musical theatre and Performance arts. It gives a platform to a child at international level to recognize, develop and hone up various skills which are a need of the time today. It is a platform which not only develops confidence but also get one to be recognized at the international level.
Philip Thrupp, the examiner for Trinity College London Exam for the year 2017-18 is trained at Exeter college of Art and the Hartly Hodder Studio and has taught Speech and Drama to pupils of all ages and Public Speaking to adults. He has been tutor of Voice and Speech at Wesley College, Bristol and regularly adjudicates at festivals in the British Isles, Ireland, The Channel Islands, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.
Philip is pleased to be examining for Trinity Guildhall and in the last years has examined in Johannesburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Baltimore, India and Canada.
Trinity College London exam was conducted recently at Jodhamal Public School. It offered opportunities for everyone interested in performance at any level to develop their skills and understanding in a wide range of discipline. The Trustee, Mr Nandan Kuthiala and the Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist applauded the efforts put by the students and their teachers for guiding them in a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time. They also added that the biggest benefit of this exam is to ease away shyness and the stage fright, fluent public speaking, stronger self-belief, smarter interpersonal skills and sharper cognitive skills.

 Literary Fest Concludes At Jodhamal Public School

A three day long Literary fest organized by Scholastic in collaboration with Jodhamal Public School, concludes in the Multi Purpose Hall of Jodhamal School. The Chief Guest, Mr. Phillip Thrupp from Trinity College London inaugurated the Fest and declared it open.
The welcome address was given by Ms Radhika Sharma, HOD (English) and felicitation of the guests was done by giving memento to all. CCE song was sung by Jodhamal Kids in synchronization by the choir group. The dignitaries were escorted by the Trustees, Mr Nandan Kuthiala, Arati Kuthiala, Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist and Vice Principal, Ms Pooja Panthri for the browsing of books available by Scholastic, a very famous publishing house.
The Chief Guest, Mr Phillip implored on the need that to surf and read books as knowledge matters, but not in vacuum. It has to be connected with enquiry and problem solving, fluency with critical thinking that’s what will matter. Mr Phillip also spoke to the students about the importance of reading and developing a capacity and taste for reading, as it gives access to do whatever has already been discovered by others.
There was a story telling session by renowned story teller Mrs. Simi Srivastav, of international repute. On day one of this literary extravaganza. A heavy in pour of students from all across the Jammu city was seen as they could not get enough of Mrs. Simi’s iconic story telling.
On day two, eminent cartoonist Mr Ajit Narayan of international fame did sessions with students and suggested that cartooning is not just a medium for recreation and amusement, it is a depiction and a mirror reflection of non-trivial and sensitive issues in our society. The teaching faculty also had the golden opportunity to have a one on one interaction with Mr. Ajit Narayan and benefit from his experience. Students of different schools cartooning sessions and enjoyed surfing of all genres of books under the one roof.
The initiative taken by Jodhamal Public School, for inculcating reading habits amongst the children was appreciated by one and all and added to the legacy of Jodhamal Public School by successfully concluding yet another glorious seasons of Litfest-2017.

 Whirlpool Interschool Rolling Championship for Preprimary organized at JMPS

1st Whirlpool Inter-school Roller Skating Competition was held for preprimary block at Jodhamal Public School skating rink during the school hours.
It was the first time where zooming skaters went buzzing on their roller skates on tiny feet of little children hailing from different schools such as Jmps, KC International, Model Academy,Lutheran Academy,APS, Tiger APS,Rich Harvest,Stephens International,KidzeeSidhra, Pre primaryKidzee Gandhi Nagar, VardhmaanBalVatika etc.
The children participated with full zest as they had come all prepared for different activities already allotted to them such as Inline skating, Quads skating (looseskates, bearing skates) and the most mesmerizing event of all was the fancy dress on wheels which took the heart of all as the children were all dressed in different attires like lord Venkateswara with props and fisherman etc. The children had prepared certain entertaining items like dances and songs to break the monotony and to cheer their fellow mates were much appreciated by all.
All activities were judged by a panel of judges who had tough time while making judgments, as each child was one better than his nearest rival.The Chief Guest for the event was SP Operations Shri.Vinay Kumar Sharma who was spell bound by the enthusiasm and sportsmanship of not only the little ones, but also their mentors.
The entire competition was witnessed by the Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, the school management and the honorable chief guest. They all appreciated and lauded the efforts of Coach Mr. Kamal Anandto make this event successful. A vote of thanks was given by the Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist.
The beaming winners were declared in the end with names are as VidyashiRakwal, ShreruyaVerma, Medhavi Mahajan, VedantJamwal, Advick, Vihaan Gangotra, Anurav Mahajan, OmanshSingla, Sidakh, AaishNabi, Sheikh Zainab, Pavik, Pearl Suri, Rudhika, Manya, Pratham Dev Singh, Jai Aditya, Jasandeep, Ansh, Davick, Aruman, Yuvraj, Manit Jain, Ashwin, Narayan Bakshi, Harmehar Singh, Gurshabad, Seeratdeep, Sugandh, Divya Shakti and Kaira Singh.

 Jodhamal All Set For Jammu Literary Fest-2017

Jodhamal Public School is all set to host Jammu Literary Festival-2017 on 27th , 28th and 29thOct 2017. The festival is being organized by the Scholastic in collaboration with Jodhamal Public School, with a vision of “Putting a Book in Every Child’s Hand” and to promoting reading practices among children. This was disclosed by the Principal, MrTrilok Singh Bist, today during a Press Conference in Jodhamal Public School. He stated that this festival will focus on adding 10 minutes a day to a child’s reading, be it a newspaper, magazine or the novels. The festival will try and create new young writers of 21st Century. The festival will be inaugurated by Prof. Phillipe from Trinity College London UK on 27th Oct 2017 at 9.00am and many famous personalities will also be present at this auspicious occasion. This three day long, multi-faceted Jammu Literary Festival-2017 has several stimulating components designed to give parents and the students an enriching experience, with a great blend of literature, culture, art and heritage. HOD English, Ms Radhika Sharma said that this literary festival will give a greater exposure to the Jammu Kids and we will be able to generate interest among future of our country for reading and writing. During this festival, there will be a Cartooning Sessions by famous Cartoonist MrAjit Narayan and Story Telling Session by renowned story teller Mrs Simi Srivastava. In addition there will be a children’s book fest crammed with activities, stories and study skills. The Scholastic has tried their best to create a unique event for parents to attend with their children. The Principal said that all the CBSE School from Jammu, Akhnoor, Nagrota and Samba are participating actively in this Festival. Also, all the parents have been invited and are expected to visit this festival on 29thOct 2017, which is open day for all. Present on this occasion were Trustees Jodhamal School, Mr Nandan Kuthiala & Mrs Arati Kuthiala, Vice Principal MrsPooja Panthri, Administrative Officer, Mr BB Sharma and Coordinator MrsRanju Malhotra.

 Jodhamal School Ranked No. 1 in J & K third Year in a Row
 (Among the Best 30 Schools Pan India by C Fore Survey )

Jodhamal Public School Jammu is once again ranked number one school of Jammu & Kashmir for the third year in a row. Leading career magazine Education World has recently published its list of best Indian schools for the year 2017-18 in which Jodhamal Public School has made a mark by scoring 1163 points on 14 different parameters giving a good lead of 41 points to the second ranker school in J & K. Jodhamal has been ranked among the best 30 school Pan India in the category of the Day Co-Educational Schools out of a 1.4 Milliom Schools across the country. Mr. Nandan Kuthiala and Arati Kuthiala the trustees gave the credit for this achievement to the staff , students and the parent’s cooperation during all these years. Jodhamal students have made it to the top notch schools with their zeal and enthusiasm to participate in all competitions all over the globe and by making a mark everywhere.

The Education World India School Rankings 2017-18 ranks the country's best schools under 14 different parameters .The survey was conducted countywide by 127 field representative of the well-known Delhi based market research and opinion polls company “C fore” for over four months in 27 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Indore, Jamshedpur, Darjeeling,Gowhati,Merrut, Jammu & Dehradun, interviewed the sample respondents and rated schools in their region on a 10-point scale across 14 parameters -- academic reputation, co-curricular education, teacher welfare and development, competence of faculty, co-curricular activities, sports education, individual attention to students, life skills and conflict management education, infrastructure provision, leadership/ management quality, special needs education and internationalism etc. Jodhamal has made a mark by being in the best 10 schools across India for Leadership Quality and Infrastructural Facilities. Principal Trilok Singh Bist along with Bhim Rathke, Mentor Jodhamal; Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee & Arati Kuthiala, Director of Jodhamal had gone to receive the award in a Glittering Award Ceremony at Hotel Leela Ambiance Gurugram and said that this award is an outcome of the hard work of all the students and staff members supported by the Parents and School management. Bist also said the forward looking vision of Nandan Kuthiala & Arati Kuthiala is one of the most important factor for this feat under the able mentorship of Bhim Rathke a Delhi Based professional who has been mentoring us for the last six years.

 Jodhamal Ranked in Top 50 Future Schools by Fortune

In a Mega AWARD Event at The Grand Hotel Vasant Kunj on 6th October 2017 Jodhamal Public School was awarded the Future 50 Schools Shaping Success Award by the Famous Future Magazine in collaboration with the Singapore Based online Career portal Univariety. There were around 650 schools which have undergone the Processing for this prestigious award and all students, teachers and parents of the senior school were involved into it to give and evaluate online the performance of the schools. It was a proud privilege for Jodhamal Public School to be recognized among the Best 50 schools in India and for joining the elite schools like Mayo Boys, Mayo Girls, Pathways, Scottish High, Singapore International School, Mumbai, Vasant Valley New Delhi and many more such schools which are delivering the 21st century education with a global outlook. Principal Trilok Singh Bist, School Mentor Bhim Rathke and Trustee Narayani Kuthiala Sibal received the award in a glittering ceremony at New Delhi where each one appreciated the efforts put in by the Team Jodhamal for achieving this prestigious award.
Award was presented by the famous educationist Sumer Singh and CEO of Univariety Jaideep Gupta. In this award ceremony Director IIT Delhi V Ram Gopal Rao and Principal Lady Shri Ram College Delhi , Suman Sharma were awarded the Catalist of Change award for their distinguished services to the society. Trilok Singh Bist said it was such a pleasure to receive such an award amongst such elite gathering that words are not enough to express. He again stressed on the fact that this accomplishment was possible just because of the students, faculty members and the parental cooperation at all times and of course due to a forward looking management which is ever ready for the change in the interest of the students fraternity.

 Jodhamal Principal Trilok Singh Bist Awarded the CBSE National Teacher Award for 2016

Jammu & Kashmir Principal Trilok Singh Bist was awarded the CBSE National Teacher Award in a glittering function at the Rail Musieum Auditorium atChankya Puri , New Delhi which has brought a lot of accolades for J & K State. Trilok Singh Bist, the Principal of Jodhamal Public School Jammu is the only awardee conferred with the CBSE Award this year from Punjab & Chandigarh.This award is given to Trilok Singh Bist, Principal, Jodhamal Public School, Jammu ( Jammu & Kashmir) in public recognition of his valuable and commendable services rendered to the community for the cause of education as a teacher of outstanding merit is what the citation says which is awarded to Trilok Singh Bist with a Shawl and a cash award of Rs.50,000/- in recognition of his services to the Nation as a Teacher par excellence.
Mr. Bist is working as the Head Teacher of Jodhamal School since April 2012 and in these five and a half years he has put in all his experience of 28 years to bring the best from within the students and also taken out the talents of his teachers and provided them with wings to fly and give their best to the society. Under his leadership Jodhamal has been ranked as No. 1 school for the last three years in a row and also Jodhamal Public School has been selected in the Future 50 Schools Shaping Success by the Famous Magazine Fortune( Forbes) and the Singapore based Univariety the Online Career Portal.
Deepmala Sharma was awarded the Global Teacher Award, Mubeen Butt was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award by Generation Global, Bhawna Madaan has been awarded the ISA Award and has been the MUN Queen of Jammu for last 5 years and wherever she takes her team they bring laurels to the state and also Sanjay Pandey is doing great guns as the Quiz Master. Poonam Sarmal is the Girls Army NCC Wing’s Care Taker and Ajay Magotra is the Boys Naval NCC Wing’s care taker. Dolly Chandhok and Manvinder Kaur are the Scouts & Guides Incharges who are doing a wonderful work where this year 9 students of Jodhamal are getting the Governor’s Award.
Bist believes in shaping the available human capital to match with his expectations by grilling and grooming them rather than cribbing about the situation. Bist is the Master Trainer for CBSE Capacity Building Programmes and has been entrusted by CBSE to conduct the CBSE Workshops at many cities including the first ever such workshop at Laddakh at DPS Laddakh last year. Shallu Sharma of Jammu under his leadership has been recognised as the National Trainer of IAYP the Duke of Edenburg’s Awards. Deepta Khusso has been awarded the Outstanding Contribution award this year by National Award Authority. The list is endless when it comes to achievement of his team.
While receiving the award when asked as to whom does he give the credit of his success he proudly proclaimed that it is only his mother & his late teacher Shankar Naganhalli Gaur Patil who have moulded him into what he is today right from the childhood and he was the only Principal among the 16 Principals who were awarded , who took his 87 years old mother Mrs. Kheema Bist along with his wife Leela Bist, to receive the award from the Union HRD Minister of State, Upender Khushwaha at New Delhi. It was such a proud moment for the old mother when CBSE Chairperson came to meet her and all Principals came to congratulate her. All dignitaries touched her feet as she was the senior most citizen present in the award ceremony.
Present on the dias for the award ceremony wereUnion HRD Minister of State Mr. Upendra Kushwaha, Ms. Anita Karwal, CBSE Chairperson, Mr. Anuragh Tripathi, Secretary CBSE, Director NCERT and Member Secretary NCTT.
Nandan Kuthiala (Trustee), Arati Kuthiala(Director), Bharat Bhushan Sharma(Administrative Officer), Pooja Panthri(Vice Principal) and all coordinators and students gave a very warm welcome to the Principal after coming back from Delhi during a special assembly. Mr. Bharat Bhushan said in his address that this award is not only a pride for Jodhamal Public School but the whole J & K State is proud of Bist’s achievement and Pooja Panthri also read out the Citation for the whole school and said such achievements become an inspirations for others.

 Team Jodhamal Shines at the Doon School, Dehradun.

DSMUN of The Doon School, Dehradun has grown to be one of the key entries in every school’s muning calendar as it has a history of attracting the best of, both, the Indian and the international delegates from the Pan-Asiatic Region. Inthe 11th Doon School Model United Nations (DSMUN) Conference participating schools wereMayo College Girls School, Mayo Boys, Sanskriti School, Modern School Vasant Vihar, Rato Bangla Nepal,All Saints College, Nainital,NPS International School, Guwahati,GD Goenka World School,Scindia School,British School, Delhi and many more in and around India participated in the conference. Jodhamalas always sent its delegation of 11 delegates to participate in the esteemed conference. This delegation comprised ofSaba Jamwal, Mudabir latifi, Mian Mohd. Raza, Harshavardhan Singh, Vidur Kumar, NayanSharma, Anahita Anand, Samanyu Reddy, DhvaniGupta, Aseess Kaur, Gunjan Singh escorted by faculty advisor Ms. Bhawna Nagpal Madaan and Mr. Sarnjeev Choudhary.The Doon School Model United Nations Conference 2017opening ceremony was attended by Congress Vice PresidentMr. Rahul Gandhi asthe Chief Guest of the evening accompanied by Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Mr. Gandhimesmerised the delegates with his one to one interaction and speech on some of the important skills of diplomacy

All the young Muners of Jodhamal brought accolades for their Alma Mater by winning The Most Outstanding Delegate awarded to Gunjan Singh who represented Canada on the agenda ‘Drafting a bill for women’s rights across the world’, the committee was channelizing in every aspect with an immensely intense debating forum to scrutinise discussion on all issues regarding women. The second category of award The Honourable Mention was bagged by Dhvani Gupta who represented Iraq on the agenda of ‘Protection of rights of Rohingya Muslims’, the standard of debate was quite high as the delegates were probing with ideas to change the standard of human rights. All the JMPS Delegates were often pressed to the limits of their skill at negotiations and were seen frantically adding countries to their blocs and writing their resolutions – following which they defended them in particularly ‘grilling’ interpellation sessions.The Headmaster of The Doon School Mr. Matthew J. Raggett, presided over the event and distributed the various awards for the conference, and appreciated the efforts put in by the students.

 Rally to Save Rivers.

 Exhibiton by Nursery Wing.

 Jodhamal holds Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony of the Junior School Prefect Council was held at Jodhamal Public school. The pupil were formally invested withauthority, power, right, dignity within the school context. The Junior Kids conducted a Street " BetiBachaoBetiPadao" as a part of the Prime Minister NarendraModi’s initiative and then the Chief Guest on the occasion Brigadier Atul Kumar, SM Commander, 26 Artillery Brigade inducted the Prefect Council members to the office in a very formal ceremony. The Student Pupil Leaders the Junior School Head Boy and Head Girl respectively.Arhan Mahajan & Samaira Jamwal took the oath to lead by example without pride or prejudice. The other newly elected Prefect Council are as follows: ASPLs –Navaj Kunal Anand & Uttara Bhushan; Sports Captains --Ayesha Hayaat & Ayam Sharma ; CCA Incharges–Krishika Koul& Moksha Sharma; Eco Leaders –Anmol Kotwal & Vidhi Dhallam: Discipline Incharges -Saksham Mahajan & Rebecca Verma; Challenge House Captains –ArunDev Singh & Adalia Narang; Discovery House Captains --Harmanjot Singh & Iqra Batool Jahangir; Enterprise House Captains --Sachdeep Singh & Ambika Singh ; Invention House Captains Aditya Singh & Smaira Goel were adorned with their badges by the Chief Guest in the Presence of the staff , students and their parents. House Vice Captains of the four houses Mudakkir Latifi, Yana Rai, Shiven Agarwal, Ahmed Ayan, Swasti Gupta, Devansh Sharma, Vadanya Salathia, Sanidhya Gupta, Punish Manhas, Gunjot Kour were also inducted to the office of the Prefect Council of Jodhamal Juniors,a defining moment in a student’s life. After the office bearers holding a loft knowledge, courage and confidence, a day when these little bearers were inducted with 'responsibility' took the Oath in the MPH and the Head Boy of Senior School Aabhas Verma Administered the Oath. Former Head Girl Junior School Dania Butt & Former Head Boy Junior School Palmer Singh conducted the complete programme and the Head Girl Manasvini Oswal offered the vote of thanks. Lt. Col. Anuj Kasta, Mr Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee, Ms Arati Kuthiala, Director and Ms Pooja Panthri, Vice Principal of Jodhamal Public School were also present on the occasion. A special kudos was given to the CCA Coordinators Ms Sonia Majahan and Coordinator Ms. Ranju Malhotra for the overall mentoring and meticulous planning of the complete show. Inspite of the bright sun, the children's enthusiasm was not dimmed and their eyes shone bright with the anticipation of receiving their prefectorial badges, the chief guest did the honors of pinning the badges and then the newly elected prefect took the formal pledge. All the parents added the glory to the small function where in his address Brigadier Atul Kumar said that the parents have a big responsibility in honing up the next generation and also parents need to take the onus for the distraction of the students these days in different unpleasant areas and every parent needs to keep a vigilant eye on their child’s activities and friend circle. The SPL s and ASPLs also gave the speeches to live upto the expectation of their teachers, parents and their fellow friends in the school. Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the students for being chosen as the little leaders and wished them success at all walks of life. The ones who were not in the Prefect Council list, Principal said that they have even a bigger goal set for them and should work from now only to aim for being the members of Senior School Council once they grow up and till then a self-disciplined life style can make them all keep achieving the impossible.

 PriyaSethi launched Class Libraries donated by Jodhamal School

Jodhamal Public School under the Public Private Partnership adopted three government schools namely Govt. High School, Deeli, Govt. Primary School, Sainik Colony, Govt. Primary School, Prithvipur. Since April 2016, Jodhamal Public School adopted these three schools for the development of these schools and carrying out extra co-curricular activities among the students of the Govt. schools. Jodhamal School has also launched a R. B. KuthialaJodhamal Education Foundation Scholarship for girls studying in Govt. schools in the border area of Jammu Province. The modalities of the scholarship are still being worked out and would be open for girls of classes 9th to 11th. Teachers from Jodhamal had been going every week to these schools to carry out activities and to develop spoken skills among these children together with providing notebooks, pens, pencils, black boards, fans etc. for the school as and when needed. Jodhamal made Govt. High School, Deeli students participate in National level competitions like VoxPopuli and Polifest. Two students of Govt. High school Delli were sponsored for the National Level Tech Summit at Vasant Valley School in New Delhi and both the boys Lekhraj and Pawan gave a very good presentation and won accolades from one and all. Today, in a special event, Jodhamal organized a Public Private Partnership initiative to set up Libraries in all three Govt. Schools and Minister of State Education Honourable Mrs. Priyasethi presided over as the Chief Guest. Mr. NandanKuthiala and MrsAratiKuthiala had been generous enough to think of these children who otherwise are deprived of the basic facilities. Govt. School Students presented NukkadNatak on Destiny and the junior kids of Jodhamal presented NukkadNatak on BetiBachaoBetiPadao. Jodhamal is not only honing up the skills of the students but also developing their overall personality by making them participate in different activities and NukkadNataks.PrincipalJodhamalTrilok Singh Bist gave the report on how after meeting the Honourable Governor he was made to meet the then Education Minister JanabNaeem Akhtar who in turn made the then Director Education SmithaSethi to visit the schools and allot the schools to Jodhamal under the PPP. Present on the occasion were S. Ravinder Singh, Director Education, Mr. J K Sudan, Chief Education Officer Jammu and the Head Masters of all three govt. school, teachers and students of all schools including Jodhamal. Programme was anchored by PrakharBist of Jodhamal and Leena Chandra of Govt. High School, Deeli. Mrs. PoojaPanthri, Vice Principal of Jodhamal presented the vote of thanks. Ms. Sunita Gupta Incharge Head Master of Govt. High School, Deeli thanked Jodhamal Public School for the unconditional support provided under the Public Private Partnership. The IAYP InchargeShallu Sharma, Junior Coordinator Sonia Mahajan and the eight teachers who have contributed to this noble cause were also there to share their experiences and the sense of contentment and satisfaction by being the part of this Community Service for last two years.

 Jodhamal Studenrs Shine at Welham MUN at Dehradun

Jodhamal Students won accolades at the WELMUN at the Welham Boys School, Dehradun. A total of 13 students from Jodhamal made their presence felt as delegates of different committees and all of them were recognized during the MUN Session. The WELMUN 2017 which was held between 28th - 30th July concluded today. A total of 26 schools participated in this mega event. It was a great platform where schools like The Doon School Dehradun , Modern School Barakhama Road, Indian high School Dubai, Mayo Girls, Jodhamal Jammu, Bhuvans Chandigarh put up a great competition for all other schools. The Doon School Dehradun got the best delegation. Vidur Kumar and Arsh Mir from Jodhamal public school got honourary mention and Nimisha Shukla and Vaibhav got verbal mention in their respective committees. Nimisha and Vaibhav were in United Nations Security Council Vidur and Arsh Mir were in UNGA 4 - Special Political and Decolonisation Committee. Vidur Kumar & Arsh Mir of Jodhamal were selected for a special crisis committee... Teachers Pratibha Sapori and Neetika Rai escorted the Delegates as Faculty Advisors. The children who comprised the delegation from Jodhamal are Zitin Kaul, Vaibhav , Animisha Shukla, Nimisha Shukla, Vihan Kapoor, Sheikh Sakib, Kritneya Sharma, Arnav Gupta Vatsala Mahajan ,Abhijot Singh,Arsh Mir,Harman Kaur, Jasleen Kaur and Vidur Kumar... Principal Trilok Singh Bist congratulated the delegates for making their presence felt and ensuring the laurels for Jammu and Kashmir. He also appreciated the teachers Bhawna Madaan, Pratibha Sapori and Neetika Shukla for preparing the students so well.

 Art of Living Workshop conducted for Jodhamal Staff.

Art of Living Happiness Course was done by 65 teachers of the senior school of Jodhamaland each one felt being transcended... Happiness Course was conducted by Art of Living instructor Ms. ShwetaGolani who came from Bangalore from Shri Shri''s Ashram and is the renowned AOL teacher from Dehradun...without dipping in water we can never truly know how it feels to have a swim? This Happiness Course by Shwetaji made Jodhamal teachers effortlessly sponge up whatever was offered in the Programme in the three days course.. Most happiest three days for each staff member and they all experienced the transition through the techniques taught, processes done and other practical tools taught during the course....Each one went home after completion of the course as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable and happier person with easy to use tools they can use to maintain the benefits of this course for a life time...A happy mind makes us stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life and with such feelings the course came to a close.. All teachers appreciated Ms. ShwetaGolani's energy level and knowledge and were highly elated to have been provided this opportunity by the school management....School Principal Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts of the forward looking management which does things out of the box and sets precedence..NandanKuthiala and AratiKuthiala are dedicated to the cause of education in the state and are determined to take the school education to the next level in the state. During the course the Techniques taught to accept the people and situations the way they come, was one of the lesson for all those who get disturb at the slightest of the blow in life. Shweta Golani told everyone that the opposite values are complimentary to each other so if we have some sorrow in life then only we will be able to value the happiness and if one experiences the heat then only he would sense the cold. She also told the teachers to have their opinion and should not become the football of other people's opinion. During the SudershanKriya the teachers felt so relaxed and got transcended to a different world. Art of Living was an experience of an altogether different kind which most of the schools and corporate world is giving to their employees and IIT's are providing to their students and Jodhamal Public School has taken the first step forward and is determined to get it for staff, students, support staff and even for parents in the times to come.