Junior Wing Prefect Council for 2022-2023.

Junior Wing Prefect Council for 2022-2023.

  • SPLs- Adrin Raj Anthony
    Aarini Shrivastava
  • ASPLs- Aarit Malhotra
    Aanya Mahajan
  • Discipline prefects-
    Aarav Mahajan Sharnya Sharma
  • CCA Incharges -
    Jayendra Jasrotia Rabani Gautam
  • Sports Captains -
    Udayveer Narang Anahita Gupta
  • Eco Leaders-Moosa Hasnain
    Sarthika Gupta
  • House Captains -
    Challenge house- Anhad Kour. Vivaan singh
  • Discovery house-
    Aarnav. Ranya Sharma
  • Invention house-
    Rithvik sharma. Aachal preet Kour
  • Enterprise house-
    Udayveer Singh. Paavni
  • House Vice Captains
    Challenge house - Aadhvan. Manya Randhawa
  • Discovery house-
    Pavit Arora. Pearl Suri
  • Invention house-
    Aayansh Gupta. Aahana Abrol
  • Enterprise house-
    Reyhan Thappa Sehaj Seerat Kour


Junior School Investiture Ceremony was held at Jodhamal Public Scchool with great patriotic fervor. Colonel Prashant Bhaisora, commanding officer 11 Grenadiers, honoured the occasion as the Chief Guest. 28 Student Leaders were inducted to Junior School Prefect Council Headed by SPLs- Rohan Gupta & Tara Basotra, ASPLs- Aaryan Gupta & Angelina Gorka, Sports Prefects- Aarav Mahajan & Pranya Puri, CCA Incharges- Sabgun Kour & Shaurya Hans, Eco Leaders- Rahini Sharma & Shulin Koul, Discipline Incharges- Tushar Choudhary & Saisha Mahajan, House Captains- Kartikya Kotwal, Zikra Jahangir, Chandranan Veer Singh, Jivi Gupta, Parth Vasudev, Arshdeep Kour, Shashwat Singh & Amaira Malhotra. House Vice Prefects- Pavit Singh, Jigisha Thosoo, Aarav Handoo, Avni Sharma, Rajvi Sinha, Mahin Mahajan , Advay Kesar & Pawni Mishra. Head Girl Zitin Koul gave the welcome speech. Head Boy Dhairya Choudhary administered the Oath for the newly elected Council....The Trustee Mr. Nandan Kuthiala motivated all present at the hall with the inspiring yells and geared the young blood. The Principal , Dr Deep Khare, in his speech, complimented all the young leaders and told them that with power comes the responsibility and each one needs to keep their school flag held high....Col. Prashant Bhaisara also complimented all leaders and their parents who were present on the occasion and said in his speech that if one is determined there is nothing which can stop a person from being successful. All the parents and the guest felt highly elated and impressed with the short and crisp Investiture Ceremony held in the school MPH. The celebration started with a patriotic Song sung by middle school students. Vice Principal  Ms Shifali Sanwal thanked the Chief Guest and parents for sparing their valuable time for being there at Jodhamal and said that all leaders need to lead by example for that is the only way of making the people understand you and follow you otherwise preaching makes no impact on anyone. Highlight of the day was when the SPLs addressed the audience, where they were crystal clear in their vision for their school at such tender age and the clarity of voice, diction and the choice of words. It really mesmerised each present in the hall. The programme came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.


The Investiture Ceremony of Prefect council 2019-20 of Jodhamal public school was held in Multi-Purpose Hall. The school encourages leadership qualities, self-reliance, mutual respect, cooperation and dedication in students. These qualities are developed as one of the core values promoted at all levels in JMPS. Young leaders from grade XI and XII that is the Head girl, Head boy Deputy Head girl, Deputy Head boy, Neutral Prefects/vice Prefects, House Prefects/vice House Prefects were formally inducted during the investiture ceremony SSP Mr. Randhir Singh Sodhi, presided over Chief Guest and Mr.Nandan Kuthiala Trustee of the Jodhamal Public School did the honours of badging the new Head Boy, Dhairya Choudhary, Head Girl Zitin Kaul, the Deputy Head Boy, Jodhdeep Singh, Deputy Head Girl, Osmi Gupta, Neutral Prefects, Surbhi Kotwal, Aarav Trehan, Sunarvi Singh, Kritinay Sharma, Medhavi Bhatti, Rajbir Singh, Samadeep Kour, Aryan Behal, Jaswant Kour and Sai Sharan, the Neutral Vice Prefects Harmanpreet Kour, Kshitij Singh, Mitushi Sharma, Shubhang Sethi, Harjyot Singh, Umang Sharma, Aamna Tariq, Nayan Sharma, Vrinda Basotra and Harsh Gupta, House Prefect, Aaditri Pargal, Naman Verma, Vartika Ghai, Kartvya Mahajan, Mahira Sharma, Stanzin Shesnyen, Harbans Kour and Kartikya Singh. The Vice House Prefects Ruby Kotwal, Aneesh Singh, Gungun Anand , Manik Jain, Shaarvi Magazine, Asmit Sachdev, Dyuti, Kour, and Devish Bakshi Sharma,. The Chief Guest while addressing the gathering appreciated the smartness with which each council member marched and received the badge. The Vice-Principal Mrs. Shefali Sanwal administered the oath to prefect council where in the newly appointed leaders pledged to uphold the dignity of the school through their service, hardwork and cooperation. They also took the oath that they will discharge their duties to best of their ability without pride or prejudice and will always take pride of being at JMPS with great sense of belongingness. It was a defining moment for the team of 40 newly elected young leaders as they were entrusted with responsibilities to keep the school flag flying high. These young leaders are all set to create positive ethos in the school, to enable the school to have productive disciplined learning environment and carry the name of JMPS to greater heights. Present on the occasion were Mr. Nandan Kuthiala (Trustee), Ms. Arati Kuthiala (Director), Vice-Principal Mrs. Shefali Sanwal and all parents and guests.

 Investiture Ceremony for Junior School Held at Jodhamal

Junior School Investiture Ceremony was celebrated at Jodhamal with great patriotic fervor. Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu Mr. Arun Manhas honoured the occasion as the Chief Guest. 34 Student Leaders were inducted to Junior School Prefect Council Headed by SPLs Yana Rai & Ahmad Ayaan, ASPLs Charanpreet Singh & Gunjot Kour, Sports Prefect Arshlaan & Vadaanya, CCA Incharges Swasti Gupta & Arav Saraf, Eco Leaders Harsimar Singh Tanmay Sahib Gauri Khajuria Anveshana Charak, Discipline Puneesh Manhas & Takshreen Kour,House Captains Nabiha Mufti, Mudakkir Latiffi, Shiven Agarwal, Subah Sharma, Guhika Sachdev, Arav Vivek Gupta, Saannidhay Gupta & Tavleen Kaur, House Vice Prefects Rohan Gupta, Angelina, Aryan Gupta, Rahini Sharma, Dhyrya Aditya Suri, Naureen Liaquat, Jasmandeep Singh , Maanya Mahajan ,Jivi Gupta & Lavaansh Aggarwal..... Senior Head Boy administered the Oath for the newly elected Council....Vice Principal Shefali Sanwal in her speech complimented all the young leaders and told them that with power comes the responsibility and each one needs to keep their school flag held high....Mr. Arun Manhas also complimented all leaders and their parents who were present on the occasion and said in his speech that if one is determined there is nothing which can stop a person from being successful. All the parents and the guest felt highly elated and impressed with the short and crisp Investiture Ceremony held in the school MPH. The celebration started with a patriotic Song sung by middle school students and then a Dance by the Grade 2 & 3 students.  Principal Trilok Singh Bist thanked the Chief Guest for sparing his valuable time to be there at Jodhamal with his better half and said that all leaders need to lead by example for that is the only way of making the people understand you and follow you otherwise preaching makes no impact on anyone. Head Boy Nipun Sharma administered the Oath to the office bearers, Head Girl Dhwani Gupta gave the welcome speech and Deputy Head Boy proposed the Vote of thanks whereas the Deputy Head Girl moderated the complete ceremony. Highlight of the day was when the SPLs and ASPLs spoke where each one of them were so crystal clear in their vision for their school at such tender age and the clarity of voice, diction and the choice of words really mesmerised each present in the hall. The programme came to a close by singing Saare Jahan se accha in Sanskrit as 'Vishvesti Sarva Shreshtha Bharat Dharasma diya madiya' in unison and finalkly Muskan Sahil sang the Concluding shloke in her melodious voice followed by the National Anthem.

 Jodhamal Hosts a Synthetic Phonics Workshop for Junior Teachers.

SashwatiSatpatti an Alumni of Singapore University and a Synthetic Phonic Trainer from Bhuvneshwarconducted a two day vibrant workshop for the Pre Primary & Primary Teachers of Jodhamal Public School to ensure the 21st century education to the students who are entrusted to the school. The workshop started with the sounds and how to make the sound like a synthesizer and make it a synthetic sound. Stapatti discussed the 42 sounds from 26 letters of English and told the teachers to never ever make the phonic sounds using Hindi or any other vernacular rather the 42 synthetic sounds to make the students join the letters to make reading easy for them by the blended learning.
To an answer to the question What is Synthetic Phonics?SashwatiSatpatti explained thatPhonics is nothing but relating sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes) or group of letters. It is an instructional method of teaching children to read.
They learn how to blend letter sounds together to make words like 'Dog'. It's not easy as it sounds because 26 letters in the English alphabet correspond to 42 sounds.
Importance of Synthetic Phonics
Phonics not only helps the child to read but also spell with ease. It helps them decode words by using the knowledge of sounds. It is vital as it does not depend on the photographic memory of children and aids them in reading new and unfamiliar words, thus enriching & enhancing their vocabulary.
Synthetic Phonics Benefits to Childrenaccording to Saswati : Start Enjoying Reading;Builds Sub-Conscious Mind; Improves Speaking Skills; leads to Smarter and Self-Confidentchild.When should a child be introduced to Synthetic Phonics?
The best time to introduce phonics to a child in between 4 to 6 years. However children above 6 years & up to 9 years have not developed good English reading, speaking & spelling skills, phonics will definitely help.Why should you try learning to read early on?
Research has shown kids who are able to communicate well in English in early days of their growing perform well in their academics & actually enjoy success in school. They are free of any stress at the subconscious level & apart from excelling in studies, also have very high self esteem&self confidence. Voracious acquisition of new knowledge through reading helps children build a strong academic foundation.CoordinatorsRanju Malhotra, UrmilaKaul&NeetuJohri appreciated the workshop and said that such workshops add on to the capability of the staff and from Pre Nursery itself we need to incorporate it.
Trilok Singh Bist the Principal of the school appreciated the concept and was happy to see the sea change in all the 50 teachers who were a part of this fruitful workshop. Trustee NandanKuthiala& Vice Principal PoojaPanthri presented a token of appreciation to Saswati Nanda Satpatti for making these two days so enriching for the faculty members of Jodhamal.

 Art of Living Workshop conducted for Jodhamal Staff

Art of Living Happiness Course was done by 65 teachers of the senior school of Jodhamaland each one felt being transcended... Happiness Course was conducted by Art of Living instructor Ms. ShwetaGolani who came from Bangalore from Shri Shri''s Ashram and is the renowned AOL teacher from Dehradun...without dipping in water we can never truly know how it feels to have a swim? This Happiness Course by Shwetaji made Jodhamal teachers effortlessly sponge up whatever was offered in the Programme in the three days course.. Most happiest three days for each staff member and they all experienced the transition through the techniques taught, processes done and other practical tools taught during the course....Each one went home after completion of the course as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable and happier person with easy to use tools they can use to maintain the benefits of this course for a life time...A happy mind makes us stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life and with such feelings the course came to a close.. All teachers appreciated Ms. ShwetaGolani's energy level and knowledge and were highly elated to have been provided this opportunity by the school management....School Principal Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts of the forward looking management which does things out of the box and sets precedence..NandanKuthiala and AratiKuthiala are dedicated to the cause of education in the state and are determined to take the school education to the next level in the state. During the course the Techniques taught to accept the people and situations the way they come, was one of the lesson for all those who get disturb at the slightest of the blow in life. Shweta Golani told everyone that the opposite values are complimentary to each other so if we have some sorrow in life then only we will be able to value the happiness and if one experiences the heat then only he would sense the cold. She also told the teachers to have their opinion and should not become the football of other people’s opinion. During the SudershanKriya the teachers felt so relaxed and got transcended to a different world. Art of Living was an experience of an altogether different kind which most of the schools and corporate world is giving to their employees and IIT’s are providing to their students and Jodhamal Public School has taken the first step forward and is determined to get it for staff, students, support staff and even for parents in the times to come.

 Jodhamal School Conducts Career Counseling Session for Parents.

Jodhamal Public School conducted the Career Counseling Session for the students of Grade X and their Parents in the school OAT where the parents and students were counselled on how and what subjects to take to make their passion come on the surface. The Session started with the formal welcome by the Principal Trilok Singh Bist and the Lighting of the Lamp by Mr. & Mrs. Sanjay Sharma the parents of Khushi Sharma who were the early birds to this session along with the Vice Principal Monika Sethi and Adm Officer Bharat Bhushan Sharma. Resource person to this session was the school Principal Himself and started his session with a Video where he focussed on the Hard Work and Success. Bist said that people say that Hard work is the key to success but in this 21st Century Hard Work in the right direction is actually the key to success and not just the hard work. Some times a child is putting in a lot of efforts and still the results are not the expected ones and on the research it says the choice of subjects after class X make a lot of impact on a child's personality. Right choice of subjects after the realistic options in mind if we select the subjects then there is no reason for a child to be not to be successful. All the parents were asked to take some time and have a man to man talk with their children to help them in deciding the choice of subjects for the betterment of their children. All parents were told of more than 250 conventional and non conventional courses in which their kids can go in for and were asked to encourage their kids for living their passions since at the end of a day if a parent has to make a choice between a successful child or a happy child will always prefer their children's happiness over anything. Whether science or commerce or humanities depends on the right choice of subjects at Grade XI and tapping the potential of a child and honing them in that direction only will bring the best out of a child and Bist insisted on getting the parents brainstorm and ask a lot of counselors online or otherwise to find out the hidden talent of their child to support him or her and make them put in a lot of hard work in the right direction to make a difference. All the parents were very happy to be a part of this Counseling Session and students were also told that there is a unique key for all locks and only one key can open that lock similarly each child is unique and each child has some talents and potential and putting the right key to unlock the right career for a child will make the the child flourish in the chosen field. Students and parents who were the part of this session appreciated the complete program and felt that they got a lot of insight into the career options and even the students of grade X were happy to know about almost 250 career options for them since they felt only Engineering and Medical and CA were the only the choices for the students but in the Session they came to know of all unconventional career options like Fashion Designing, Jewellery Designing, Auctuaral Sciences, Medical Transcription, Army, Navy , Air force and Merchant Navy, Company Secretary, Advertisements, Event Management , IAS, KAS, IES, and so on and so forth. The Session came to a close with the introduction of all the PGTs of Jodhamal and a video on how and why should an Educational System have the same yardstick to measure everybody's capability and why should a fish be made to climb trees to get educated. On this note the Counseling Session came to a close with vote of thanks by the Vice Principal Monika Sethi.

 CBSE Workshop Conducted at Jodhamal on Classroom Management

A Two Day Workshop on Classroom Management was conducted by CBSE at Jodhamal Public School on 16th& 17th December for the teachers of CBSE Schools of Jammu and Kashmir. A total of 59 teachers from Jammu, Udhampur, Kathua, Samba,Katra, Akhnoor, Srinagar, Manasbal, Bilawal and many other parts of Jammu attended this workshop to hone up their skills in managing the classrooms.The Resource Persons Rashmi Ahluwalia the Principal of Cambridge Montessory School Pathankot was one of the CBSE Resource Person who delivered ach and every topic in detail in a very easy way for all to understand the concept of Classroom Management. She told the teachers on the class management of small class size is different from the management of the class with smaller size. She also discussed the issue where a boy and girl in a class are constantly in each other’s company and not talking to any other child in the class and as a result if their class performance is going down, then how will the teachers tackle such a situation before it becomes detrimental to the child’s growth was another point of discussion where most of the teachers also shared their experiences.Another topic which was handled well was How to manage a Class with Large Number of Students. The outcome was by improving their organizational and managerial skills as they work to creatively organize their classrooms as comfortable , welcoming learning environment and to manage many students within it. Teachers can improve their teaching and presentation skills Also by using divers assessment tools they can manage their classes with ease. Second resource person was Navdeep Bhandari the Principal Guru Nanak Public School Dalhousie. He in his presentation also talked on the age old classroom management system will not be able to work with today’s kids and also made the session hilarious by adding the urdu couplets in his presentation. Trilok Singh Bist Principal Jodhamal also took one session on Effective Classroom Management. He took ten points viz Starting the class tough in the beginning to avoid being taken for granted by the students, To be fair with all students,By being prepared for any kind of diruptions, By instilling the high expectations among children, Inculcating behavioural norms, By over planning to reach each child with multiple intelligence, By Having a disciplinary plan of what ar do’s and don’t’s…By Focusing on relationship and a bond with the student, Being careful about the confrontation and finally by being careful about confrontations and being patient. There were a total of 59 participants to be a part of this workshop in all and all of them said it was interesting. Schools from all over J & K were representing their schools in this fruitful workshop…..All teachers went back highly impressed and were happy to be a part of this wonderful workshop for two days… Present on the occasion were Vivek Arora, Principal Bhargawa Public School, Mrs. Monika Sethi the Vice Principal JMPS , NandaniBakshi of JMPS and the teachers from across J & K. Indeed a very fruitful workshps . Principal Trilok Singh thanked the CBSE Resource persons and to CBSE Deputy Director Anjali Chhabra for conducting the same here at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu